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Similarities and Differences of Cities
Words • 569
Pages • 3
Presumably everyone has experienced moving from one city to another. I lived in my hometown before primary school, and did not move from my hometown to the city where I live now until I went to primary school. Now if you want to move from my hometown to the city where I live now, I give this view. My point is that you should understand the similarities and differences between our hometown and the city where I live now. The…...
Compare And ContrastThe standard of living
Sanctuary Cities in Southwestern U.S.
Words • 1752
Pages • 8
Headlines like “migrant babies being dropped over the border wall” ... “caravan migrants breaching the US border” ... and even this one... “Number of criminals in migrant caravan, does it matter?” have been racing across the screens of millions of American’s TV, news, internet feed, etc. Trump has been calling for an immigration reform since his first days in office, even while campaigning he was advocating as such. I feel that he willfully called into action the uprising of thousands…...
Compare And ContrastThe standard of living
Cultural Considerations and the Mental Disorders
Words • 1887
Pages • 8
Introduction The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the standard document for mental health professionals to use when diagnosing patients. However, the DSM has a few areas of weakness that lead to criticism of the manual. One of the major criticisms is the lack of cultural considerations when it comes to the diagnostic criteria. Another criticism was the lack of validity when formulating a diagnosis. There has been increasing conversations and research on the impact that culture…...
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Health Care and Cultural Understanding
Words • 1908
Pages • 8
Cultural competence “is defined by the National Institutes of Health (2015) as the enabling of health care providers to deliver services that are respectful of and responsive to the health beliefs, practices, and cultural and linguistic needs of diverse patients.” (Potter, 2017, pg. 103). To be considered culturally competent, one must ascertain personal preferences, beliefs, and care requirements, of their patient or patients. Cultural competency is a significant facet of nursing that emphasizes considerations for the provision of care to…...
The Three Types of People That Have Contributed to the Success of the Man-Haters Movement
Words • 1994
Pages • 8
There is a growing movement sweeping the western world. It is supported by an alarming number of people; from college students to Hollywood actors and on to politicians. Individuals from every slice of the socio-economic spectrum are involved. Their demands: clean air, clean water, and a slightly curtailed use of natural resources. That, we are told, is the only end the environmental movement seeks. At first glance who could argue that the environmentalists battle for cleaner air and water was…...
An Analysis of Today’s World That Drastically Differs From the Way Our Parents Grew Up
Words • 3590
Pages • 15
When thinking about todays society there is a lot to take in with all of the different races, family cultures, and all of the sources of education. While thinking about all of these options and reading about them in the book, there are four people that do a great job telling us about all of the themes. One of the authors is Gunther Kress, Kress discusses how books now are not getting read from an actual book, we are reading…...
An Examination of Unbiased Gender Leadership in the Articles of Multiple Authors
Words • 4450
Pages • 18
Abstract This paper explores the multiple ideas and scenarios where multiple authors are exploring the implications of how men or women are seen as leaders. These are articles are unbiased towards which gender is preferred, so it makes it easier in order to see the data on why one particular gender may be preferred over another for leadership. With the assistant of the main journal articles written by Eagly & Johannesen-Schmidt, 2007, Eagly & Johnson, 1990, Tucker, McCarthy, & Jones,…...
An Analysis of the Justifiable Abortion and the Debate on the Rights of Woman
Words • 3072
Pages • 13
Abortion (3) Under what conditions do you think abortion is morally justifiable? Include discussion on the status of the fetus and arguments from both sides of the debate. Introduction I believe in the right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy before fetal viability and later if it is of harm to the life of the mother. In this essay I will argue that in some cases it is in the best interest of the mother and fetus if a…...
The Limited Rights of Women in the Romantic and Victorian Age
Words • 1820
Pages • 8
Women during the Romantic and Victorian Age (1785-1901) had very limited rights. Living in a patriarchal society created a vision that women were inferior, often times the only way to escape some of this inferiority was through hypergamy. Those women, who were unsuccessful in their attempts to woo a rich man, were left as fodder for the ever-growing industrial society, usually working intense labor or resorting to prostitution. Although most female authors were given no recognition for their writings at…...
FeminismSociologyWomen's Rights
The Cultural and Social Influences of Our Native Language
Words • 2550
Pages • 11
This paper tries to answer the question of whether our native language influences the ways we think, to what extent and in which circumstances. It explores different findings of linguistic relativity and how they assert the notion of this hypothesis. Topics such as words for color and their influence on perception, grammatical gender, grammatical tense of words, spatial and time conceptualizations, and socio-cultural aspects are discussed all in relation to their influence on the speaker's thought process. Evidence contradicting this…...
