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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Chronic Pain
Words • 1130
Pages • 5
Basically, by accepting and learning to live with pain and the limits of what a person can and cannot do then the person who is suffering can limit the control it has over their life is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Chronic Pain. Chronic pain can typically come in many different forms of conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, and other types of issues that include intense physical work in the present or past that has left…...
Ethical Decision Making With End-of-Life Care
Words • 1836
Pages • 8
The option of euthanasia for patients suffering from terminal illnesses has become an ethical concern for different stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Patients are considered to have independence and self-determination when receiving care (Patil, 2013). Thus, individuals should be allowed to end life with dignity to prevent severe pain when there is no hope for recovery from a chronic disease. However, the tenet of autonomy is limited by the fact that the choice for euthanasia by terminally ill patients is…...
AutonomyDecision MakingEthicsEuthanasiaSuffering
The Hidden Meanings In Frida Kahlo’s Paintings
Words • 1115
Pages • 5
The essay explores the works of Frida Kahlo through the use of the Subjective Frame. It focuses on the self-portraits which capture her personal life experiences of suffering caused not only by her physical injuries but also her psychological pain as a result of her unhappy marriage to Diego Rivera her personal experience made a great impact on the audience as is evident in the following artworks: “Without Hope” produced in 1945, “Self Portrait With Necklace of Thorns” produced in…...
Frida KahloPainPainting
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How Medical Marijuana Works, and Which Conditions It Treats?
Words • 1484
Pages • 6
The notion of medical marijuana discusses using the entire, unrefined cannabis vegetal, or its essential form that is extracted to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions. There has been no recognition or approval of the marijuana plant as medicine by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, a couple of scientific studies led the FDA to accept two medications that contain cannabinoid chemicals for treatment. Hopefully, continued research may lead to more marijuana-based drug approvals (Beth, Marcus, &…...
HealthMedical MarijuanaMedicinePainSubstance AbuseWork
Physiotherapy In Malaysia
Words • 775
Pages • 4
Physical therapy is one of the important parts of health and medical care programs in Malaysia. It plays important role in the maintenance of the health of the individual and the community in this country. The physical therapist used their professional activities to contribute to the prevention and improvement of people's disabilities or potentially handicapping conditions. Physical therapists provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities in patients with injury or…...
Adversity in “Indian Horse”: Story of Difficulties and Misfortune
Words • 1202
Pages • 5
Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us everything but the things that cannot be torn so that we may see ourselves for what we really are. Adversity suggests difficulties, trouble and trauma as it tests our potential and strengthens our sense of self-confidence. In the novel Indian Horse written by Richard Wagamese, there are many situations where the main character Saul Indian Horse is forced to overcome the adversity that once destroyed his spirit and made…...
Definition of Animal Cruelty and Abuse
Words • 387
Pages • 2
Animal cruelty by definition is “the infliction by omission or by commission by humans of suffering or harm upon any non-human". Animal cruelty is dishonorable. Animals don’t have a voice and can’t speak up for themselves, therefore abusing an animal is inequitable. We all have a voice and can speak up if we are being hurt but animals cannot. The abuse of animals IS a crime. For animal cruelty in Canada, the law includes both summary and indictable charges. If…...
AbuseAnimal AbuseCrueltyPainSoul
watch Kevin Hart Laugh at My Pain online with dvd quality stuff to your pc
Words • 581
Pages • 3
What comes to your mind when you want to watch Restless movie online? Definitely you gonna search Google for discovering the link where you can stream directly without any problem. Well, if you want a website where you can watch full Restless online without any problem such as loading, quality (sound and video) as well buffering. Browse the high bit-rate buffering videos of Restless movie though . There are lots of movies as same as Restless even much more like…...
InternetPainPersonal ComputerQualities
How does the use of symbolism inform our understanding of the central female characters in the novels ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ and ‘Precious Bane’?
Words • 2176
Pages • 9
It is evident he central female characters' worlds revolve around their love of their surroundings and all nature has to offer. The many stages of their respective emotional journeys are often symbolised by the parts of the natural world and its beings that encircle them. The authors have examined their fragmented identities and unconscious fears, focusing on their inner worlds, which mirror the impressions of evocative physical landscapes. The use of symbolism allows us, the reader, to gain a much…...
