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A Discussion on the Concept of Self-Complexity
Words • 3018
Pages • 13
Consider Mary, who is currently in her last year as a pre-med student. She knew she always wanted to be a doctor and cannot picture herself as anything else. Her dream, life, and work revolve around medicine and science so naturally, her whole life has led up to the moment she receives her med-school acceptances. Unfortunately, Mary does not get into any of the medical schools she applied to. This hurts Mary, emotionally and physically. She feels as though she…...
Self Esteem
The Views of St. Augustine on the Ideology of Marriage and Sexuality
Words • 2434
Pages • 10
There was much debate in christianity over the ideology of marriage and sexuality; was it sinful or was it acceptable? Early in the 5th century around 401 A.D., St Augustine wrote pieces on his opinions of sexuality and marriage coinciding with Pauline thought in the New Testament. St. Augustine is a famous christian theologian. His main works that will be discussed in this essay are The Good of Marriage, Holy Virginity, Tractates on the Gospel of John, and The Excellence…...
The Evolution of the Role of Women in Modern Literature
Words • 1870
Pages • 8
In the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, Western society had developed a form of philosophical thinking that embraced issues of gender, class structure, helplessness and the crumbling of reliability. Because of such issues in society of gender, particularly the female, naturally the movement was seen to focus, both favourably and adversely, on the woman as an individual. A woman's intelligence, opinion and decision had always been inferior in comparison to the man's. Arguably, up until then, women were…...
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Adulthood and Holden from “Catcher in the Rye”
Words • 746
Pages • 3
In J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, adulthood is one of the most dominant themes. The story follows main character Holden’s three days of loneliness in New York. Throughout three days of flashbacks and soul searching behaviors, the reader discovers that Holden’s guilt from death of his little brother Allie, has lead Holden to develop bad habits and self destructive tendencies as he is unable to mature into adulthood. Transitioning into adulthood presents Holden with difficult challenges, because he…...
Arming School Staff and Teachers
Words • 904
Pages • 4
Everyone has a form of experience in a shooting or have seen them happen on the news. A positive idea is arming teachers with firearms because it would be the safest mechanism to do. If cops were to be called on, it would be too late because at least one or a couple of people would be injured or worse. There are plenty of people in this country who wish to resolve this damage from any sort such as medical…...
Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers
Words • 1058
Pages • 5
THE PROBLEM The teachers paved the way in evolving themselves as millennial educators who impart information among students. Yet, teachers changed the way they present themselves to the learners. Learners who were considered as tools of the new millennium. The generation who transforms every detailed foundations of life beyond learning and existence. What does it mean to be a 21st century teacher? So, how do they look like? Do they have a distinctive characteristic that is unique and different from…...
Female Teachers in America 
Words • 1101
Pages • 5
Teaching has always been considered as a gender-neutral position. However, in the past women were not given the same consideration in education. Men were more common in the teaching profession since they had fewer barriers to hold them back than women. As mentioned in the article McCrmick (2006) women’s lives were more restricted in terms of personal experience as well as who they associated with. Women were seen more as moral mothers than as teachers because of the traditions in…...
The Spirit of Humanity 
Words • 1142
Pages • 5
The human being is a complex matter, and many believe that just trying to understand life and what it means to be human is a futile attempt to rationalize life. To act of being human is to balance between multiple probabilities and outcomes. Sometimes we have to avoid these outcomes, but at other times it seems we should pursue them relentlessly, to better understand and appreciate life. The secret of life is when reason and feelings join in harmony, and…...
Being HumanHumanity
Humanity in Brave New World
Words • 1289
Pages • 6
For years, authors and philosophers have satirized the “perfect” society to incite change. In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley describes a so-called utopian society in which everyone is happy. This society is a “controlled environment where technology has essentially [expunged] suffering. A member of this society never needs to be inconvenienced by emotion, “And if anything should go wrong, there's soma” (Huxley 220). Citizens spend their lives sleeping with as many people as they please, taking soma to dull any…...
Being HumanHumanity
Evolution of Humanity in World
Words • 769
Pages • 4
In this essay, I will describe the evolutionary path of the human lineage from Australopithecus afarensis to Homo sapiens. I will integrate information from the readings and viewings. I will discuss the adaptive advantages of bipedalism and provide names, locations, physical features, and behavioral aspects of the species constituting the human lineage. Charles Darwin first addressed the question of human evolution in his book called the descent of man, this was important because he stated that man descended from some…...
Being HumanHumanity
The Influence of Graduates’ Personality Traits towards Employability
Words • 748
Pages • 3
Hospitality and tourism industry is all about delivering satisfaction to the customers. Various type of services offered in this industry requires the service provider to recruit the employees with relevant competency in order to fulfill the customer satisfaction. According to Obadic and Maric (2009), this industry is the backbone of a country’s economy due to the increasing importance of labor force in providing services to the customers. This circumstance will open up the chances to the institutions to produce graduates…...
