Fearful Encounter: My Terrifying Experience with a Haunted House

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As I walked out of the gigantic school, with my friend Moe, all I thought was to get home and forget about school. I looked at the sky; it was dull and black, and as if it was about to drizzle, but the temperature was scorching. My shirt was full of sweat; it was like swimming in lava. All my life I hadn't been scared of anything, but one thing, just one thing that bugged me, 49 crawly St. Everyday I walked past it, but today it was different.

As soon as my eyes made contact with the bloodcurdling house, a shiver drizzled down my spine. The house was delimited by nothing; it was just an isolated house. The treacherous house was burnt down, the windows were smashed and traumatized, the walls were vandalized, and it was just frightening and petrifying. Now and again if you go close by you can hear the sound of pacing footsteps.

As I got home, the malicious feeling was still jerking around inside me.

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I knew something was in that house, just something told me that there was. There was this fear inside me, which wouldn't vanish so Subsequent to having dinner, I decided I'd had enough of today so I jumped into my bed and drifted into a nice big sleep.

I jumped out of the window, it was dark and murky outside I set for Moe's house. The sky was dazzling with the stars twinkling, and sparkling like brand new diamonds. I was finally there now; Moe was waiting outside his house for me.

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We set off to 49 crawly street. As soon as I looked at Moe's pale face, he looked terrified and anxious. His large drooped eyes were half a sleep, and his big long nose stood out. My heart pulverized faster and faster the closer we got.

"I don't think this is a good idea," said Moe

"Well we have come so far we can't turn around now".

The fear struck me. I bowed around' someone was following us. My legs started to tremble and my body started to shiver. My forehead was full of sweat.

We had arrived, the big old, feisty house scared the bits out of you. It was scarier than I thought it would be. Unexpectedly I heard something there was something inside the house.

"I think I hear someone". Said Moe

"There only one way we can find out".

There was only one way inside that house, through the back. We ran around the back and saw that the windows were all shattered. My heart was thumping and my legs were shuddering, I was too scared to go in.

"You first Moe".

There was razor-sharp shattered glass all over the place, we had to be vigilant, and Moe climbed the window ledge and jumped in as I followed him. It was pitch black; I couldn't see anything. I reached for my back pocket and pulled out my torch, however I realized that I had forgot to insert batteries in it.

"Moe where are you," I gasped in fear.

"Over here," Moe screamed.

As the echoes flew around the house, I tied to figure out where the voice was coming from. "Aghhhhhh ".

"Moe what happened, are you ok". However there was no reply the fear struck me again, I started looking for Moe but it was pitch black. I shouted his name again but again there was no answer. Abruptly I heard gunshot from the other room; I sprinted into another room and hid beneath a table. My heart was bellowing and my body was shaking. The fearsome beast appeared, with a bazooka in his hand and said, "Come out you little devil before I tear your body into raw meat".

As soon as I looked at his face, it was like my heart had stopped beating and my lungs stopped captivating in air. The beast looked about 110: he had small dark red beady eyes which were sparkling like stars; his big pointed nose stuck out, his wide large mouth looked hungry and unhappy. His small, short spiky hair was crammed with dandruff, filth and his face was covered by hair. He was wearing a shirt which was all torn, and you could see his mighty muscles sticking out.

He moved around swiftly looking for me until I decided to make a run for it. I jumped up and ran until I clipped something and dashed on to the ground. He came running towards me, still determined to run away, he came and absorbed me from my sweatshirt and said "Who do you think you are?"

I took a deep breath and said, "Where's my friend Moe".

His face changed and he said, "Answer my question". I reached into my pocket and pulled out my penknife, I took a deep breath and swung for him. I caught him, I caught him hard in the stomach. I released my self from his enormously gigantic hands and started looking for Moe.

"HELP!" shouted someone it was Moe. I found him. I quickly got him to his feet and put his arm over my shoulder.

"Let's get out of here," Said Moe

As we were reaching for the window he appeared out of nowhere. "Where do you think you're going?" he said in a devilish way.

He put his bazooka up and aimed for us, as we were rushing out of the window. He put his hand on the trigger and let it go. BANG, BANG!

Aghhhhhh, I got up screaming, my body was sweating like a dog, and my heart was beating at 100mph. I stopped thinking and thought to my self don't panic it was a nightmare. As soon as I thought that, a sigh of relief went through me. After that nightmare I decided that I would never se 49 crawly streets, and I changed my route to school.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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Fearful Encounter: My Terrifying Experience with a Haunted House essay
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