Survival Through Suffering
Words • 1590
Pages • 7
A discussion of how the main characters from 'Crime and Punishment' and 'One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich' cope differently with each of their own sufferings.Survival Through Suffering How the main characters from 'Crime and Punishment' and 'One Day in the Life of I van Denisovich' cope differently to each of their own sufferings. Survival trough suffering is a general theme running through the novels. Different forms of survival occur because in different scenarios. In One Day in…...
Crime And PunishmentOne Day in the Life of Ivan DenisovichSufferingSurvival
Suffering in Shakespeare’s Plays
Words • 1884
Pages • 8
An analysis of the reponse of William Shakespeare's character's to physical and emotional suffering in his plays.How does suffering affect one's actions? Do different types of suffering affect one in different ways? This paper seeks to determine how William Shakespeare's character's respond to various types of suffering. Suffering can be defined in two ways; physical suffering, in which the character is inflicted with physical pain and trauma, and emotional suffering, where the character suffers an emotional trauma or loss. In…...
King LearOthelloPlaysShakespeareSufferingThe Tempest
Suffering in “Job” and “The Aeneid”
Words • 1019
Pages • 5
This paper compares the suffering in Virgil's "Aeneid " and "Job" from the Old Testament and concludes that Job's suffering was the most severe.The Meaning of Suffering in "Job" and "The Aeneid" Throughout Virgil1s Aeneid and Job from the Old Testament, great obstacles block the paths of the protagonists. Mental and physical, anguish is placed upon Job and Aeneas. Though both men suffer extreme pain, the extent and content of the tribulations are different. Job1s suffering is placed upon him…...
Soc 120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility/Healthcare
Words • 2424
Pages • 10
Our Right for Good Health Jason Daniel Kowalczyk SOC 120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility Joe Niehaus August 15, 2011 A doctor is familiar with something that many others may not be too familiar with, and that is the Hippocratic Oath. If you are to look at said oath, it says nothing about kickbacks from drug companies to push this new prescription. There is nothing about how expensive a treatment is, but what it does talk about caring for…...
EthicsHealth CareMedicinePainResponsibilityWorld Wide Web
A short story – Leukemia
Words • 1424
Pages • 6
I have scars on my body that will always remind me of a worst experience of my life. That day was November 1st, 1999 and it was the day I was told I have leukemia again. I was feeling terrible for a couple of days, and my body hurt to even be touched. I could not keep food or liquid down without throwing up. I remember feeling like I wished I was dead so that the pain would stop, not…...
CancerHealthI Stand Here IroningMedicinePainShort Story
Sample Speech About “Happiness”
Words • 631
Pages • 3
Classmates, Friends, teachers, ladies and gentleman, lend me your ears. I’m standing here in front of you to express my deep sympathy and sorrow to those people who commits suicide, to those who doesn't value their life and to those who is lives in their past. Ladies and gentleman, let me say this to you. That you can be happy if you will only choose to be. But if you choose to be sad and stay with all the negative…...
Saintly soul
Words • 754
Pages • 4
Mary Shelley builds up tension Even before the reader meet the monster, Mary Shelley builds up tension before its entrance. For example, "my candle was nearly burnt out" reinforces the nail-biting atmosphere and also comes back to the use of traditional Gothic. The readers' first impression of the monster is given from Victor's point of view and is therefore, slightly biased. Mary Shelley describes the monster as having a "shrivelled complexion and straight black lips" which automatically makes the reader…...
Reflexology Case Study
Words • 873
Pages • 4
Client B is 40 years old, happily married, with two children. She has an active lifestyle looking after her family as well as working part time in two shops in the village where she lives. In her spare time she enjoys taking part in aerobics classes. Medical History At the initial consultation, Client B revealed that she had not suffered any broken bones or been involved in any accidents. She had undergone two operations in 1998 - one for an…...
