Master Your Future: Examples of Long-Term and Short-Term Goals to Help You Succeed

There are many personal and professional goals I have in life but it is very important to have specific short and long-term goals, they can be a great motivator for self-improvement Goals give you focus, motivation and allow you to measure progress.

One short-term goal of mine is to graduate from Tri-County Technical college is the fall of 2018. It isn’t easy working full time and also being a full-time student. At times I feel very overwhelmed and don’t know how I can keep up with both but then I take a minute and think about why I’m doing this and think about my future.

Setting goals give me the motivation and inspiration I need to achieve things in life, it gives me a concrete endpoint to aim for and get excited about. it. A few things I do to make sure I balance both and school and work are building a support system and staying focused on the finish line Being able to talk to my family and friends and listening to their advice really helps me.

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Another short-term goal of mine is to receive a raise within three months at my new job. I am dependable and a very hard worker, I make sure I am always there on time and go out of my way to make sure customers are happy and satisfied. I plan on keeping my short-term goals achievable rewarding myself for small victories and remaining flexible. Short-term goals should be small attainable steps that lead to your long-term goal, they should be motivational and encouraging that keep you motivated and on track.

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I believe it is very important to reward yourself when a short-term goal is met this is a victory and should be celebrated. Flexibility is very impotent also when looking at short-term goals, reaming flexible will help me change my goals according to the situation.

There are many reasons it is important to have long-term goals also. Having long-term goals lets you see the” Big Picture” and a long-term positive impact. My first long-term goal is to become a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative This job would offer great salary potential, benefits, flexibility and opportunity growth. I am organized goal driven and motivated. I believe this would be a great job for me. My second-long term goal is to buy a house this will take time and there will be many step I need to follow including obtaining credit report and scores, saving for a down payment and also increasing gross income. Achieving long tem goals can be difficult for many different reasons. Lack of commitment is a huge factor in the success of long-term goals, I plan on doing some research and thinking about the tasks and the steps I am going to have to take to achieve my goals. Another factor that can make long-term goals difficult would be focusing to heavily on the result. It is important to stay focused and break long-term goals into mini goals. Expecting immediate results with also make long-term goals difficult to accomplish. You should be realistic and realize the results will not happen overnight. I also believe it is very impotent to set “SMART “goals. I ask myself questions such as What exactly do I want to achieve? When? And with whom? The more specific your descriptive is the bigger chance you will achieve your goals. The best way to ensure tour goals fits your values is to make sure you “FOCUS” Your goals must fit your values and who you are as a person. You should own your goal and make sure it’s not someone else’s goal. Make sure it is concreating and you are able to describe your goal in detail. Make sure your goal serves a purpose and are useful. You should also make sure you have stretch goals. These will require you to stretch beyond your usual limits to achieve something more challenging.

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Master Your Future: Examples of Long-Term and Short-Term Goals to Help You Succeed

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