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Reflecting on English Class

It is just my third English class at Columbia College Calgary but it has changed my whole concept of learning already. It is a very different feeling to learn a language from professionals with all rules, grammar, and reasoning. My English class has taught me how to describe the same concept in so many different ways just by changing the words in a sentence. I learned from this class how to put my thought in words and present my argument with reference and research.

English was never my best choice but our teacher Roba introduced some very important basics of essay writing. Having known them I realized how come I didn’t pay attention to some very basic and essential concepts of essay writing before.

Another beautiful Saturday brought an opportunity to learn some basic concepts of English writing under the guidance of our teacher Roba. She started our third class with her lovely smile. She gave us feedback about our first reflective journal and guided us on how we can improve our next journal.

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Roba emphasized that planning is very important for essay writing then she shared with us how her son informed her last night about his graduation ceremony the next morning and how she had to rush for his last-minute laundry haircut. She told us to prepare in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. Focussing on our first topic which was planning an essay. She taught us that we have to decide what kind of essay we want to write like reflect, describe, inform, analyze, or evaluate or argue.

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I learned that the topic should be manageable and interesting. The next topic was revised which means re-see and what are key points for revising, In the end, she covered the planning research topic and how we should plan our reach. Then we had a quiz test which was very easy because Roba revised all chapters so well that I felt comfortable and not scared of the quiz.

By the time class 4 started, I was comfortable. The introduction to argue for a position and APA documentation was very interesting which include citing a reference, writing a paragraph, and what is our position on a topic good or bad. Roba told us to use the eye and hook method to write a paragraph in case we get lost. A topic like flu shots are good or bad was discussed as an example. Then 9 pm was quiz time and we came home in raining weather.

Class 5 started with Roba in a white skirt and anklet on her left ankle. She reminded me of myself in college I always use to wear a silver anklet on my one ankle. Roba explaining to us how we have to submit out final 5 writing journal and one problem solution essay by class 10. Then she discussed arguing for a position and presenting the solution backed by research and reference. The first thing in resolving the problem is the correct comprehension of the issue. One can plan to solve a problem but the method may vary for each person.

Roba explained to us that to present a solution you need to identify the problem. She gave an example of her Japanese assistant Kiku wanted to lose weight but was already like a stick so slim. The most important passage towards winning or solving problems is through the solution which is practical and does not require much funding. Roba taught us citing of video or website and provided us a link for the suggested website. The most memorable moments for me today were when Maria our class fellow was reading a paragraph in a very cute accent and she was saying ahu at the end of her paragraph and made everyone smile.

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