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Dreams are a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. People dream numerous times every night in the stage of sleep called REM sleep. There are four main stages of sleep, the first three being NREM sleep. In NREM sleep stage one, one may experience a sensation known as hypnagogic hallucinations, where one may hear their name called or feel as though they are falling, then wake up. This period lasts around five to ten minutes. In NREM sleep stage two, one’s body temperature drops, and breathing and heart rate become regular. Stage two lasts for approximately twenty minutes. In the last stage of NREM sleep, stage three, muscles relax and the body goes into its deepest sleep. Studies show that sleepwalking and bedwetting occur during this stage. The body becomes less responsive to its environment and falls into REM sleep or the dream stage.

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My Attempt to Record My Vivid Dreams

On the first night I recorded my dream, on November first, I slept through the whole night and woke up at my usual 6 am. The characters were me and my sister Sarah, and we were skeletons. They were not costumes either, we were actual skeletons. We were sitting on this concrete slab, sitting on pretzel legs. The slab was kind of in the middle of nowhere, but there were people around. If someone walked by Sarah and I, we would spring up and scare them. The weird thing was that people were not scared by us, they acted as though we were not even there. I believe I dreamt about this because the day before was Halloween, and Sarah and I worked in a haunted hallway where we scared people.

On November second around 2:30 am I woke up from a dream. The dream took place in Mr. Sommerfeld’s haunted room, and on one of the classroom tables, George O’Malley from Grey’s Anatomy and I were performing surgery on a man. Due to us being in the haunted room, there were people walking through, and when they walked by us they would scream. The people walking by thought it was fake and trying to scare them, but George and I were trying to save a life. I remember the dream having a lot of the color blue. The tarps on the wall were blue and we were wearing blue scrubs like they do in the show. I believe I had this dream because I watched Grey’s Anatomy a lot, and I scared people in Sommerfeld’s room two days before on Halloween.

A Little Fuzzy Dream

The next day on November third, my dream was about me being an Instagram account manager. I woke up at about 6:30 and this dream was a little fuzzy. What I remember of it is that I was an Instagram account manager, and I regulated peoples’ accounts to make them look good so they could bring in followers. For some reason, Katelyn was there begging me to make her account better and I didn’t want to because I don’t like her. I remember being quite famous and wealthy because I had a big office and I was sitting in a fancy leather chair with a city view. I have absolutely no clue why I would have dreamt this.

Dreams Making No Sense

The next day was a Sunday so I finally got to sleep in. I remember four distinctive dreams from that morning because I kept waking up and going back to sleep. The first one was me driving this Tesla, and I met a cop going the opposite direction of me. I saw him turn around in my rearview mirror and start to follow me. He didn’t pull me over though he just followed me. I remember being on a rustic road that had very bright evergreen trees on both sides, and the road had the usual yellow and white stripes on them. The next dream took place at my grandma’s house in Rhinelander. She has a pond about three-fourths around her house and there was this crocodile living in it with four baby crocodiles. For some reason, they needed to be captured and there was this team of croc catchers that showed up to take them away. They were rounding up the crocodiles and I saw one, and no one was around me. I picked him up and brought him inside and kept him as a pet. The next dream took place in the woods behind my house but it was much bigger than the 3 acres it is now. There were a bunch of dirt/mud paths that were for these car races. I did not see the main part of the race but I was riding on one of the trails. In my mind, I was riding in my grandma’s car but my grandma drives a silver toyota suv, and this car was a silver honda suv.

Jonathan Danielson was driving the car, Katelyn was in the bucket seat and I was in the trunk. I was giving John directions on where to go because we were trying to get away from these people that I never actually saw. We got stuck on one of the trails so I got out of the car and started running and I then woke up. My last dream that morning took place in my house in my living room and I was standing behind the table in my living room next to our hutch. Even though the room was pitch black I knew where I was. I saw a phone light on the other side of the table from me, so I turned on mine and saw my friend Abby, who I used to go camping with, and her two friends who I don’t know but that I always see on her Instagram and Snapchat story. She was talking to her two friends and they were laughing about something on her phone. I asked what she was doing here, and tried to talk to her, but I knew she couldn’t hear me. The louder I yelled her name the bigger the table grew in between us, separating us further and further, until I was in pitch black and then I woke up. None of these dreams make sense to me. They do not really relate to anything that has been going on in my life.

The Last Dream I Remember

The last dream that I recorded was about me after school at a wrestling match. It wasn’t at our school but everyone was there. I don’t remember anyone distinctively but they were there. I was taking pictures of the match from the bleachers for journalism. For every picture I took, it took three more pictures for me from different angles. The camera didn’t even make sense at all to me because the lens pointed at the ground but somehow you could see out of it. I think I dreamt this because I’m in the journalism class but I don’t know why the camera was so weird.

The last dreams I’m going to discuss are the two dreams that I distinctly remember from my childhood. The first, I was at the elementary school and the power went out and there were tornado sirens going off. They called the whole school into the gym, and I remember being very scared. I remember walking into the gym and seeing Mrs. Johnson, the second-grade teacher. I asked her if we could go into the bathroom to take shelter but she said no we have to wait until the tornado rips the roof off the gym until we can take shelter. The roof then flew off. I saw the tornado in the sky and woke up. The next dream that I recall from my childhood, I was in the elevator in elementary school. I forgot why we were there in the first place but then I heard the fire alarm so we went out the side door of the school that led to the teacher parking lot. The fire alarm was actually an alarm going off in real life and I interpreted that noise in my dream.

Why We Ever Dream?

The real question though is, why do we even dream? There are many phycology theories out there, starting with the first Sigmund Freud. Freud believed that dreams were an unattainable want or sexual desire. Carl Jung believed that dreams reflect on our awake self and that dreams solve our problems. Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley more recently came out with a theory that stated that there are no connections between dreams and that they are just random, or pulled from memories. This theory is known as the activation-synthesis hypothesis.

The common threads in my dreams were characters including my sister and the Grey’s Anatomy characters. I feel they appeared because these are important things in my life. My sister is the person I talk to and spend the most time with, and Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite show and I watch it a lot. The main function of my dreams is to review the day. Most of my dreams were about previous days in the week, or about something that I am familiar with. I consider my dreams pretty normal, they were all mostly things that could happen in real life, or have realistic elements in them. The weirdest thing I think is that I normally don’t remember much of my dreams but doing this project and thinking about remembering them helped me remember them for five consecutive days. This just proves the endless possibilities of the human mind.


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