CharacterPersonal Characteristics
Big Bird of South Texas
Words • 545
Pages • 3
In 1976, people in South Texas Rio Grande Valley saw something. A huge bird that looked like a monkey in the face. It had blood-red eyes according to eye witness reports, and anyone who has ever seen this terrifying creature will tell you that it is scary and you will never wanna see it in your life. They will also tell you that it is anything but lovable. This creature may share some features as the big yellow bird on…...
BirdBird Watching
Problem of Responsibility in Frankenstein
Words • 1235
Pages • 5
We are what we see. We all are raised and taught with morals that we tend to forget or lose as our lifes go on and sometimes don't realize it. At its simplest, ethics is a system of moral principles. They affect how people make decisions and lead their lives. Ethics is centered with what is good for individuals and society. The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a great example where the author associates ethics and morality in her…...
HumanHuman Nature
Frankenstein A Double Tragedy
Words • 3241
Pages • 13
Frankenstein is a novel in which both the reader and the characters in the novel are haunted, sometimes unconsciously, by the question “What does it mean to be human?”. That the book is hovering around this question obliges the reader to suppress or at least try to suppress the deep-seated perception of human as an exceptional creature, whose innately assigned reason prevents any juncture or merging with other species to occur, be it AI, an animal, or a grotesque creature…...
HumanHuman Nature
Secrets of Life in Frankenstein
Words • 586
Pages • 3
In many recent years, altering life forms through genetic engineering has been a controversial topic. With technological advancements in that area, there is the debate over whether it is justified or not. Some people may debate the moral implications of genetic engineering, and others may question the environmental effects of it. Although genetic modifications have been limited to foods, some scientists are interested in testing the waters of this process in humans. The process of genetic engineering refers to the…...
HumanHuman Nature
The Meaning of Weather in novel Frankenstein
Words • 743
Pages • 3
The weather plays an irrevocable role as the main source of foreshadowing in Frankenstein. Each storm brings about the next tragedy in Victor Frankenstein’s life. The events that bring about Frankenstein’s demise start innocently, but as his curiosity grows deeper, the storms that surround his life begin to symbolize the danger he poses to everyone he loves. The storms take on qualities that reflect the event they foreshadow. Rain, Lightning, and Thunder symbolize different aspects of Victor Frankenstein’s failures and…...
HumanHuman Nature
Shelleys Portrayal in Novel Frankenstein
Words • 628
Pages • 3
Shelleys portrayal of victor in her novel Frankenstein makes it seem like hes evil but in my opinion I think victor wanted to do something good but it ended up backfiring . Everyone thinks hes this bad person for creating the monster but they dont think about how smart he had to have been to even create it. All he wanted to do was create a friend but it ended up backfiring because people were scared and didnt like the…...
HumanHuman Nature
Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus
Words • 1027
Pages • 5
Mary Shelley's published her pinacle novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus in 1818. That same year, Dr. James Blundell carried out the first human blood transfusion, and the British chemist Luke Howard published The Climate of London— a thesis on atmospheric electricity and the causes of precipitation (Poulter). During Shelley's lifetime, science had emerged from the shadows of the Enlightenment in order to harness the power of nature. No longer did scientists look to ancient interpreters; instead, advocates of this…...
HumanHuman Nature
The Power of Our Words
Words • 817
Pages • 4
We give words a lot less credibility than they deserve, for they have a lot more power than one might think. Words are made of vibrations and sound. It's these sounds formed by the movements of our mouth that create the reality around us, without words our thoughts would never become reality and it is something that impacts us in every minute of every day. People throughout history and literature have used words to shape the reality of their own…...
The Relation Between Intelligence and Job Performance and Economic Advantages
Words • 1355
Pages • 6
Intelligence is a very crucial aspect, especially in the present day society. Very few traits match its importance because of the following: first, there is a direct correlation between job performance and intelligence. Secondly, intelligence is often linked to various economic advantages including; affluence, employment, leadership abilities and behaviors that are by the law. In this reflective essay, I write a report on my self-assessment using tested methods that have been developed by experts in psychology. Howard Gardner's basic multiple…...
The Growing Problem of Childhood Sexual Abuse among the Active Sadomasochistic Population in Finland
Words • 1640
Pages • 7
This article was a study done in Finland on the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse among the active sadomasochistic population. Five hypotheses were given and they were: (1)that more childhood sexual abuse victims participated in sadomasochism than those who were not sexually abused, (2) this group was more likely to suffer from a variety of psychological problems than the general population, (3) this group would be less socially adjusted, (4) their past sexual abuse would affect their body image and…...
