The Hope and Hard Work in Deborah Ellis’s The Breadwinner

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Chapter 14 and 15 of the novel, The Breadwinner, tells us that nothing is impossible when you work together and keep believing. In this section, Parvana finds a girl named Homa in the streets and she brings her home. Homa’s family was killed by the Taliban in Mazar-e-Sharif, which is where the rest of Parvana’s family is. After hearing this news, Parvana was depressed but Shauzia helped her get back up. Even though Homa lost her family, Parvana and Mrs. Weera cared for her and gave her a home.

After this, Parvana’s father is released from prison and Parvana and Mrs. Weera nurse him back to health. Parvana and her father make plans to go to Mazar-e-Sharif to look for the rest of the family. Parvana plants flowers at her usual spot in the market to say goodbye to the Window Woman who gave Parvana little gifts. An old man helps Parvana plant the flowers when everyone else criticizes her.

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Shauzia tells Parvana that she is leaving for France, and the girls are hopeful that they will see each other again. Mrs. Weera and Homa plan to go to Pakistan together. Parvana and her father set off for Mazar, hopeful that they will find their family. Even though she is scared about what she will find, Parvana has a lot of support and she remains hopeful.

After reading this section, I feel bad for Homa who lost her entire family and her home. I actually think it is funny how Parvana becomes depressed and refuses to get up, just like her mother.

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I am very glad that Parvana’s father is alive and that he has been released from prison. I hope that Shauzia, Mrs. Weera, and Homa will be okay. I hope that the rest of Parvana’s family is okay wherever they are. I realize that I am very lucky to have a loving family and friends who will support me through everything, just like Parvana has her friends and family.

I predict that when they arrive in Mazar-e-Sharif, Parvana and her father will get arrested by the Taliban. I predict that they will be put in prison and they will find the rest of the family there in prison. I think that Parvana will help her family escape from prison. Once they are out of prison, they will hide from the Taliban. After getting out of Mazar, they will escape to a refugee camp and live there.

I would like to say to Parvana, stay strong. I hope you find your family safe and sound. I’m so glad your father is alive. You should never give up hope. To Shauzia, I would like to say, I know how you feel about wanting to be free. I hope you get to France and I hope that you and Parvana will see each other again. To Parvana’s father, I would like to say, I am so glad that you are alive. Parvana really needed you around. To Parvana’s family, I want to say, I hope you are okay. Don’t give up hope, Parvana is coming to rescue you.

After reading this section, there are some questions that I have. I want to know if Parvana’s family is in prison. Are they in a refugee camp? I wonder if Shauzia will meet Mrs. Weera and Homa in Pakistan on her way to France. Will Parvana ever see the Window Woman in Person? I hope my questions are answered in the next book in the Breadwinner series.

This section tells us that you can do anything if you work together and have hope. Parvana helped Homa and gave her a home. Parvana became more hopeful ever since she got her father back. The Window Woman supported Parvana with gifts and a stranger helped Parvana plant flowers for the woman. Parvana and Shauzia have supported each other through everything. This section tells us to support others who are in the same situation as you. Being surrounded by people who love you will make any situation better. In the end, you should never give up hope because good things will eventually come.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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