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I have this fear of masks, haunted houses, and anything scary. It was a cool fall day in the month of October. All my friends were preparing for the upcoming Halloween festivals and trying to decide which ones to attend. One of my guy friends said, “let’s go to a haunted house it’s going to be spooktaculiar.” I am not a big fan of anything scary so going to a haunted house wasn’t my thing. I suggested having a pumpkin carving contest or baking things that looked gross but were delicious but the boys didn’t go for that.

The girls decided to just have a sleep over while the boys were going to hit up a few haunted houses. I go home to gather my clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, favorite nail polish, and some tear jerker movies. My friend Samantha {Sam} calls to tell me she and her dad are going to come pick me up then we were going to the store to pick up junk food for the sleep over.

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Excitedly! I pack my things and wait by the door anxiously for them to arrive. Sam and her dad pull up, I kiss my mom good-bye and quickly get in trying to hide the excitement of a girl’s night. We start heading in the total opposite direction of the store, with a puzzled look on my face “I say are we going to pick up another friend?”

Sam turns around and says NO dad has to run an errand for my mom and then turns back around in her seat.

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As we turn down this dark dirt road my heart starts to beat fast, my palms start sweating, and I feel like I can’t breathe. I say, “Where are we?” My friend’s dad pulls the car into a parking spot of a big building that looks abandoned and says “don’t be scared I won’t allow anything happen to you.” I knew right then and there that I had been tricked and we were at a haunted house. I start to get out of the car, my legs feel wobble and weak, my heart is racing fast, my face is turning red from the anger and betrayal I was feeling. As we started walking towards the building I tell my friend Sam “I don’t want to do this” I’m just going to sit in the car. She says come on Charity our friends are waiting for us. If you get up to the door and decided you really don’t want to do it then you don’t have to. We get to the door and everyone starts clapping and cheering saying you came!

My friend Sam has an ornery grin on her face and says, “I kind of tricked her” then she leans down and whispers in my ear “look to your right your crush is here.” I look over as he starts coming toward me I feel the butterfly’s start stirring not just from the thought of going into the haunted house but because he was there to witness my wimpy side. He approaches me with the biggest grin wraps his arms around my shoulder and says you’ll be okay I got you. It’s our turn to enter the haunted house. We get to the first set of flashing lights, my heart starts racing and my feet stops moving, my crush leans down and says, “Its okay you can do this and besides that I don’t think you want to stop here and starts his evil laugh.” We go through the house as fast as my little legs will allow. Monsters, Zombies and Dead girls were jumping out of nowhere, I would scream and burry my face in his side as we walked the rest of the way through. We were approaching the end which was an old rickety bridge you had to cross. Underneath the bridge was shallow water colored red with what looked like dead bodies floating in it. We saw the bodies jumping out of the water at random times to scare people.

As we start to approach the steps for the bridge I hear footsteps come up behind me, I feel arms around my waist and before I know it I’m being carried across the bridge. I start screaming and kicking saying, “let me go, let me go” in tears, we reach the outside of the house and I hear this high pitched laugh. I turn to see my friend Sam’s brother. With a confused look on my face I say, “Why did you do that and how did you find me?” He says you silly girl I work here, dad and Sam gave me a heads up you all were coming, I seen you stall at the bridge, that gave me the perfect opportunity to grab you up and scare the pants off ya. I hit him in the chest and said “you’re not funny at all.” he grinned a big grin, rubbed my head, and said “I have to get back to work see ya later kid and turned to walk away”. All my friends gathered around me as they laughed at the way I was screaming while being carried away. My crush comes up to me with his gorgeous smile and says “I hope you’re not mad at me it was all in good fun.” As we leave the haunted house my friend Sam says “Do you still want to stay over with us girls?” I say of course but I will find a way to get revenge on you. We laughed all the way to her house and surprise surprise I was the talk of the night. The best thing about the haunted house was I got to cuddle up to my crush.

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Haunted House

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