A Reflection on My Level of Development and Personal and Professional Dreams for the Future

My goal in the future is to give my two kids a perfect education and comfortable life, so I decided to work hard and improve my skills to be a successful mother and a great leader in my society. Accordingly, I have set my main goal in life, which is working as college administrator and open my own business. Those dreams require a best level of development.

My level of development will help me to represents my level of organization. There are many levels of the development; each person has his own level.

Since I achieved many things in my life and I worked a lot to improve my self I categorized my level as a good development level. Even if I care and concern for all peoples, regardless of race, color, sex, or creed I still need to develop my skills to be at the best level. I have the ability to take a good designs, I have learned a lot from other experience, which helped me to improve my experience.

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Successful people should continue learning to catch all the tools to assists them through succeed. Since I am not living for my self only, I have big responsibilities for my kids. My two kids is my strong motivation, so being in this level is not enough for me. I wish to achieve the level that helps me to handle and work hard to establish their future and accomplish their dreams.

Development is everything grows in the human from the birth through adult, For example education levels, cultural learning, and personality growing.

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Once I need to achieve something in my life I need first to create a plan to meet the requirements because I know that I should develop my self to solve and fill all the gaps. Also, working for changing or expanding something in my life is also kind of developing, for example: First, learning and getting knowledge is the main key to improve the person. Taking my master degree is good step to improve my skills and my weakness. Second, the most important point that I should focus on is my timeline of achieving my career dream. Which is three years from now, so I will work on creating a clear vision of strengths, and all obstacles that I might encounter by knowing my abilities and what I can really accomplish.

Since childhood, I have been known among friends and family as the dynamo of gatherings. I was the one responsible to arrange parties and to organize games giving each person a role to support the occasion. This skill has grown with me. When I went to school I was always chosen to be the class leader. At university many times my colleagues chose me to be the project team leader. People agree that I have a strong leadership personality. They describe me as a challenging, responsible, cooperative and creative person, with strong abilities in reasoning and problem solving. There were many times when I had to overcome differences and resistance to bring groups of people together to achieve a common purpose.

Collaboration and working as a team is one of the factors that helped me develop. During working at JMI, my key strengths were, the possession of vital skills and abilities that help in the accomplishments of the team’s objectives. Also, as a leader, I empowered the team with clearly defined needs and a well-developed method of examining individual performance. Three years ago, I have applied the “Shared Vision Skill” in a project that my boss has assigned me. There was a sells decrease on one of the trucks that JMI was selling; my boss gave me a big responsibility to handle the whole marketing and advertisements for this product to improve its sells. In addition, there was a limited time of three months only and if I haven’t had achieved growth on the sells in this period, JMI would have stopped manufacturing this product. So I created a team of fifteen members to achieve the goal, and I shared with them our future goal and what they need to do such as new brochures, customer visits, and establishing a new marketing campaigns.

I have balanced the work among the team, which made it easier for me to lead the whole group. At the beginning, I was frustrated but when I started achieving my goal step-by-step; I gained more enthusiasm to continue, and I used the small accomplishment method as a tool to encourage my team. The important point that I always repeat to my team is what our future could be if we work at the same image to achieve our goal. Finally, I achieved with my team the main goal by increasing the sells of this product by 40% which has encouraged JMI’s management to keep the product and continue manufacture it. In this area a feel that I have made a good progress and I achieved a good development.

On the other hand, there are some areas my development has been slower. As challenging the process is my weakness, and it affected my success by slowing my achievement so it is my challenge. Therefore, taking a risk is my big challenge that I choose to work on. Understanding how to calculate my new risk is what I demand to improve and complete my leadership requirement. It is mandatory for any successful person to take a risk to move through success and realize more in order to help him or her in developing leadership abilities. For instance, two years ago, my friend and I planned to open our new advertising office; therefore we worked hard to prepare the entire requirements. But the challenge skill stopped me because I didn’t have the strength that I should have had in order to take this risk since I felt we need more information to establish a strong foundation.

This evident of lacking in my challenging skill and in taking risks, encourage me to work on this skill in order to achieve my career dreams. Visual learner is my learning style. I learn best through seeing things. I love to see demonstrations, diagrams, slides, charts, and other visual aids in the classroom. Also, I prefer to take good notes and use color highlighting. To help my self learn fast and better I usually draw outlines of my notes and create pictures. It is very important to me to study in a quiet environment.

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A Reflection on My Level of Development and Personal and Professional Dreams for the Future

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