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“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall,” is a quote by Nelson Mandela, which represents what is needed in order to enjoy success in capturing or living a dream, a hope or a goal.

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What the quote means, is that in order for one to receive satisfaction, one must be able to overcome failure to achieve success instead of never failing. People don’t ever look at failing as a positive.

Instead, they always looked at it as a negative. In reality, people who have never failed will never learn the importance rising after we fall.

This quote from Nelson Mandela makes real good sense. If it wasn’t for that type of thinking South Africa will not be where it’s at today. It was his strive to overcome prison and all types of adversity, that South Africa is what it is today. Being able to climb back up and succeed after failure is the only way of really achieving success in capturing a dream, a hope or a goal.

By following the quote, Nelson Mandela was able to be the first colored president of South Africa and changed the way politics were handled. If he would have given up after he was thrown in prison, he wouldn’t have gotten South African to where it is today. It was his strive to get back up on his feet and fight for what he believed in that got him to where he was.

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If he was not able to rise after he fell, where would South Africa be right now? No one person can succeed by staying on the top or no one person can succeed by staying on the bottom. There is a saying that best describes this, which is “what goes up must come down.” Typically when people come down it’s hard for them to ever go back up. With Nelson’s quote, to truly enjoy success for a dream, a hope or goal, one has to be able to get back on their feet after they have failed. Without failure, there will be no success.

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