Journal Entry

The ability of change to become manifested in both man and environment gives each one the opportunity to create meaning in each action and scenario. Such idea can be taken either in a positive or negative manner and is dependent on the mindset and the relevant impact in can contribute to man and the environment. Seeing this, it change is inevitable however it has brought about different dimensions in understanding how it influences man’s actions or the formation of a scenario.

Reflecting on the works of Faulkner, Capote and Weschler, one theme may circumvent in their reading – change.

However their main difference is the way it was addressed and embodied by the characters in the story. I argue that these manifestations are necessarily generated by the choices we constantly make in our life. These in turn affect our environment as a whole as we try our best to adhere to the trends and standards of societal life. This in turn results in the transformation of customary beliefs, values and ideals of an individual to suit such need.

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Furthermore, it is with these decisions that we gain contentment and satisfaction in our ways.

With the different challenges and distractions happening in our lives today, one may find it difficult to look for the appropriate ways that can make them happy. However, like the character of the old woman in Faulkner’s story, the path towards this may seem simple her eyes. For my part, I feel that by removing and distancing myself to these norms, I can get a glimpse of what I want and generate ideas that can provide satisfaction or contentment on my part.

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Such can contribute to the creation of meaning as I find ways to answer the questions and issues of my life.

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