An Analysis of Benfod’s Critique of the Framing Perspective in the Social Movements
Words • 3092
Pages • 13
Benfords recent critique of the framing perspective in the social movements literature posits the need for a sociology of framing processes (Benford 1997). The framing perspective was inspired by Erving Goffmans (1974) notion of invisible structures called frames (Ritzer 1992). The outcome of countless interactions that combine symbols and small-scale structures, frames prefigure the grievance(s) that lead to participation and activity. Consequently, frames foster meanings that, as Gonos (1977, 860) explains, are constituted of a set number of essential components,…...
Millennial Strategy: Baby Boomers and Ice Cream
Words • 730
Pages • 3
For millennials, a goal for the business would be to have a variety of different options. Millennial are used to having multiple options and by having a variety of flavors that appeal to different areas. We want an entire line instead of variation because millennials’ change their minds a lot. Maybe one day they decide that they real don’t like a flavor and want to try another one. Our package design will be inviting but also full of colors. We…...
Baby BoomersIce Cream
The Persistence of Racism and Unconscious Bias in Brent Staples’ Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space
Words • 1472
Pages • 6
In Brent Staples’ Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space,' Staples portrays the matters, stereotypes, and censures he undergoes as a black man in public settings. Staples offers his viewpoint by introducing the audience into believing he is committing an offense but ultimately indicates the manner in which his actions taken towards him are due to the fear associated with his labeled stereotypes of being rapists, muggers, and gangsters. He continues to unfold the audience from a 20-year-old…...
Racism In SocietySociology
Sacrifice and Civil Society
Words • 536
Pages • 3
There are several different characteristics that are necessary in order to maintain a civil society. Sacrifice is one of them. Sacrifices can be made by giving up physical things, emotional things, and giving up opportunities that would drastically change one’s life. Physical sacrifice is when you feel sick and tired but you have to go to work, because your coworkers cannot handle all the work without you. Emotional sacrifices can be just as tough as physical sacrifices. They can be…...
Living the Life in the Society
Words • 1452
Pages • 6
We, as human being have many questions, complains, and objectives about life. We are living in this with full of sins. We do moral actions and immoral actions that affects to ourselves and to our society. Most people says that life is so boring to live. Going out to parties, and other occasions will cause people some fun and enjoyment but when going out to church and attending the mass will cause a people the act of bored. Some people…...
A World Run by Celebrities in Save Us from Celebrity, a Speech by Clive James
Words • 1739
Pages • 7
The world today, as it seems to have been for the past few decades, seems to be ruled and run by celebrities. We hear and read about them everyday like they are the most important people in the world, but in reality, they are just people like us. But unlike us, they have done something significant to set them apart from everybody else. This is the point that Clive James argues in his 2004 speech, "Save Us From Celebrity.” In…...
An Application of Sociological Theories of Ethnomethodology and Structural Functionalism to My Grandmother’s Political Stance on 2016 Presidential Election
Words • 2230
Pages • 9
Changing someone's mind is always seen as a stretch; even though we may be convincing, we assume that nothing we say can change what someone believes firmly. My maternal grandmother has always been one of the most stubborn people I know, and the upcoming election has not been an exception to the list of things she feels strongly about. She is very proud to be a dedicated Republican, and in my family she is notorious for being an avid Donald…...
Free EssaysSociology
The Application of Different Research Study for the Framework on the California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids Program
Words • 3327
Pages • 14
Introduction The California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program is a public sector program that was created in 1997 in California to give money and services to eligible needy families. The CalWORKs program is available exclusively to “families that have a child(ren) in the home who has been deprived of parental support or care because of the absence, disability or death of either parent, families with a child(ren) when both parents are in the home but the principal…...
An Analysis of the Equality Between Husband and Wife in Third World Countries
Words • 5308
Pages • 22
In the United States, equality between a husband and a wife continues to progress, globally, especially in third world countries the oppressed position of women in the household continues to be a prevalent problem.  In both India and Brazil, women are not equal to their male counter parts within the household. Factors that cause this inequality to manifest and continue can be attributed to, male dominant and patriarchal histories of the countries, employment opportunities, legal issues, especially the rights of…...
An Examination of Unbiased Gender Leadership in the Articles of Multiple Authors
Words • 4499
Pages • 18
Abstract This paper explores the multiple ideas and scenarios where multiple authors are exploring the implications of how men or women are seen as leaders. These are articles are unbiased towards which gender is preferred, so it makes it easier in order to see the data on why one particular gender may be preferred over another for leadership. With the assistant of the main journal articles written by Eagly & Johannesen-Schmidt, 2007, Eagly & Johnson, 1990, Tucker, McCarthy, & Jones,…...
