A Reflection on My Favorite Hobbies: Cooking and Gardening

I realized this topic most suitable for me to elaborate the ideas and sharing knowledge. On this topic I can share my leisure time activities with clearly and get the new knowledge’s with these hobbies, The hobbies are giving for me a lot of experience and each and every day giving some new lesson for me. One other hand the hobbies giving me lot of happiness without any reason Then these hobbies are help me lot without wasting in wrong way each and every minutes because time is gold.

Furthermore these hobbies will help in futures some ways for me. Having hobby helps to make me a more interesting person and gives you something interesting to talk about with others. It help me to avoid bored and often provides the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests to me. Learning something new is always good for keeping the mind attentive and active as is a long-term interest that excites me.

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What are hobbies? Hobbies are activities we do during our free time that allows us to relax while doing something we enjoy. Through hobbies our leisure time is used for entertainment and fun. For young children and teenagers, a hobby can be a way to develop their skills and talent and of course to keep them away from things like drugs, alcohol and bad company. Some people are lucky with their jobs because they do what they want and like to do because of their hobby became profession for them Because of that their working lifestyle became fun for them, One more thing not always hobby became out profession, If like that means of income.

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Our choice of hobby depends on our interest and environment. The most popular hobby all around the world first mindset is collecting objects such as stamps, postcards, badges, model, cars, chips, coins, guns, beetles or even bottles. Gatherers attend special shows where they have the chance to exchange their items with others.

Moreover some people having hobbies like in physical activities for example playing ball games like football, basketball some more other activities running and swimming and also having watching television, reading books and magazines, Other than that a lot of people in take pleasure in art and they spend their free time painting, drawing, pottering, singing or listening to music. It is fairly we know now days young people walking down the street with headsets on. The younger generation is crazy for computers, playing all sorts of computer and play station games and surfing the internet. They can spend many hours a day on the computer. Everyone have their own hobbies but mine was cooking, gardening and travelling these are my most favorite hobbies when I am in free time. Firstly my most favorite hobbies are cooking, When I was in 5 years old usually I am playing with cooking gamest Since the attitude’s follow me in childhoods I am more interest in cooking when I am grown up, One more thing Cooking is something that I natural from my mother is a chef and owned her own food catering, where I learned how to cook. There are some quite reasons I love to cook, cooking is the things comes naturally for me, and I think I in inherited, because I can cook almost anything and nail it on the first try. In addition when I am cooking my stress will getting low. Maybe some people will disagree with this but for me it truly works out. Then it’s long»drawn»out my cooking abilities and makes me a better cook. Moreover good cuisine doesn’t always come naturally, but when skill’s and talents are perfected strengths such as cooking can become fun or even a hobby. Good cooking is something that takes time and skill and good cooking can’t be rushed otherwise the food does not come out the way it is supposed to.

My first attempt of cooking is when is 13 years old that time I am cooking “egg sambal” it‘s become delicioust After that I am start cooking when I have free time with lot recipes of cooking. Then I watch lot of cooking channels in TV to get more recipes of food and buying lot of books of recipes. I am still remember when I was 18 years old my cousin brother gifted to me for by 18‘" birthday gift as lot of book recipes .Other than I am trying lot of style cooking like Chinese, Malay ,Thai style and baking cakes. Every weekend at my house I was cooking some many kinds of dishes and serve to my family members. Sometimes I cook by my own self and share my food with my friend. It’s making happier and feeling blessed. My hobby giving me lot of knowledge in cooking style maybe its help in future when am married I think will be a good cooker for my future husband I am proud myself when I try any new style dishes and it’s become delicious. Cooking by own is better than eat at outside because sometimes outside stalls foods are not unhealthy this one reason my hobby helping me to live healthy life style, After I finish my degree’s I would like study culinary school and open my own restaurant, and share my love of cooking with someone. Secondly another hobby of mine is gardening I am getting great pleasure from this hobbyr In front of my house, have a small plot of land .That is my garden, As well I know this hobby I learn from my father and grandfather because they have own business in plantation such as sell the flowers most probably the famous flower in Indian races that is jasmine, I grow some flowers in front of my house and I also plant some vegetables in my father garden.MY father garden is a wide area so I plant at that garden mango trees and rambutan trees. In front of my house I grow up some flowers such as rose’s crocus and hibiscus one of our country national flower, I do not allow my hobby to come in the way of my studies. I carry on gardening only in my spare time. My hobby is a good hobby. It is useful in many ways. It gives me pleasure. It refresh me what I am tired after the day‘s hard work, In the morning, it brings me in touch with the green plants and flowers. In this way the lungs are filled with pure air. This is good for health My hobby is health giving Beside this, it provides the family with fresh vegetables. My hobby has another advantage also It is quite cheap It does not place any extra burden on my parents. Go green it’s a nice concepts now days people more suffering with oxygen because of lot of forest and garden are dismantle.

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