Case StudyHealthPain
Those qualities which made Othello heroic (or admirable or exceptional) also caused his suffering. To what extent is this statement true?
Words • 1678
Pages • 7
Tragedy is one of the oldest genres of drama, and has roots in Greek of antiquity. It has been practiced throughout the centuries. One such tragedy is William Shakespeare’s Othello, which follows the downfall of its eponymous tragic hero, Othello. However the definition of a tragic hero has changed throughout history, with many intellectuals offering their own opinions. On such man was A.C. Bradley, a renowned English literary scholar, remembered mainly for his analysis of the works of William Shakespeare.…...
OthelloQualitiesSufferingTrue Heroism
Presentation of Suffering
Words • 1292
Pages • 6
How does Owen convey the suffering of the soldiers in the Sentry and Dulce et Decorum est? In both the poems "The Sentry", and "Dulce et Decorum est", Wilfred Owen create a strong impression of the suffering of the soldiers involved, both at the time of the incidents portrayed, and the time lapsed since those incidents. Dulce et Decorum est tells the story of the death of one of Owen's men in a gas attack. In the first stanza, the use of…...
Dulce Et Decorum EstSuffering
Poetry Comparison
Words • 1258
Pages • 6
How is death portrayed in the poem 'White Roses' by Gillian Clarke and 'Mid Term Break' by Seamus Heaney. In this essay I hope to explore how death is portrayed in the poems 'White Roses' by Gillian Clarke and 'Mid Term Break' by Seamus Heaney. In the poems, death is portrayed quite differently, In 'White Roses' Gillian Clarke is inspired by nature whereas in 'Mid Term Break' Seamus Heaney talks about his own experiences of death. The title of the…...
Permanent & Painless Hair Removal at Home
Words • 495
Pages • 2
Today we are living in a modern age which is fast & where grooming is a very important aspect, for both the Men & Women. Personal hygiene & grooming is very important. Hair Free Skin is a very big issue in achieving bodily beauty. Be it facial hair in case of females or the back hair for men or the Unwanted Hair Removal from the legs in both Men & Women. Everyone wishes to have a clean & smooth, hair…...
Laser Hair Removal: Prerequisites for Painless Hair Removal Treatment
Words • 537
Pages • 3
Unwanted hair has been a problem for ages for women, which makes them conscious about their physical appearance. Traditional hair removal procedures like shaving, waxing, tweezing and electrolysis needs to be repeated every other day and requires hours of work to keep a check on hair growth. Even with so much effort, the results may cause nicks, bumps and burns. If these things are of concern to you than laser treatment for hair removal is the best option which is…...
Growing Pains
Words • 1882
Pages • 8
A discussion of Shakespeare's epic tragedy, "Hamlet", focussing on the theme of Hamlet's story of personal growth.GROWING PAINS In the epic tragedy Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, Prince Hamlet is entrapped in a world of evil that is not of his own creation. He must oppose this evil, which permeates his seemingly star-struck life from many angles. His dealings with his father's eerie death cause Hamlet to grow up fast. His family, his sweetheart, and his school friends all appear to…...
Gate Control Theory
Words • 480
Pages • 2
Gate Control Theory| Date of last revision July 26, 2011| Introductionwww. currentnursing. com * Gate control theory was described by Melzack and Wall in 1965. * This theory explains about a pain-modulating system in which a neural gate present in the spinal cord can open and close thereby modulating the perception of pain. * The gate control theory suggested that psychological factors play a role in the perception of pain. Terms * Pain - an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with…...
ControlNervous SystemPainTheory
Funeral Blues & The Triumph of Death
Words • 1156
Pages • 5
The title of the poem 'Funeral Blues' tells me that it has something to do with death straight away because of the word Funeral. As everyone knows this is associated with death. The word 'Blues' reminds me of death because I remember the sad kind of tune that Blues music conveys and it reminds me of a loss of something. 'Funeral Blues' is a negative sort of atmosphere. I feel this by the tone of voice the narrator uses and…...
