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Vegetable gardening

Categories: Gardening As A Hobby

Vegetable gardening is one of my best hobbies; almost all the activities involved in vegetable gardening are relaxing and enjoyable, besides keeping one active. Vegetable gardening enables me to spend time effectively outdoors, while am doing something really enjoyable and appealing. In the end, I eventually enjoy the fruits of my input by harvesting the crops which take a relatively short period of time to grow. Applying the correct garden accessories and good, simple planning techniques, I am usually in a position of growing a fantastic garden (vegetablegardeners.

com, para 1-2).

Vegetable gardening One of the best aspects of vegetable gardening that makes it very interesting is the fact that most vegetables can actually be grown anywhere. The vegetable gardens occupy small spaces and therefore can be practiced in both indoors as well as outdoors. Through the use of small containers, it is possible for me to practice this interesting activity of growing vegetables indoors. Living in urban areas where space is limited has not restricted me from practicing this great activity (vegetablegardeners.

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com, para 3). The processes involving in vegetable gardening are mostly enjoyable and they always make me look forward to carrying them out. Preparing the seedbed or nursery is the first activity, it involves a bit of digging and removal of unwanted weeds. Fine rows are then prepared on which the seeds are later planted. Since the seeds are tiny, they are covered with mulch in order to prevent them from being eroded away by excess water during watering period, as well as protecting them from the scorching sun.

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Within a few days, the seeds germinate and the mulch is removed. At this stage, watering takes place every morning and evening depending on the weather. If there is ample rainfall, there is no need to water the vegetables, but if the weather is too hot, they have to be watered twice each day. Apart from watering, the other major activities include weeding and thinning. All the activities illustrated above are easy and enjoyable, none of them consumes a lot of time.

They are easy to carryout after practicing for one or two times and thus no major expertise, is required to practice vegetable gardening (vegetablegardeners. com, para 4). After two to three weeks following germination, the entire seedbed is a really attractive site to look at for long periods of time. It is normally full of dark green which is actually my best color as it is cool and peaceful. It is a color that represents nature and getting a chance of bringing it close to the house makes the entire compound very attractive.

The bark green color continues to exist as long as the vegetable garden is in use as most of the vegetables are actually consumed when they are still green. Apart from these vegetables being attractive to the eyes, they are also appealing to the tongue. Whether they are cooked or consumed when they are raw, vegetables have a great taste, which I always look forward for (vegetablegardeners. com, para 5). Conclusion My hobby of vegetable gardening makes me to be involved in an activity that is enjoyable and pleasing to do.

I can practice it either in the outdoors or indoors as it is highly flexible and consumes only a little space. Vegetables have a very attractive color which is cool and represents the green vegetation of nature. These crops take a short period of time to grow and they are very delicious irrespective of whether they are consumed in their raw state or after being cooked. Work cited: vegetablegardeners. com: When you’re Vegetable Gardening, You Can Have Your Cake and eat it too! 2010, Retrieved on 19th May 2010 from, http://www. vegetablegardeners. com/.

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Vegetable gardening

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