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The Effect of Hope Therapy in Hope of Diabetic Patients
Words • 615
Pages • 3
Hope therapy increases the motivation and behavioral changes in diabetic patients. Hope increases the mental efficacy and patient able to better understand in taking decision. LITERATURE SEARCH Most of the study shows that 80% patients are highly affected from diabetes due to lack of hope therapy. 45% are not participating in self care behaviors with diabetes which are not predicting good outcomes. Results revealed that 50% are in psychosis not have good healthy eating, physically energetic, monitoring of blood sugar,…...
Hope: The Essence of Life
Words • 903
Pages • 4
Hope is a universal thing. Spanning across every country to every continent. Infused in every culture, language, and belief system. Hope is why people wake up every morning. It is the essence of life that gives the positive mind power. But the question to be asked is how does a person maintain and manage such a flimsy yet powerful thing like hope? How through all the suffering and injustice does a person maintain hope in times of hardships? As individuals…...
HopeNight By Elie Wiesel
Meaning of Hope in Dante’s Inferno
Words • 2684
Pages • 11
A common topic among numerous schools of thought is notion of hope. Because of this, hope can be defined in several ways, including psychologically, philosophically, and religiously. However, in his novel, Inferno, Dante almost exclusively takes a religious, namely Christian, standpoint on hope and despair. Dante’s work brings forth an important discussion on the subject of meaning and how it relates to hope. One way to define hope is psychologically. According to W.W. Meissner on page 17 of his 1973…...
Book ReviewDanteHope
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Definition of Term Hope
Words • 507
Pages • 3
The dictionary describes hope as the “feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”. It is refreshing to know we all have the freedom to choose and believe in what makes the most sense in our ideology of life. Across all race, sex, age, class, religion or political aspect, we are all able to believe in our own hope without being judged. Everyone is able to find hope, it is the reason we are able to endure…...
Never Lose Hope — as Hope Sustains Life: George Washington Carver’s Legacy
Words • 804
Pages • 4
“When there is no vision, there is no hope.” - George Washington Carver. An acclaimed man of science, George Washington Carver was a trailblazer for the black men and women who would follow in his footsteps and pursue higher education. He was motivated from a young age and had ambition. In everything he did, he wanted to excel. George Washington Carver was born a slave in 1964 right before slavery was abolished in 1965. Throughout his life, he stayed hopeful…...
HopeHope Sustains LifeInspiration
Finding Hope When Life’s Not Fair
Words • 456
Pages • 2
Life is unfair, and it is the fact. Observe how love always comes in pain, how smiles always ends up in tears and how happiness turns into sorrow. How many lives are suffering from poverty? just because of the corruption.Some government officials are corrupting the money for themselves, they can enjoy that money even though it was not from their sweat and own bloods and hardships. How many people are homeless? life is too unfair, some are sleeping across the…...
HopeHope Sustains Life
Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverence
Words • 2464
Pages • 10
One problem our society lives with is the rigid mindset we have, believing that achievement lays in the power of talent or chance and we end up neglecting the real reason why people achieve success: long-term perseverance and passion. GRIT by Angela Duckworth is a book which talks about these principles beside some others like persistence, taking action after failure or hardworking, which she called more simply: GRIT. The book explains where grit comes from, how it can be developed…...
The Christmas Hope
Words • 571
Pages • 3
It was December, the snow was as white as a snowshoe hare, the air crisp and filled with dancing flakes. On the last day of class, a small boy sat, staring intensely at the minister. He was to visit each class and ask the kids what they wanted for Christmas. Each wrote their response on a piece of paper that the minister took and would read next Sunday, and the Sunday after. The boy put his in the small box…...
Hope – Essential to Succeeding Happily in Life
Words • 674
Pages • 3
I believe there are several possible areas of focus for Hope. From how Hope has described why she has chosen to pursue counseling, I think the most important area to her would be to address her feelings of loneliness. In addition to loneliness, we could focus on her possible anxiety (“freaking out”) related to not finding a job, her apparent conflict with her step-mom (“don’t get me started on her”), and her thought of “being stuck with my parents forever”.…...
