To Be The Happy

Happiness is not only a kind of emotions, but also an attitude of living. I am sure that everyone here at least experienced happiness in the life, but not all the people think highly of the happiness. Thus, I encouraged everyone to be happy as it can be one of the most pivotal goals of our living. To begin with, let’s have a deep look at this world. How can we perceive the world? According to Tanya and Staff, “What people think they perceive is actually filtered and processed by the brain to construct a useful view of the world”(Tanya).

Scientifically speaking, the world is presented in front of us by the process that our sensitive organs transmit signals to our brains, and our brains process and translate the signals. The world we feel every day is just the result of our brains’ operations. So, how can we be sure that we are living in the real world?

Dream: the known illusionary world.

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As Clara said, “If you, me and every person and thing in the cosmos were actually characters in some giant computer game, we would not necessarily know it”(Clara). How can we distinguish the reality of the world? Let’s firstly check how we can realize the dream. Patrick concludes this as follow: “Most people who have experienced these sorts of ‘false awakenings’ report an ‘eerie feeling’ that accompanies the false awakening once they realize that they are dreaming. The eerie-ness is not surprising given that the experience undermines the belief we all usually have that we have direct contact with reality.

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For instance, one eeriness I experience in my dream is that I cannot feel the sense of pain in the dream. When I find that my sense of pain does not exist, I realize I am in a dream. However, our ability to perceive the dream is based on our memory of the so called reality, and when we need to check whether this reality is actual, we find we do not have memory outside the reality. What if our world is another dream? If the world is not real, what are we working for? “My advice is to go out and do really interesting things”, Tegmark suggested(qtd. in Clara). I agreed with him, and I believe the goals of everything we do in the world are to make ourselves happy.

Visual game: happiness. Nowadays, countless PC, video, and mobile games flourish in the game market. With the development of visual reality technology, we can even play the games in a more real way. But why we play the games? We all know the games are not real, no matter how actual the technology makes them to be. The answer is that they bring happiness. I apply the same reasoning in the real life, if the world is not real. Happiness is the main reason why we are obsessed with unreal worlds like games, dreams, and maybe the so-called reality.

Life attitude. To be happy is a kind of life attitude. Someone may be happy with money, so he can earn money persistently and earnestly, regardless of some critics from others who think he is greedy. Someone may be happy with his family, so he always spends his free time with his family, even though his work in the company is not completed yet. Someone may feel unhappy when he participates in parties, so he chooses to be relatively isolated. Someone may feel unhappy when living in one place, so he moves to another place. Today, many people compromise not to do what actually makes them happy because they think about evaluations and critics from others. However, if the world is not real, if others around us are just codes according to the simulation theories, these views do not matter. Happiness is most essential to our life, as it is the most desirable emotion in such an unreal world.

To prove whether this world is real or not is too complex and all efforts may go to waste if the answer is not. However, if we regard the world as unreal, one thing that still matters is our happiness, as it is one of the most important goals of living in an illusionary world. I really hopes everyone in this world to be happy, no matter who they are, what compromises they are suffering, what believes or missions they are holding.

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