Gardening as a Relaxing Hobby Essay

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Gardening as a Relaxing Hobby

Amidst the problems with climate change and the food shortage in some parts of the world, certain hobbies may become beneficial to humankind. In my personal attempt to help in alleviating this environmental dilemma, I recently engaged myself in a hobby that is useful for myself and to the environment. Gardening is a hobby that I am quite interested in. This hobby is important to me as I am trying to go organic and help the environment in my own little way. Since I am just a beginner in this hobby, I know only little in this particular field and I have plenty of questions that need answers.

Gardening may look easy at the start but tending the garden is actually a task that needs knowledge in plants and soil composition. I am moving towards in creating an organic garden that I find beneficial, since I can grow food in my backyard. However, I need to know what plants are best to plant in a particular season. In addition, I need to be knowledgeable on how I will be able to manage pests in my garden without using chemical pest control and how I will be able to add necessary nutrients in my garden soil to assure plants holistic growth. I managed to answer some of my queries through reading and researching about the particular topic.

The main research tool that I used is the internet where I managed to find sites that are credible and reliable. They provided tips and suggestions on how to manage an organic garden effectively and efficiently. Also, I managed to find reading materials like magazine and books that contain articles on managing an organic garden. These are also reliable sources of information about the hobby. As a form of evaluating the sources, I assure that the material comes from an expert or someone who is knowledgeable in the topic. Gardening is a hobby that is beneficial to humankind and to the environment.

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