Hobbies And Leisure Time Activities Done In Holidays

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Leisure time is a particular time when people do certain activities in case they are not occupied or working. It is also necessary for people after working and studying hard, and there are various recreation activities to do base on oneself purpose. Hobbies are activities we enjoy doing that help us escape the daily routine of life and work and give us pleasure and tranquility.

Firstly, listening to music has always been my favorite thing to do since I was a little child therefore, Music gives me the needed refuge whenever I feel like my head is spinning and I just want to shut out everything around me.

Secondly, I'm passionate about reading though I have several hobbies as reading books is what resonates well with me and there are many reasons why I love reading as it gives me a level of fulfillment and when I'm done reading a book, I feel like a whole new being and my outlook in life changes.

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Thirdly, I really enjoy watching movie as it is one of my best thing that I like to do as I learn a lot from it like some technological skills that I will use in my future not only skills but also helps me to brainstorm with different kinds of ideas.

In addition, traveling is one of those few activities that act as a reset button in our lives like when you go away for a few days or weeks and come back fresh and ready to take on challenges of life head on therefore, during our holidays we went to visit different places like DMM.

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HEHE, MTN and AC group.

Finally, Sport is one of the favorite activity that I enjoy doing in my spare time, during my holidays I usually went jogging as it helped me to relax and refreshing my mind which helped to do my daily routines enthusiastically. To sum up, hobbies or leisure time activities are really important in our lives as I mentioned above. They contribute a lot in our lives through relaxation, developing our talents, brainstorming.

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Hobbies And Leisure Time Activities Done In Holidays
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