Lessons Learned from My Social Studies, Civics, and Government Classes

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” This Chinese proverb is one of my favorite proverbs to live by. Education is one of the most important elements in my life, without it I wouldn’t have as much of the knowledge that I have now. Everyday in life we learn something new whether it’s in a classroom or in a park or in a different country we are always seeing new things and learning about them. While living in Senegal, I went to a bilingual school that had both an American and French program and that’s where I fell in love with my favorite subject, social studies.

Ever since I was a young girl in elementary I’ve always fallen in love with that subject mostly because I always scored higher on it but also the subject had more to offer. Social studies classes has many different types and learning those throughout the years has really shaped me mentally.

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There many different types of social studies like anthropology, history, geography, psychology, economics and many more. Out of all the different types my favorite ones are history, and law. History has always been one of the most important subjects to me because it helped me learn about alot about the past, for example, how humans and the earth have evolved.

Everyone deserves to know what happened in the past so that we won’t repeat the mistakes that have been made. I’ve taken Ancient History in my 8th grade year of school, World History, US History and I’ve loved every single one of them.

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Another subject that I’ve fallen in love with is law and it all began while living in Senegal. Although I haven’t really taken any law classes in school, I had family members that worked in law enforcement and they always talked about how corrupted the justice system in Senegal is, and I also watch a lot of shows and movies about law enforcement and that just shows me that not only is the Senegalese justice system bad but also many different other countries.

Geography is another class I’ve taken and learned so much from. Last year, at my old school ( Senegalese American Bilingual School) I was apart of a community service group called COP 23 which is short for United Nations Climate Change Conference. In this group we did many different activities, but the my favorite one was when we went around different regions in Senegal to study their geography and how their living situations affects them. Most people answered saying that they were struggling either because they live too far from their workplaces, their kids schools are too far from their homes or their area of living was too dangerous and resourceless. Being apart of that group has really taught me to appreciate what I have because there are other people in the world that are less fortunate and would wish to have my lifestyle.

Not only did that experience teach me to be grateful but to also be understanding because sometimes people maybe going through hard things in their live and communicate harshly but it’s always important to understand where there coming from. One other thing that has really helped shaped me is one of the classes I took in my junior year of high school.

Last year I took an AP class called AP Comparative Government and Politics and this was one of the best classes I’ve taken. In this class we talked about six different countries outside of the United States, the countries were Great Britain, Russia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria and China.

In this class we talked about the countries political systems, their structures, voting systems, policies, social and economic challenges of those countries. Since I am a very diverse person, I love learning about new things and different cultures, this class really benefited me a lot. The most important things I’ve learned in this class are teamwork and communication, because in this class we did a lot of group assignments and I honestly did like working in groups. I had to learn to get my opinion across in big groups of people which is something I’m not really good at.Being in this class has really helped me improve in those soft skills because they will be vital in my future career.

Most of the knowledge I’ve gained in my life is from living and going to school in Senegal. If I never had the opportunity to go there, I believe I would have a different view of the world and wouldn’t have as much of the knowledge I have now. Being able to experience all those thing has lead me to be able to figure out what I want to do in the future. I want to be able to give back to the country that has taught me so much and I want to do that by studying International Relations in college. Studying International Relations will help me make Senegal into a better place by not just learning about politics but also different topics that are important in making a country better. Making the world a better place to live in has always been one of my main goals in life and I hope to achieve that someday in the future, first by starting with Senegal.


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