Cognitive Behavioral TherapyHopeLonelinessPsychology
The Hope in “The Shawshank Redemption”
Words • 1240
Pages • 5
Hope is an important quality in our life because it is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, hope is not just a feel-good emotion, but a dynamic cognitive motivational system. Hope allows people to approach any obstacle that may come on their way on achieving what they desire or what they want in life with a mindset and strategy set suitable to success, that leads to their learning goals, which is conducive to growth…...
HopePhilosophyPsychologyShawshank Redemption
Hope and Alderian’s Theory
Words • 2190
Pages • 9
It allows one to a look into the future with the ability to be encouraged (Barclay, 2016). Hope is an indispensable factor in psychoanalysis. It's tenure rather by client or psychotherapist alike is essential for encouraging ambition in therapy. Within this paper the research surrounding hope will be enlightened. The meaning of hope will be described, defined and examined. A brief discussion of hope; its major tenets and process of change and its aspect within Adlerian theory will be deliberated.…...
HopeMental HealthPhilosophyPsychology
Adversity in “Indian Horse”: Story of Difficulties and Misfortune
Words • 1202
Pages • 5
Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us everything but the things that cannot be torn so that we may see ourselves for what we really are. Adversity suggests difficulties, trouble and trauma as it tests our potential and strengthens our sense of self-confidence. In the novel Indian Horse written by Richard Wagamese, there are many situations where the main character Saul Indian Horse is forced to overcome the adversity that once destroyed his spirit and made…...
What Are Your Signature Strengths?
Words • 1098
Pages • 5
Based on my opinion, I believe life is all about being able to perceive our own qualities and strength which will guide us to be a better person by having positive abilities and skills that can help us attain our objectives. Knowing ourselves and our abilities can help us to identify and overcome our deficiencies. Strength is characterized as a unique characteristic that generates every single individual different upon each other. Everyone has their own strength which makes them valuable…...
AppreciationFairnessHopeKindnessPay It ForwardStrengths
The Duchess of Malfi
Words • 396
Pages • 2
In this instance, the Duchess is literally raising Antonio, but metaphorically raising his social status to her level, although this does still not comply with her brothers' standards or the conventions of that society. Overall, the opening scene of the play does not look particularly promising as although there are signs of hope in the love between Antonio and the Duchess, the corruption of the other characters makes it seem inconsequential. Webster has thus introduced a court in which malevolence…...
HopeMurderThe Duchess of Malfi
“The Color Purple” by Alice Walker
Words • 667
Pages • 3
The use of the present for past events such as "I say" instead of I said and the absence of speech punctuation also continues to give the novel the feeling of a play script. This first person narrative gives a sense of intimacy and immediacy with events in the novel and Walker continues to gain the closeness of the reader with Celie right until the novel's conclusion. Walker continues through her use of the epistolary form, which has connotations of a…...
Alice WalkerHopeLoveThe Color Purple
The Poem My Only Hope Of Survival English Literature Essay
Words • 1057
Pages • 5
Poetry is one of the literacy art which has a difference between other literacy work. Unlike other work, it 's signifier is written independently, as distinct verse forms, or may happen in concurrence with other humanistic disciplines, as in poetic play, anthem, wordss, or prose poesy. Subject is ever be the chief and the most purpose of composing literacy, so it brings moral, and lesson to the reader, when reading the verse form, the reader normally have to believe profoundly…...
AdolescenceEnglishHopeLife of PiLiteraturePoems
The Self-help Craze: Motivational Speakers And Solutions They Sell
Words • 3679
Pages • 15
"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me," says Guy Smiley as he looks at himself in the mirror. This is how each Guy Smiley skit opened on Saturday Night Live, with actor Mike Myers playing Smiley. The character is a comic interpretation of a motivational guru, who tried to use mantras like the one above to over come insecurities. Although Smiley is fictional, the self-help genre Myers was making fun of has been growing…...