A Rhetoric Analysis of Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation, an Article Published on TIME Magazine
Words • 1171
Pages • 5
A rhetoric analysis of an article, in primal cases often are non-fiction, aims to break down the core messages and highlights them into parts that can explain how they work together and how they are related to bringing out the overall goal of the author. Some of the highlights may aim to persuade and inform the audience or purely for entertainment purposes. The essay is a rhetoric analysis of the article Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation in times magazine…...
GenerationMillennial Generation
An Analysis of Rob Shields’s Essay Social Spatialization and the Built Environment
Words • 2229
Pages • 9
Shields, Rob., 1989. Social Spatialization and the built environment: The West Edmonton Mall. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 7: 147-64. Shields article explores numerous aspects of social spatialization and the environment of the West Edmonton Mall. The development of this world class tourist attraction became the "largest, comprehensive tourist attraction ever built in the universe" (Shield, 150). The city of Edmonton needed a world class tourist attraction, needed a place were people would come to instead of going…...
An Essay on Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Words • 1611
Pages • 7
More often than not, the outcomes of events that occur in a persons life is the product of the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy. It is that which occurs when a persons expectations of an event make the outcome more likely to occur than would otherwise have been true (Adler and Towne, Looking Out, Looking In 66). Or restated, as Henry Ford once put it, If you think you can, you can. If you think you can, you're right! This…...
Application of the Sociological Perspective to a Current News Event
Words • 1039
Pages • 5
Summary of the News Event The event reported in the article relates to the arrest of Nissan’s boss Carlos Ghosn for underreporting his income on financial statements sent to Japanese regulators. According to the author, Ghosn “had been reporting compensation amounts in the Tokyo Stock Exchange securities report that were less than the actual amount in order to reduce the disclosed amount of [his] compensation” (Jolly, 2018, para. 4). Nissan also said that Ghosn had been involved in other acts…...
Sociological Perspective
Perspective Is Everything
Words • 593
Pages • 3
Our lives are dictated by our understanding of the world around us. Our understanding of the world around us, from my perspective, seems to be the combination of what we’ve learned through the opportunities afforded to us, what we’ve experienced through those opportunities, and how we’ve perceived those experiences based upon our genetics (I say genetics with the meaning- our ability to take in new information from the previous two items and how we process it based upon the emotions/memories…...
Sociological Perspective
Holden Caulfield Perspective on Everything
Words • 555
Pages • 3
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Holden Caulfied looks at things in such a negative tone throughout the novel, Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield has a very negative view on everything besides his little sister, Phoebe, he loves her and cares so much for her. Holden Caulfield grew up with little to no parental guidance. This retarded his mental health devolpment. Being poorly nurtured hurts a person’s mental health and…...
Sociological Perspective
Change People’s Perspective in a Negative Way
Words • 557
Pages • 3
Propaganda is used to change people's opinion by making people have hatred towards a type of people and make other people scared of them as well. Also another way of propaganda being used to change people's opinion is by making people kill or being ok with people doing it for example when the nazi party was killing jews not everyone was doing it but people were ok with it because they were thought that the jews were bad and needed…...
Sociological Perspective
Sociology of popular television
Words • 556
Pages • 3
'If the Judaic God had created a world as an advanced industrial civilization from scratch (s)he would probably have spent the seventh day in front of the television set' (McGuigan, 1992: 129) Quotes such as this go some way to illustrating the dominance and intrinsic nature of television in our modern lives. Indeed, Gell's (1986; cited in Morley, 1992) account of Sri Lankan fisherman who, at great cost, purchase television sets to be displayed as status symbols [despite the lack of an…...
Closing the Cross Generational Communication Gap
Words • 1245
Pages • 5
Abstract This research paper will examine the multi-generational workforce which includes Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (better known as Millennials) and the Z generation. An examination of each generational group will include their general characteristics, values and preferred methods of communication, in an effort to identify effective methods necessary to close the communicational gap that exists in today’s workforce. We have a very diverse workforce ranging from baby boomers to Z generation, and it is imperative that we find…...
Baby BoomersGenerationMillennial GenerationNew Generation Vs Old Generation
The Baby Boomer Generation
Words • 712
Pages • 3
The term “Baby Boomer” came from the fact that in the first year of the baby boom, 1946, there were about 2.4 million babies born, by the end of the era in 1964 there about 72.5 million baby boomers. An interesting fact is that Bill Clinton was the first baby boomer to serve as president and George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump are all baby boomers. To be classified as a baby boomer you have to have been…...
