Long and Short Term Goals Paper Essay

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Long and Short Term Goals Paper

I picked this theme for my first essay because it goes in tune with why we are all pursuing our education. I believe that everyone that what’s to feel accomplishment in live needs to have a short and long term goals. It is our driving force of what we want to become and where we want to be in any given point of our life and careers. We cannot just go through the motion of doing something, because we will never achieve what we want or who we want to become. We have to map out our goals in life, no matter what they are.

My specific goal (both short and long term) is to obtain my BBA. Although for most it might not be that much since more and more professionals have at least two BBA’s and a Master degree, for me this is what I have always wanted. There have been too many detours in my life that have kept me from obtaining my BBA. I have made this what I want for my own self satisfaction. This is my holy grail until I graduate from University of Phoenix within the next two years.

I have set my time for my assignments and study time in order to obtain my BBA. At least 4 or 5 times during the week I will go over my assignments so that I understand each subject correctly and it also helps me prepare for any upcoming tests. I have made my family part of my goal so that they understand how important this is to me and why I need to have my time to study and read. For this goal to come true, I have identified a space in my home where I can concentrate and do my assignments without any interruptions. I believe that everyone should have a private area where they can retreat work on whatever project they have with as little interruptions as possible.

Since part of my long term goal is to graduate with a GPA of 4.00, it is important to be able to maintain my dedication to my schedule and not deviate from it. I have to maintain my focus on this objective and try to do my best. I also want to continue my education towards my Master’s degree. If I keep to my action plan and keep this objective in mind, I know that I will achieve all my goals. You have to identify your objective, map out your goal and then go for it with all your dedication and will and never look back. Everything is possible in life if you keep at it and never give in to the easy things in life. Anything worth having will always be the most difficult to obtain.

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