FaithHopePersuasionSelf Motivation
“The Flowers” and “Shaving”
Words • 909
Pages • 4
In "The Flowers" and "Shaving" both authors at the beginning of both stories use symbols about joy and happiness, these symbols change during the stories. It's like a parabola beginning with joy, it gets to a maximum point that's the climax and then it declines to sadness, help and mercy. Symbols in the story are small details that give the reader an implicit idea of innocence, happiness or melancholy. This ideas makes the audience fell as if they were inside…...
Different Types Of FlowersHope
Out of the Blue Reading Impressions
Words • 1621
Pages • 7
I feel that the main emotions in this Out of the Blue extract are hope, fear and despair. There are multiple main emotions in this poem because as the poem goes on, the emotions of the narrator vary. He starts out with hope that he'll be rescued, goes on to fear the ferocity of the fire and in the end, falls into the despair that he will not survive. The first emotion used in the extract is hope. This is…...
Hopelessness Concept Paper
Words • 2444
Pages • 10
Hopelessness: A Concept Analysis by Linda Gouthro A Paper Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for NU 607 Critical Analysis of the Scientific Underpinnings of Advanced Nursing Practice University of South Alabama College of Nursing Fall 2010 Hopelessness: A Concept Analysis Introduction Paragraph: Hopelessness is a familiar term generally used to denote a negative emotional state. Despite frequent use of the term in the English language, conveying what might be considered a simplistic idea, hopelessness as a concept is…...
American LiteraturesHealthHope
“Casablanca” and “1984”
Words • 917
Pages • 4
A comparative analysis of the film "Casablanca" and the book "1984" by George Orwell How can a hero survive in a world gone mad? Both Casablanca, the classic 1940s film, and hailed as the greatest movie ever by some, and 1984, a piece of classic literature by George Orwell, also seen as being one of the most important novels of the 20th century, revolve around a world in chaos, where no one trusts anybody else, and a war wages on…...
How does Bronte present Hopes and Fears in Chapters 1-9 of Jane Eyre?
Words • 1812
Pages • 8
Bronte makes Jane's childhood very vivid to the reader. Childhood is an important stage of any person's life, it prepares them for adulthood. Jane's childhood comprises only one sixth of the book yet it is the most important part. We learn how her hopes and fears take over her mind. Jane is treated unfairly by her Aunt Reed and bullied by her cousin John. Jane's fears have an impact on the reader, who feels sympathy towards her and hope that…...
HopeJane Eyre
Analyse Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech
Words • 1236
Pages • 5
King was a clergyman who employed non-violent methods to achieve an advancement of Civil Rights, not just in USA but around the world. He became an icon of modern American liberalism due to his flair for motivating his audiences into action and this was recognised by him being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. His father was also a Baptist preacher so it isn’t surprising to see that it impacts his choice of language. He was already accustomed to forming a…...
HopeI Have a DreamMartin Luther KingMartin Luther ReformationNonviolence
Perceived Social Support, Coping Strategies And Hope Among Mothers Of Autistic Children
Words • 723
Pages • 3
Experts estimate that there is autism in every 2-6 children out of every 1000. In India the prevalence rate of autism is 1 in 250 and 10 million people in India are currently suffering. Autism is a developmental disability marked by an impaired development in social interactions and communication (Quinn & Malone, 2000). Autism is a serious developmental disorder presenting itself at an early stage of life. Autism is defined by low social functioning, impairment in communication, and aggressive and…...