Baby BoomersGeneration
Civic Engagement and Education
Words • 507
Pages • 3
What is civic engagement? Do you civically engage yourself in your community? What leads one to do so? Civic engagement is any individual or group activity addressing issues of public concern. Some might think people civically engage out of compassion for others, or to feel good about themselves. However, the several studies discussed in this essay reveal the reason why; people civically engage themselves more so in correlation to the level of education they have attained, as well as their…...
Social Security in the Hands of Baby Boomers
Words • 881
Pages • 4
Starting at a young age, people are told to respect their elders and take care of them. From helping them down the stairs to paying social security, younger generations take on the responsibility to care for older generations. Baby Boomers are a group of people that were born during the time period of 1946 to 1964 (US History). Once Baby Boomers head out of the workforce and into retirement, younger generations will not be able to keep up with what…...
Baby BoomersNew Generation Vs Old Generation
The Tradition of Non-Violence In Social Theory
Words • 1771
Pages • 8
Social theory is the process of examining our assumptions about human nature and social reality. Many people make suppositions of how individuals lived before the time we were born into the mold of the world we live in today with all the inventions we have. Now that we have actual research is done and photo and video proof, we are able to become aware of how we got to where we are today, thanks to our ancestors. This includes prehistory…...
BuddhismNonviolenceSocial Studies
What is Sociological Imagination?
Words • 1132
Pages • 5
Some individuals stay confined in the borders they place around themselves, thinking only of themselves and their current issues. Therefore, they completely disregard what is happening in society. One can assume that these types of individuals do not, or may never have the sociological imagination. The sociological imagination is having an open-mindedness that allows one to place themselves in another’s shoes. In other words, it is having the capability to understand the history and events that have impacted the lives…...
Sociological ImaginationSociology
Social Disorganization and Over the Hedge
Words • 1297
Pages • 6
Social disorganization theory first came to life in the Chicago school of thought with Robert Park. It was expanded on by Shaw and McKay, two of Park’s students. Social disorganization theory was founded on two key concepts: that this theory does not refer to all crime, and ecological factors foreshadow crime. In order to understand this theory on crime one must first understand ecology, which is a subset of biology that deals with studying how living things interact in their…...
Social Learning TheorySocial StudiesSociology
Growing Up in the 1950s
Words • 580
Pages • 3
Our assignment was to imagine life as a child in the Cold War era and choose a decade. I decided to choose the 1950’s because its one of my favorites! Growing up in the 1950s was relatively good. The scientific and technological advancements that currently exist did not exist then, but it was a relatively good time to live in. The world had just come out of World War II. The loss of life was alarming with the majority of…...
1950SGenerationGeneration Gap
Evolution: Critique and Personal Reflection
Words • 2714
Pages • 11
“Why Evolution Is True” was a very compelling book. It’s arguments and explanation of facts and predictions really helps drive the point of the title of the book. Even before the book begins the author explains that a book like this needs collaboration because the fields needed for this subject can be as diverse as paleontology, molecular biology, population genetics, biogeography, etc. He makes his point very clear how he feels about Creationists. The quote that really spoke to me…...
EvolutionSocial Evolution
Societal Issues in “The Pearl”
Words • 1385
Pages • 6
Introduction/background of Steinbeck and the Pearl  Literature is called a mirror to society. The writer cannot escape himself from societal issues and influence. He has to accept the impact in one-way or the other. John Steinbeck’s “The Pearl” is also no exception. His characters, plot, action, style and themes all reveal some societal perspectives in explicit or implicit language. The Pearl by John Steinbeck seems like a very simple book as a parable on the societal issues. The story is…...
Social JusticeSocial StructureThe Pearl
Millennials: A Great Generation
Words • 995
Pages • 4
When people hear the word millennials older generations usually panic, and get worked up. Millennials are known for their bad reputation. But this is untrue, this younger generation is the best. Despite what they have done to better today's society older generations still accuse the millennials of being lazy, narcissistic, and good for nothing. But older generations do not want to acknowledge that millennials are actually most concerned about lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is the pursuit of knowledge and skills…...
GenerationMillennial GenerationSociology
Defining Characteristics of Millenials Generation
Words • 997
Pages • 4
The generation of millennials has been very unique compared to past generations due to growing up with technology, also the parents of the millennials have protected them too much from facing any difficulty in their lives. Millennials have grown up during a time that is full of technology. Millennials are a self-absorbed generation. The millennial generation only cares about themselves. Millennials parents are worse than them sometimes due to their parents doing everything for them. Parents have been present at…...
GenerationMillennial GenerationSociology
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What is Sociological Imagination?
...The true meaning of having a sociological imagination, aspects that lead Mill’s to believe that Coontz has the sociological imagination, and reason as to why Coontz’s work may or may not be overlooked by an individual lacking the sociological ima...

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