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What Are Your Signature Strengths?

Based on my opinion, I believe life is all about being able to perceive our own qualities and strength which will guide us to be a better person by having positive abilities and skills that can help us attain our objectives. Knowing ourselves and our abilities can help us to identify and overcome our deficiencies. Strength is characterized as a unique characteristic that generates every single individual different upon each other. Everyone has their own strength which makes them valuable for who they really are.

My top five strengths which were resulted from VIA Inventory was hope where I tend to accept that a favorable forthcoming is something that can be brought about and expecting the best in the future and working my best to achieve it, kindness by doing good actions and favors for others without expecting for personal gains, fairness were dealing with all the individuals with the same manner according to notions of fairness and equity by giving everyone a fair chance, spirituality through having convictions about the meaning of life that shape conduct and gives consolation and lastly appreciation of beauty and excellence by noticing and appreciating beauty, greatness and talented execution in different spaces of life.

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After having a short discussion with my family members regarding the strength which they uphold, I had to make a conclusion that some of us do share the same pattern in terms of character strength. My family tree begins with my father who is more prone to justice and courage as he has a leadership strength where he always tends to encourage us to do things done no matter how difficult it could be, he is a very brave person where he never falls of from hazards although the challenges he faced could be unbearable.

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Next will be my mother who is more to humanity and transcendence as there was always a delicacy and giving nature about her, and she always makes others feel special by showing kindness every single time without failing. Her genuineness to assist others is something that I always wanted to internalize. My mother is also a person who hopes in every situation where she beliefs that we have to forecast the best for our future and we have to put in more effort to accomplish it. I tend to hope easily could be the reason of my mother raising me precisely. Erik Erikson’s first stage tells us that if there is constant care from the caregiver, the infant will develop a sense of trust which will eventually lead to the virtue of hope. Next, my elder sister’s strength could be similar to my father as she is brave and she accesses everything she does with enthusiasm and efficiency. Lastly, will be my middle sister, who is more careful in any circumstances and has good self-regulation. She tends to react to the continuous demands of experience with the extend of her feelings.

Based on this outcome, I can sense that I do have some strengths which none of my family members have. My family are my pillar of strength especially my mother. My mother always encourages me in every situation I undergo. Besides that, I can even say, she always helped me a lot to develop my strengths by boosting me up when I help someone or when I work really hard to achieve something for the future. I believe I do can use my strength together in order to make my relationship with my family even better than before. One of the ways can be through showing experiential empathy. I used to take on all the things that my mother does in a day a few times and I find how troublesome it is to manage both the home and to take care of my family, from this way I have a stronger appreciation on my mother for how much work she needs to do. While she always feels grateful to have me by her side for reducing her burdens. Moreover, I tend to react fairly to most of the situations I and my sisters face. One of the examples can be whenever my mother could not pick up my sister from work because she had to pick me up, I tend to react fairly by asking my mother to pick up my sister first while I will take her to come back home. We tend to react fairly by taking turns on this decision.

From all of my five strengths, kindness could be my signature strength. The reason for me picking it as my top five strength is because I likely to receive more praise regarding my kindness from others whether it is from my family members, friends or even outsiders. To me, kindness is not only thinking about it or even communicating about it, kindness is learned through feeling it so that it can be produced in us naturally. I am thankful for my mom as she has passed her inherited kindness for others on to me. Helping others makes me feel happy and it also builds a momentous development of life satisfaction ( Buchanan, K. E., & Bardi, A., 2010). Opening my heart to others and telling them I value them is something I treasure apart. Being kind is not as it is helping others but is added to understand the moral framework of society and the role and influence in which we play. Greeting everyone with a smile, telling others how much means they are in my life, donating blood when I am physically ready, thanking my parents for all the sacrifices they had made for me, and helping anyone who came to be and ask for help is simply what I call myself of being kind and what I tend to keep it as my strength.

Being kind not only made me feel happy but it also helped me a lot to achieve my goals in life. I used to set my personal goals every year and will always try my best to achieve it. Some of my goals are as simple as seeing others smiling because of me and so on. With this signature strength I have with me, I gravitate to achieve my goal easily by being kind to others by naturally returning the lost items to the owner, telling compliments to my friends or family for their achievements and etc.

In conclusion, it is my aspiration that all these qualities I possess will proceed to make me a better person throughout my life and after that eventually make me a beneficial person for society.

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