Personal Life and Hobbies

One of the biggest problems of humankind is time. Although after retiring from their job people usually dedicate their time to an activity, which they enjoy. An activity that people enjoy doing in their free time is called a hobby. People in general have several hobbies, even if they think they have none or no spare time at all. Some of them are fond of normal sports like football, tennis, basketball, hockey, or gymnastics; and some people like extreme sports, for instance, snowboarding, roller skating, or bungee jumping.

Sports are not the only hobbies people have.

The bug of watching TV all day bites many people, and some are fond of listening to music, cooking, reading books, and newspapers or even eating. We can say that pleasure is the most important purpose of a hobby. Hobbies have many advantages like relaxation that can help you get rid of stress. Besides, you can learn new things. A hobby can give you energy, happiness, personal accomplishments, and willingness.

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In spite of these advantages, some disadvantages of having a hobby can appear. A hobby can be a real waste of money.

Hobbies can turn into a kind of dependence for instance a person who watches too much TV is becoming a couch potato. All in all, if you are a rational person it is a very good thing to have a hobby because you’ll be able to distinguish the good and bad parts of a hobby. I have many hobbies like playing chess, going out with my friends, going camping, listening to music, watching sports like football, tennis, formula 1, and others.

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In conclusion, hobbies are very important and we must let them be a part of our life because they will make it more beautiful.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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