Why are More and More Students Taking Online Classes?

More and more students are taking online classes because there are many advantages of taking online classes compared to be in a classroom. The first cause of students taking online is because it cost less. You don’t have to get in your car put gas in it and drive a hour to take two classes. There are less books to buy all you need is a computer, Online classes offered by your university can be an easy way to earn credit without stepping your foot into a classroom.

You may want to take an online class during the semester to lighten your actual physical class load. You’ll still have to do the work but you’ll do it at your convenience. Web based classes will be structured and assignments and exams will have deadlines, you may be expected to join a group chat during certain times, but generally you’ll be able to schedule most of the work around your life and not your professor’s hours.

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The second cause is that you don’t have to leave your home. You can just wake up get out of bed and go in your living room and work at your own pace. It does not have to interfere with your everyday work schedule and if you have kids you can take care of them and do school work at the same time. Taking web classes during the winter and summer sessions are a smart way to earn extra credit and give you a competitive edge.

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If your college isn’t offering the class you need, every major college offers online classes so look elsewhere. You may want take an online course at your local community college or state university. Or you can look to a traditional online based college all of their courses are internet based.

Another option is taking a course at an uppertier college. You can take courses at an Ivy League or top college without applying as a traditional degree seeking student. Although taking this route may cost you more it presents a great opportunity, especially if you didn’t get into your college of choice. In fact, taking online courses can sometimes be a way to transfer into that college. If you’ve already earned a certain amount of credits check with your college of choice, your college G.P.A. is high and you’ve earned credits at that particular school; this may be the secret code and certainly nontraditional way to transition in and become a student.

The third reason students in online classes tend to communicate more thoughtfully. Most commonly cited reason why students take online classes involves the intimidation factor, or the fear many people feel when talking in front of a large group of strangers. Since interaction with online school instructors and classmates is accomplished by using message boards, chat rooms or teleconferencing technologies like Skype, students often find that they are more eager to contribute to classroom discussions without feeling inhibited by knowing there are over 100 pairs of eyes staring at you and 100 pairs of ears listening for you to make a mistake or say something obtuse. Some students find it difficult to speak in class.

Posting to an online discussion forum allows students to take their time and formulate their thoughts in ways that the face to face classroom environment may not allow. The disadvantage is the lack of structure and discipline in an online environment compared to having to face the professor so unmotivated students may be more likely to drop out. As long as you know you can be the driving force behind your momentum in college and not rely on the professors to make you show up in class and take active interest, then you can succeed in an online atmosphere. A student who does not have Internet skills cannot expect to do well with an online course.

The result of taking online classes is that students who take them become more proficient and comfortable with using computers. Students can learn to connect with one another online and with information in meaningful and useful ways. With that said more and more students are taking online classes because it’s the best way to save money work at your own pace and not have to be stressed about going to class.

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Why are More and More Students Taking Online Classes?

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