A short story - My Special Place

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I was sitting still and just waiting for someone to notice me and query what I was still doing here. The time was soaring by and Big Ben was about to strike midnight. Every window and door were glued shut to keep out the winter chill like the place was my protector from the outside world. Straight in front of me was a blank stage like a canvas ready to be painted on.

I then started to pick up the aroma of unsettled dusk and could see it almost as if it was dancing in the air.

I listened intently and heard my heart rate beating at a steady pace as I looked around at every single seat. I imagined each seat being full and hearing the roar of laughter and seeing the look of emotion. As I continued to let my eyes wander I saw my eyelashes every second entering my view of sight. I laid my head back onto the royal red seat that I imagined the Queen being seated on.

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My Attention was drawn to the stage like a dart to a bull's-eye. The curtain rose unexpectedly to reveal the stage set for the closing scene of Swan Lake. Suddenly white drapes dropped from the roof of the Piccadilly Theatre and swayed back and forth. I decided then to make my way slowly towards the stage to investigate the set at a closer range.

As I walked down the aisle my foot scarped against a sweet wrapper left over from the show just a few hours before.

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The cleaners had not noticed. This made me realize that people had visited my special place only a short time ago. As I continued to approach the stage, the light from a spotlight shone directly in my face, I felt warmth at the same time; I felt dryness in my mouth as my lips parted widely in amazement allowing the cold air to dry my mouth. The light left me startled and unable to see clearly for a few moments but was relived that when I regained my vision I saw the theatre and felt comforted.

This was my home as I felt fulfilled and in control like this was my own separate sanctuary. I moved up onto the stairs next to the stage one by one treading on the soft carpet leading up. I started wandering around the set and feeling like a little girl about to embark on a mini-adventure of my own as this was a whole new section of my place I hadn't been able to explore as I hadn't ever been able to performed on it.

I walked to the centre of the stage and took a big bow swinging my arms back and forth as much as they would stretch. I imagined petals being thrown at me as the audience clapped continuously, again , I made my return back to my seat , I followed the aisle to my lucky number 28 and sat down. I gazed blankly at the stage and hoped the moment never ended.

Hours before a Dancer had graced this stage. It will not be performed on again as there was a closing down sign hanging outside. This means I need to find a new special place.

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A short story - My Special Place
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