DeathEnglish LanguageSuffering
Explore how Heaney writes about suffering in ‘Bye-Child’ and in one other poem of your choice
Words • 2519
Pages • 11
In both 'Bye-Child' and 'Limbo', Heaney concentrates mostly on pain and suffering of individuals who have been born into a world where they are not allowed to be seen or acknowledged. In both cases, these individuals are innocent children, who, unfortunately due to the rigid and uncompromising Catholic community, are forced into a life of deprivation and suffering. Bye-Child" is an amazing encapsulation of the thoughts and feelings that Seamus Heaney has towards mistreated and abused children, and the poem,…...
ChoiceExploreHuman NatureLovePoemsPoetry
Should Euthanasia be legal in Scotland?
Words • 1018
Pages • 5
People should have the right to control and choose whether they die or not. However I think they should be in a mentally fit state to do so. If they only have a couple of months to live and can feel the pain if they aren't injected day after day, then I think they should be given the chance to make decisions for themselves. It is after all their life, it belongs to them and the only judge the only…...
English is not their first language
Words • 1417
Pages • 6
  Both verbal and non verbal communication has been reported to convey care and reassurance to patients effectively (Fareed 1995). Facilitating therapeutic communication with patients has a positive impact on the patient's satisfaction of their care (Roter 2004) as patients perceptions of the outcomes of surgery are not simply based on its physical success, but also upon its psychosocial impact (Allan 2003). This is particularly relevant in a post operative setting where many patients undergo surgery which can be seen…...
Communication Cycle in Difficult, Complex and Sensitive Situations
Words • 997
Pages • 4
Develop your communication cycle to include an explanation of how the communication cycle may be used to communicate difficult, complex and sensitive issues. (M1) The communication cycle is a set of 6 stages that have to all be completed to ensure effective communication between people. Communication is a natural process and is easy for someone that has speech, hearing and eyesight. It is slightly more complex for those that have not got all 3 main communication skills but there are…...
Chronic Pain and their Misfortunes
Words • 315
Pages • 2
One of the fastest growing concerns of American people is how to address the chronic pain issue that is spreading like an epidemic. Today most of the Americans consult a doctor and put million of dollars in their pockets just to get rid of these chronic pains. According to recent statistics more than 70% million Americans, including 28% and 26% women face chronic pain and their misfortune is that it’s not the common pain that goes away in hours or…...
Black and White – Creative Writing
Words • 1498
Pages • 6
As I woke up on yet another hot sunny Saturday all I could hear was my mum and dad yelling at each other downstairs. I don't know how they can scream at each other so early in the morning! It was then that I made my decision; I wasn't going to stay in this house whilst they constantly argued with each other. I really don't know how my sisters put up with it! I dressed quickly but quietly and headed…...
Do Animals Feel Pain?
Words • 485
Pages • 2
This is in response to one of your articles, “Do animals feel pain” from your book about philosophical ideas. I was reading your book and some of the themes you wrote about are ones that have crossed my mind many times but there is no true answer to any of these questions. “Do Animals Feel pain” caught my attention as I’m a very passionate animal enthusiast and am part of a couple of animal activist groups and feel very strongly…...
Animal testing is a completely immoral and cruel act that we humans are committing
Words • 805
Pages • 4
Today, I read something horrific in the newspapers. I had heard briefly about this topic earlier, but now, after reading this article, my eyes have been opened to the reality of this inhumane act. Animal testing is a completely immoral and cruel act that we humans are committing. How is it right for us to take innocent lives of animals to test chemicals and other such materials? The animals are not the ones who are going to be the users…...
Animal TestingPain
Analysis of themes like suffering, religion and love in two different world literature novels
Words • 1351
Pages • 6
Pieces of world literature have many similarities and differences that exist due to the cultures and time periods or literary eras during which the books were written. In addition, the way the writer thinks and how he has lived his life will impact the treatment of these topics. The similarities in these books are generated because of themes that unite them, such as love, religion, trust, and friendship, which create the body of a story. Dostoyevsky and Voltaire are two…...
