The Terrifying Haunted House Story

Categories: Horror

Last summer my father booked a house in Nathiagali. I with my family planned to spend my vacations there. I was very excited and happy that my friend Hashim was also coming with me. When we reached there I quickly ran to my room. It was a nice room with big windows. When I looked outside the window I saw a bizarre house at the end of the road that looked very spooky.

Hashim and I became very inquisitive and asked the man in our house about the strange house.

He told us that the house was a haunted house and the apparition of a young man has been seen there. So the house is vacant and no one looks after it. We decided to find out what the man was saying was true. So one evening we bravely entered the house. The windows and the doors of the rooms were locked. The hallways were quite eerie. Suddenly we both suspected a poltergeist than I thought I saw a skeleton walking towards us, we screamed with horror and tried to open the door which was locked before but the door opened by itself.

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We entered the room ant the light started to turn on and off again and again. I got butterflies in my stomach. We left the room and entered the other room; there was a big window from where the zombies were trying to come towards us. It was so spine chilling that we ran out of the room.

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We quickly ran downstairs. It was quite dark and all around was spider’s web. Suddenly I felt something moving on my leg. When I looked closely, it was a giant spider having big red eyes. I kicked it off my leg. That room was full of giant spiders throwing sticky webs. We got petrified. I grabbed Hashim’s hand and went upstairs. Thundering and lighting also started and we heard some blood-curdling screams which made us more frightened than before. At that moment we both were in hot water.

We wanted to get out of the house but couldn’t found the way out. In the hallway, I saw an opened window and we jumped out of it but landed on the ground were zombies were coming out and trying to catch us. We threw stones at them and also there were many strange insects and flies wanted to bite us. We both were very scared but we had to face the music. Fortunately, the rays of the Sun appeared and all scary things vanished in the blink of an eye and we quickly ran back home. From this experience, I learned that one must not do what is forbidden.


Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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