AutismChildrenHealthHopeMental HealthNervous System
Roll Jordan Roll: A Community in Song and Sound
Words • 1112
Pages • 5
Singing Roll Jordan Roll was clearly a way that slaves stayed hopeful throughout unimaginable hardship, but this song is more than a symbol of hope or perseverance. It is a symbol of faith. Roll Jordan Roll is the embodiment of African American spirituality and demonstrates the unwavering belief held by the slaves that after the trials they endure throughout their lifetime, God will lovingly accept them into paradise. It is noteworthy that while the title of the song is Roll…...
Our Dreams and Hope
Words • 187
Pages • 1
We all have dreams, don't we? Imagine if my dream would come true one day. If by some miracle I became the Minister of Education I would bring many changes in the education system of my country, Ukraine. Prior to doing it, let's step back and understand what is education and why does it play such an important role in our life. Education is defined in multiple ways. Some dictionaries define it as an enlightening experience, some simply as knowledge…...
Hope is essential to succeeding happily in life It allows one to
Words • 2201
Pages • 9
Hope is essential to succeeding happily in life. It allows one to a look into the future with the ability to be encouraged (Barclay, 2016). Hope is an indispensable factor in psychoanalysis. It's tenure rather by client or psychotherapist alike is essential for encouraging ambition in therapy. Within this paper the research surrounding hope will be enlightened. The meaning of hope will be described, defined and examined. A brief discussion of hope; its major tenets and process of change and…...
HopeLifeMental Health
Sadako And A Thousand Paper Crane
Words • 693
Pages • 3
Desmond Tutu once said, "Hope is the ability to see the light despite all of the darkness." This may be interpreted as hope is the belief that things will turn out for the best. Hope is a virtue that can be found in the book Sadako and a thousand paper cranes. Hope should not be confused with the word faith. Hope can be defined in many ways. As defined in the dictionary, hope is a feeling of expectation and desire…...
BooksFaithGone With The WindHopeHope And FaithLiterature
Biblical Story of Saul
Words • 1482
Pages • 6
Story of Saul from how he witnesses the death of Stephen and how fierce he is upon Christian; he met the Lord as god asked him as why would Saul hurt Him. God put upon him with no sight and no water to drink. And God told Ananias to see Saul to put away his pain as Saul had a vision and epiphany. As God say to Ananias that Saul choose for, he will spread to good news of the…...
QUESTION 1 365 WORDSNowadays good health plays a prestigious role
Words • 1440
Pages • 6
QUESTION 1 (365 WORDS)Nowadays, good health plays a prestigious role in modern society with a strong relationship between preserving a physically healthy way of life and optimum performance. However, this is not only an element of positive health that is mandatory for the proper functioning of a human's body. According to WHO [world health organization] announce that health is more than the absence of diseases or disability as it also embraces mental and social wellbeing (mental health and the mental…...
Being Mortal
Words • 892
Pages • 4
Nowadays, modern medicine expands the human lifespan in such a way that the ordinary time of a human is longer today than it ever has before. These changes have happened alongside the growth and the expansion of the world. The modern response to aging and dying around the globe is usually humane and dignified, however, as Atul Gawande says in his book Being Mortal, "what is a life worth without a sense of purpose?" Gawande shares the dark picture of…...
Author’s Bindings
Words • 2198
Pages • 9
To Langston Hughes, Harlem was much more than just a geographical location, for the author the city was an entity in itself. During the rebirth of Harlem, there was electricity, a resonance that was clear to those residing there. Harlem was the centre of black life in New York City. It was alive with jazz and importantly the mood was one of progress, hope, and possibility. Harlem was its own music, its own place and Hughes and others were well…...
Book ReviewHopeLangston HughesMusicNovelsPoems
We Can do is Hope for the Best – Personal Story
Words • 479
Pages • 2
We will see what happens with time, but for now, I am happy with my new life·. well that's what I thought. I am Fritz Pfeiffer, from Germany, 17 years old and my great grandfather gave me this dairy before he died. I came to Australia for a new and better life with no pain or conflict. A year ago, I got onto a plane with my family excited to see what was ahead, knowing what I know now maybe…...