Child AbuseSexual Abuse
Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT)
Words • 1699
Pages • 7
Abstract Technology and information systems have become necessary for companies and organizations to achieve their goals. Thus, several technology models and theories have been raised and adopted in different fields to increase the usage of different technologies. Studies showed that several theories and models were introduced attempting to examine which factors can affect and lead to a successful usage of technology. By critically reviewing the literature, the present study aims at critically discussing the strength and limitation of each of…...
Idea of Acceptance and Appearance in Frankenstein and Kindred
Words • 2492
Pages • 10
Over the years, humanity has made a significant effort towards removing the inequality many people experience. After many years of fighting, segregation has been banned in America and the fight for equal gender pay still perseveres. Unfortunately, discrimination is still present even when inequality is removed. Lewis R. Aiken defines discrimination as “differential treatment of people according to race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disabilities, and other physical or behavioral characteristics” (85). This definition of discrimination gives several examples of…...
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Chronic Pain
Words • 1130
Pages • 5
Basically, by accepting and learning to live with pain and the limits of what a person can and cannot do then the person who is suffering can limit the control it has over their life is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Chronic Pain. Chronic pain can typically come in many different forms of conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, and other types of issues that include intense physical work in the present or past that has left…...
How to Measure and Interpret Intelligence
Words • 1297
Pages • 6
It is a common belief that many individuals consider intelligence to be solely based off of receiving good grades in college, or even high school. This is simply not true. Today's society still has not found a successful way of how to measure or interpret intelligence. Many of the greatest thinkers have tried to measure intelligence but failed. Intelligence plays an important role in an individual's life for many reasons. People covet intelligence because it allows them to take advantage…...
An Examination of the Validity of the Threshold Hypothesis and the Theories That Explain the Relationship between Intelligence and Creativity
Words • 1273
Pages • 6
Intelligence and creativity have long been subjected to scientific studies on their correlation, yet there is still not one clear answer (Jauk, Benedek, Dunst, & Neubauer, 2013; Nusbaum & Silvia, 2011). Intelligence and creativity are two essential constructs that are highly valued in society, affecting the quality of living for humans, and resulting in phenomenal changes (Sligh, Conners & Ewoldsen, 2005). Various hypothesis emerged as a result to explain the relationship between the two mental constructs. The Threshold Hypothesis is…...
How Death Rituals Are Indicative of Aspects of Identity
Words • 3397
Pages • 14
If one thing is truly universal in this world, it must surely be death. Everything that lives will definitely die. However, the ways in which it is rationalised and handled are incredibly diverse, so too is the concept of morality, which are all dependent on ones culture and society. Death is central dynamism underlying the life, vitality and structure of the social order, and so profoundly affecting the individual and their identity. It can be utilised as a barometer to…...
The Concept of Personal Values
Words • 1015
Pages • 5
Introduction Values can be defined as a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life (, 2019). To me everyone has a set of values that they live by, regardless if they are right or wrong. In this paper, I will attempt to show you how I look at my core values, how people acquire and change values, what values do for us, and the importance of human values in the workplace? My Values…...
Personal ValuesReflectionValue
Army Leadership Model Requirements
Words • 559
Pages • 3
  Throughout BLC, I learned about the army requirements leadership model that I can take with me to my home station. I feel I will be a better leader. I will be able to help my soldiers and communicate with them to make sure they can be all they can be. I will be someone they can look up to by being a positive example. The army leadership requirements model is important to me because it shows the attributes of…...
ArmyLife experienceSelf Reflection
Role of Biomedical Research with Animal for Medicine
Words • 659
Pages • 3
Many authors and scientists have written a number of journals and articles relating to a tragic disease, Cystic Fibrosis. When given a difficult task that no one has ever completed, sometimes you hit blocks in the road. This is very similar to researching Cystic Fibrosis with animals. My cousin, Quinn Anlauf, has suffered with this disease her whole life. She has to carry her medicine around with her at all times, or she might not be able to even eat…...
Life experienceSelf Reflection
The Symposium: Forgiveness for Simon and Karl
Words • 586
Pages • 3
After reading The Symposium which has various responses of different people, among them are the survivors of the Holocaust, writers, human activists, politicians, authors, and historians. All these people belong to different fields so everybody has their own thoughts to Simon’s question about forgiveness, and they responded differently. I chose two responses that stood out the most to me. Firstly Alan L. Berger, she particularly focuses on the principal trait of this story which is silence that Simon uses in…...
