Work Less and Have More Leisure Time

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Today, having timesaving devices in our home is not a new thing any longer. Timesaving devices are devices which help people work faster, save time or even replace human strength. Despite the help of timesaving devices, people now work harder and longer. I myself think that it would be better for people to work less and have more leisure time.

First, working less and have more leisure time are good for health and mind of people. Timesaving devices help people to work less, so they have more leisure time. With these times, they can relax with many activities such as going out, meeting friends, playing games, listening to music, reading, watching TV, etc. Therefore, they can avoid stress and refresh their mind. The leisure times not only help them feel more comfortable but also increase their knowledge and open their mind from news, books, traveling. Moreover, they can use those time for their health by playing sport, doing exercises, going to gym clubs, eating and sleeping enough.

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Leisure time from working less also help people have a happy family. They have more time to take care of their family, to teach the children. Having more leisure time from timesaving devices, they must not worry about their time, so they do not become angry with other people and they can get on well with family members. They have more time to talk, share their story or play together so that they can understand more about their family.

It is true that despite the many timesaving devices in home, people are still working enough forty hours a week at their company, even more hour over.

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They think that because they do not have time to do housework, they equip timesaving devices. They use their leisure time from timesaving devices to focus on their work at companies, schools, hospitals, broad works, etc. I can understand that they are work harder and longer to get money to spend on food, housing, water, electricity, material, etc.

But, if they use their leisure time to work harder and longer, they can get problem like sick, stress, etc. It is not things which they want. It is unhappy and unsatisfied life. I believe that with timesaving devices in their house, it is better for people to work less and have more leisure time than work harder and longer. Working harder and longer is not good for their health and they can make people to get stress easily. If people try to work harder and longer, they may have unhealthy and tired life.

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Work Less and Have More Leisure Time

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