Romance in the Middle Ages
Words • 1171
Pages • 5
Romance in the Middle Ages The middle ages are not typically a time remembered for their epic romances. Usually when the middle ages are discussed or thought of it is knights, wars, and religion that come to mind. Love stories in the middle ages were full of passion and sorrow between the two lovers whether it be husband and wife or a scandalous affair. Chevrefoil tells a tale of forbidden love that ends tragically. While The Wife's Lament speaks of…...
HopeLoveMiddle Ages
English 30-1 PRT
Words • 854
Pages • 4
We live our life through actions and decisions. Humans all around the world face obstacles and challenges that must be conquered in order to become better and stronger. Our actions dictate own life and we live according to our actions. Throughout our journey of life we will face forces that constrain or strengthen our decisions that guides us through existence. We live influenced by own beliefs and values. These principles we hold dear to our heart's steer us to a…...
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian: Background and Main Characters
Words • 687
Pages • 3
In the 1900's, many Indians were abused. In the novel "The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Sherman Alexie explains the difficulties in the narrator, Junior's, life as an indian. His hope is encouraged by Junior's past teacher, Mr. P, telling him to go to Reardan because he will not have the life he wants on the reservation. However, he encounters many difficulties throughout his times, but that does not stop him from going to Reardan, an all…...
CharacterHopeSherman AlexieThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Faith Is Being Sure Of What We Hope
Words • 2565
Pages • 11
Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This is a big part of believing in God and even life itself. We have faith in everything from a car not stopping in the middle of the interstate, to the roof on are house not toppling down on us as were sitting on our couch. We don’t personally go and check every bolt and screw on an airplane before we let a…...
FaithFaith In GodHope
A Detailed Description of the Kipande House
Words • 1212
Pages • 5
Hope, a word used all too commonly but not defined very clearly. When someone hopes for something, they wish for it, but they have some idea that their wish might happen. Many things have been accomplished because of hope, people resort to hope when they have nothing else to go to. People hope their mother's gets better, people hope they get the Job, they hope for many things and do not even realize that they make these things happen. People…...
HopeHouseOprah Winfrey
Nicholas James Vujicic: Message of Hope
Words • 290
Pages • 2
And when we lose meaning, we lose hope. Nick Vujicic has found his purpose in life. He encourages people all around the world to never give up. It is frame of mind that shapes a person’s future. Nicholas James "Nick" Vujicic was born 4 December 1982. He is a Serbian Australian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. As a child, he struggled mentally and emotionally as well…...
“Work without Hope” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Words • 1429
Pages • 6
The title Nectar in a Sieve is taken from the final lines of a famous poem "Work without Hope" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834). This poem mainly focuses about humankind's relationship with the natural world, which I believe is one of the main themes in this novel. This novel unravels the bonds between family traditions in a growing India, conflicts between a traditional agricultural and industrial society, importance of traditional cultural practices, people's reluctance to change, and the impact of…...
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Finding Hope When Life’s Not Fair
...That is why most of us are saying, *Sana all* we are not saying that to mean that we are insecure of other's happiness, but to express that we have the hope that someday our wishes will be finally granted by the Lord, and we will have everything that...
What Are Your Signature Strengths?
...Being kind not only made me feel happy but it also helped me a lot to achieve my goals in life. I used to set my personal goals every year and will always try my best to achieve it. Some of my goals are as simple as seeing others smiling because of m...
How does Bronte present Hopes and Fears in Chapters 1-9 of Jane Eyre?
...As a reader I felt sorry for her. She probably thought that she was the reason everyone died. Helen died from typhus; she was not the only child in Lowood School to die. Helen and Jane could relate to each other because they did not have anyone else ...
Faith Is Being Sure Of What We Hope
...One of the many immense things about Heaven is there is never a time when God runs out of rooms. (John 14:2) “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you.” God does not send only the best people, that have grea...

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