CandideCrime And PunishmentLoveNovelsReligionSalvation
Abortion and Euthanasia
Words • 1213
Pages • 5
I have been asked for this section of the coursework to describe the beliefs that Christians hold about their responsibilities for those at the beginning and at the end of their lives. As Christians we believe that Abortion and Euthanasia are wrong and that every persons' life begins at the moment of contraception and at ends at the moment of natural death. Life is sacred and holy and is a gift from God; we therefore as human beings have no…...
Definition of Suffering
Words • 1029
Pages • 5
Paper Type:Definition essays
People try their hardest to live life as happy as one can and so they take the most painless, effortless route that maintains the illusion of an easy life. It is this lifestyle that makes traumatic life moments much harder than it has to be. The persistence to avoid pain only hinders one from having complete mental health, and so ignoring suffering altogether only thrusts one into mental anguish. One can only survive the worst if one is disciplined, in…...
Should Abortion Be Legalized Or Not?
Words • 229
Pages • 1
Whether abortions should be legal or illegal has been a controversial topic around the world. Some people think that the illegalization of abortion should be an active law because of the misconceptions surrounding abortion. Contrarily, many others think that abortion should be legal because of the positive effects on both a woman's physical and mental state that significantly outweigh the few negatives. The reasons as to why abortion should be legalized is vast, but here are a few reasons why.…...
AbortionHealthPainShould Abortion Be LegalSocial Issues
Reality Technologies (Virtual/ Augmented/Mixed/Immerse)
Words • 860
Pages • 4
Introduction: Currently with the rise in population and innovations happening at rapid rate and gaining everyone's attention. And especially with booming technology field, humans are getting addicted to them and started developing FOMO (Fear of missing out). Which lead to stress, mental pressure. On addition with the changing lifestyle, it adds on extra mental tasks to deal with. So, to make themselves free from these kind of problems, Humans are always looking forward to different kind of alternative solutions. One…...
Sentimental Situations Automatically Drive Cognitive
Words • 537
Pages • 3
Sentimental situations automatically drive cognitive empathy. Compassion fatigue restricts and affects a specific mental, physical, and emotional ability to develop cognitive decisions. "Compassion fatigue: The cost of caring ", can simply be described as a vested decision to extend to help others while remaining sane. Constant exposure to traumatic situations affects the cognitive ability to unconsciously disassociate yourself therefore, seeking help is critical. Nurses' foster empathy and indirect result become unfocused, unbalanced, and become isolated and eventually change careers. Properly…...
Hispanic Culture and Childbirth
Words • 1863
Pages • 8
Abstract There is so many different cultures in Eastern Indiana. So many different beliefs and myths regarding pregnancy, prenatal care and childbirth. Hispanic culture has many different beliefs my different generations. Nurses must adapt to all the different cultures. You cannot provide care the same way to every person. Nurse need to know the different cultures in the area that they work and for whom they will care for. Not just the culture but their medical beliefs. Beliefs or Myths…...
CultureDiseaseHealthPainPregnancy And Childbirth
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How Medical Marijuana Works, and Which Conditions It Treats?
...The awareness of medical marijuana abuse should not equate prejudice in managing patients with cannabis treatment. Rather, a reinforcement to educate and counsel them for careful clinical interviewing and screening individuals for medical marijuana a...
How does the use of symbolism inform our understanding of the central female characters in the novels ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ and ‘Precious Bane’?
...Through studying each of the novels, it is clear that through the shrewd treatment of symbolism we are able to empathise with the central female characters to the extent that we consider them to be in true existence. We are able to connect with them ...
Those qualities which made Othello heroic (or admirable or exceptional) also caused his suffering. To what extent is this statement true?
...In summary, Othello possesses the exceptional qualities mentioned in A.C Bradley’s definition of a tragic hero. The qualities are valuable to him at the play’s beginning, but are turned against him. It is through Iago’s ambition to destroy the ...
Explore how Heaney writes about suffering in ‘Bye-Child’ and in one other poem of your choice
...The poem is divided into five stanzas, which reflects the ongoing pain and suffering felt by the mother as she is ducking her child under the water. There is also an enjambment in the last stanza, which gives power of emotion in the move between vers...

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