ForgivenessThe Holocaust
Forgiveness Therapy and Empathy in Cases of Sexual Abuse
Words • 1366
Pages • 6
Abstract This paper explores my results from the questionnaires I selected from the University of Pennsylvania’s Authentic Happiness website developed by their Positive Psychology Center. Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania as well as the Director of the Positive Psychology Center. I will be sharing results from the CES-D questionnaire, Transgression Motivations questionnaire, and Compassionate Love scale as well as an analysis of how the measure of these topics contributes to…...
ForgivenessSexual Abuse
The Hard Path of Self Forgiveness
Words • 2343
Pages • 10
To forgive is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as, “to cease to feel resentment against (an offender).” But what happens when the offender is oneself? Self-forgiveness is something that can be hard for a person to grasp. It can be easy to get wrapped up in wanting forgiveness from others, to make ourselves feel better about the actions committed, but when it comes to the wrongdoing that we do to ourselves, it can be the hardest to forgive. Per-Erik Milam,…...
ForgivenessFree EssaysSelf Analysis
Free Shoes and Equipment for High School Athletes
Words • 615
Pages • 3
There are many pros and cons to this discussion. There are also different rules that must be followed. During the course of this paper, I will provide information for the reader to make their personal decision on the topic should shoe companies be able to give away free shoes and equipment to high school athletes. Here are few topics that will be discussed, some kids are poor and can’t afford shoes and equipment, this could be used as advertisement for…...
Best shoes for Overpronation
Words • 1139
Pages • 5
Looking for overpronation shoes that will grace your walk/run and elevate the experience to a whole new level? Well, look no further! In this buyers guide, find an all-inclusive and unbiased review of the best overpronation shoes there is. Also know as stability shoes, overpronation footwear is currently at its height. All thanks to the comprehensive and holistic nature of this product. I mean, previously, shoes for overpronation were strictly produced under the sports category. These models were ideal only…...
TOMS Shoes and Social Enterprise Theory
Words • 1360
Pages • 6
TOMS is an American footwear and eyewear company that was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie after a trip to Argentina. The main reason why he founded the company was seeing the poverty and the condition of people in villages in rural Argentina. Mycoskie’s sole mission for conducting business was based on the idea of creating this for-profit footwear company where every pair of shoes that were purchased, a subsequent pair of shoes would be donated to a child in…...
Unique Strategy of TOMS Shoes
Words • 572
Pages • 3
Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS Shoes in the year 2006, when he realized what children in underdeveloped regions were experiencing living without shoes. He decided he wanted to make a difference in individual’s lives and created a shoe business that would donate a pair of shoes to a child in need every time a customer would purchase a pair. TOMS was rapidly growing, so Mycoskie expanded and developed new products of eyewear. Which followed the same principle as the shoes, every…...
Five Stages of Making Shoes
Words • 619
Pages • 3
Everybody adores shoe shopping, yet shouldn't something be said about shoe making? On the off chance that you have a smidgen of an inventive energy, you may appreciate structuring and making shoes. The apparatuses you'll requirement for an essential match of shoes are very straightforward and promptly accessible. What's more, carefully assembled shoes have the additional advantage of being redone for an ideal fit. Here's the means by which to make your own shoes: Stage 1 Settle on the structure.…...
Why Is Public Speaking Important?
Words • 1438
Pages • 6
Public speaking is the procedure of publishing information to the congregation. Usually, public speaking takes a place in schools, workplaces, and also in our real lives. The prosperity of knowing how to interact to the audience includes sharpening critical thinking in addition to verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Public speaking involves communicating information to a large audience. and the message that is conveyed to the audience must be clear and meaningful to entertain the large audience .public speaking is also…...
AnxietyConfidenceCritical ThinkingPsychologyPublic Speaking
The pearl has changed Kino’s personality
Words • 2463
Pages • 10
The story centres on Kino, a pearl diver, his wife Juana and their son Coyotito. Although the family live in poverty they also live peacefully. Whilst out gathering pearls one day Kino finds a huge pearl. Kino tries to sell the pearl but the pearl buyers try to cheat him. Kino is attacked and has to flee. They are being followed by trackers who want to steal the pearl. Kino kills the trackers but in the fight Coyotito is killed.…...
ChangePersonalityThe Pearl
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How to Measure and Interpret Intelligence
..."International Journal of Epidemiology." Intelligence and Education: Causal Perceptions Drive Analytic Processes and Therefore Conclusions. International Journal of Epidemio...
How Death Rituals Are Indicative of Aspects of Identity
...La Fontaine, J. S. (1985) 'Person and Individual some anthropological reflections' in Carruthers, M, Collins, S. and Luther, S. (eds). The category of the person. Anthropology, philosophy, history. Cambridge: Cam...
Why Is Public Speaking Important?
...In a nutshell, public speaking is a way of communication to build up our ideas and to spread it out. it can build up self-confidence. Moreover, public speaking helps to develop critical thinking skills and to perused people, public speakers must have...

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