Analyzing My Signature Themes Based On Clifton Strengths Assessment

The first of the five dominant themes relating to me is Harmony. Harmony is temporarily putting aside our stern beliefs and values to concur with one another. Harmony is knowing “there is little to be gained from conflict and friction, so you seek to hold them to a minimum”. I agree with this result, it relates to me considerably. I always tend to accept others views and never argue mine is more correct than theirs. I never thought of this as one of my strengths, I just thought of it as one of my qualities but never as an asset, I could use to my advantage.

“You can’t quite believe how much time is wasted by people trying to impose their views on others. Wouldn’t we all be more productive if we kept our opinions in check and instead looked for consensus and support?”. When reading this, I was astonished at how accurate it is to how I feel.

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It took my thoughts and put it into words that I didn’t know how to say. I’ve seen this quality come into play in my life when I was at school working in a group project, 2 of the members were arguing over the ideas they had and believed the group should follow what they had proposed. I was able to create a compromise where both member’s ideas were included and gave satisfaction to all members.

Along with harmony, another dominant strength of mine is individualization. This strength disregards general stereotypes; instead of looking at the overall outlook of an individual, it focuses on “what is special and distinct about each person”.

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I agree with this as one of my strengths although I also did not think of it as so, I was aware I have this quality since I can get a feel of what each person I talk to is like. “You know instinctively that the secret to great teams is casting by individual strengths so that everyone can do a lot of what they do well. ” I have experienced this when in a group of members that I know enough about, I believe dividing our work equally based on each person’s strength would be more efficient than assigning general tasks to everyone.

In relation to this theme explaining why I pick my friends just the right birthday gift, or in this case I and my friends were just doing a gift exchange. I was able to find the perfect gift to suit each one of my friends within the same price range. For example, I know one of my friends likes Star Wars and she wanted a hand blender, while I was shopping for another gift, I found a Star Wars themed hand blender on sale, so I got it, and when I gave it to her she loved it!

Another one of my strengths is Empathy, it allows me to sense what people around me are feeling and lets me see the world in their perspective” I agree with this, I know I understand why people do certain things based on their experience and emotions. I “do not necessarily condone the choices each person makes, but” I “do understand. ” Immediately after reading this, I was able to connect it to a recent event that occurred, I was about to rent a room in an apartment but before giving my deposit, the landlord informed me she could not afford to rent it to me at the agreed price. Despite the fact she wasted both of our time and disregarded her own agreement. I still understood why she did so, the apartment was expensive, and she was a student herself, so she wasn’t able to lower the price. This shows that I am empathetic.

The next of my strengths is being a developer. A developer is someone who sees “the potential in others”, and challenges others to new experiences and new successes. I’m not sure whether I fully agree with this as one of my strengths. I know I possess some of these qualities, but I am not entirely sure how I would “devise interesting experiences that can stretch them and help them grow”. I know collogues will seek me “for help and encouragement because on some level they know that” my “helpfulness is genuine and fulfilling”. An advice I gave to a friend was helping her figure out what program to go into, as she was not interested in the one she was currently attending. I helped her realize she should attend the open houses for the program she was looking into to get a better sense of which one she will enjoy.

The last of my 5 strengths is restorative. Being restorative is essentially the enjoyment of solving problems; simple or complex. I agree with being restorative because it relates to solving puzzles, which I enjoy doing such as games and escape rooms. My “exact preferences are determined by other themes and experiences. But what is certain is” I “enjoy bringing things back to life”. I found this to be true since my dream job is to be a paramedic, which has this strength as an important factor.

A recent success I had was getting my CPR and first-aid certificate. I used most, if not all my themes somehow in this course including; Harmony, Individualization, Empathy, Developer, Restorative. Harmony temporarily disregards personal beliefs to get along with one another. The first thing taught in the course was no matter who the person who needs help may be, to always put away our personal views and step in to help. Individualization; which focuses solely on the person rather than a general whole, can be used in this instance to look at that individual’s distinct needs. It can also be used when coming across a crisis, to direct each person at the area of the incident on what they can to help the person in need. For example, one person who is good at communicating can be talking to the 911 operator about the situation, another person who is trained in CPR can be providing medical assistance. In relation with harmony, empathy can be used in the same way, I may not feel sympathy for the person, but that will not stop me from helping them. Just as, the person who founded Red Cross provided medical aid to a soldier from the enemy’s side. In the course, we were grouped in pairs to read a medical topic in the First-aid book, and then present the idea to the rest of the class.

As a developer; someone who encourages others to new successes. I supported my partner to be more confident during the presentation as she wasn’t as fluent in English, so she was having trouble presenting the concepts, but my encouragement helped her.

Lastly, being restorative meaning “you enjoy the challenge of analyzing the symptoms, identifying what is wrong, and finding the solution”. Associating with the course, the main concept of CPR and first aid, is resolving the medical issue and finding a way to bring the person back to what is considered normal health. Overall, I learnt and practiced all my themes in some correlation with the CPR course.

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Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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