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Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels with Expressive Writing
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There are many factors that have been found to negatively affect memory, one of which is stress. Smith and Aronin (2016), conducted research within the student population and found that 63% experience stress from the challenges of university academic work, as well as worries about future job opportunities. A study by Kim and Diamond (2002), also demonstrates that stress can affect memory in students. This is due to the release of specific hormones which then affects students’ attention and memory…...
AnxietyBrainEmotionExpressiveMemoryNervous System
The contradiction between the facts information
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Introduction Daily Star said that the bomb went off at "7. 00pm", while the Sun said "7. 01pm". The contradiction between the facts information by the Sun and the Daily Star, suggest that newspapers are not reliable and accurate. Which one of these newspapers has the true fact? . Therefore it reveals that not all newspaper have reliable and accurate facts and sources. The Daily Star is a very expressive towards how they feel for the IRA and they uses…...
Linguistic Features of Language
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4 Stylistic Features of Language Speech communication employs a host of expressive means ranging from linguistic to paralinguistic and extralinguistic features. It is the natural language, however, whose systematic variation on all levels of its structure (phonology, morphology, lexicology and syntax) offers the widest possibilities of suiting its use to fit communicative functions of discourses in various contexts. Thus linguistic expressive means, which are systematically identified and cetegorized by linguistic stylistics (stylolinguistics), lie at the core of stylistic variation.However, it…...
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Artist who uses drawing as an expressive medium: Andy Warhol
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Artist who uses drawing as an expressive medium: Andy Warhol Early Work: Andy Warhola began his career in 1949 as a commercial artist in New York City. He was commissioned to create a series of show illustrations for Glamour, a fashion magazine. He soon became widely popular as Andy Warhol and his works appeared in many magazines such as Glamour, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and The New Yorker. In 1951, he created drawings for television. He won the Art Director’s Club…...
Andy WarholArtistsDrawingExpressiveVisual Arts
Aristotle and Dante Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz
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Pages • 3
Introduction Loneliness is like an infection. It lets a person hide their feelings and thoughts. After being infected, the only cure is friendship. Aristotle's family and his brother symbolizes symptoms of disease. Hook: TAG (Title, Author, Genre) + bulleted summary points: In Aristotle and Dante by Benjamin Alire Saenz, Aristotle is a loner and angry person with a brother in prison but when he meets Dante Quintana, they form a special friendship bond. As time goes by, Ari was concerned…...
Emotions make the world go round
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Feelings are among the unique traits of people. Not all living things produced by God had the ability to have emotions, just males are permitted to feel and reveal. Although animals have the capability to sense some things, it is not as effective and as expressive as that of the human beings. Human emotion speaks a thousand words ... in silent mode. What we need to understand when it pertains to feeling is the truth that it comes from different…...
My Voice Matters in Interpersonal Relationship
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There’s something marvelous about spoken words that differs from a written speech. Our emphasis, our expressions, every time we express some sort of sound from our thoughts, excreting noise from the depths of our being, that’s our true signature. Since I have such a powerful tool available to myself, I don’t understand why I never fully use it to the advantage. I believe, that since my voices matter, I should make more of an effort to talk to my peers…...
ExpressiveInterpersonal relationshipLanguagePsychologyVoice
Sociology Asian Family
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Pages • 9
Myths about the Family Ever since the 1950s to this day, common discourse regarding the family, especially in the United States, has been based on Talcott Parsons’ (Parsons & Bales, 1955) functionalism views. According to Parsons, the contemporary family form is the nuclear family composed of a breadwinner husband and a homemaker wife with their children. This particular family form emerged as a result of modernization and industrialization and displaced the extended family. This contemporary nuclear family is unctional in…...
AsiaExpressiveFamilySahara DesertSociology
Is Graffiti an Art or a Crime
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Through the years, people have expressed themselves in different ways and manners. Some have chosen photography, drawings or sculpture. Others came up with new ways like graffiti which is a new form of urban expression that made controversial reactions. I believe that some graffiti is an artistic performance because of its expressive nature, beautiful display, and creative ways. The rest of it reveals a criminal behavior since it uses others’ properties without permission or consideration, harms the urban landscape, and…...
Expressive Art
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My expressive essay concerns the portraits of two artists, Francis Bacon and Pablo Picasso. Two such protraits are "self protrait" 1971 by Bacon and "weeping woman" 1937 by Picasso. I believe that both these paintings have been strongly influenced by their own life experiences. Francis Bacon was born on the 28th of October 1909 and he died on the 28th of April 1992. Bacon was born in Dublin, to parents of British descent. Captain Anthony Edward Mortimer Bacon, his father,…...
ArtExpressivePablo Picasso
Emotional Expression
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Emotional expression is most commonly known by the attitudes people have and the facial expressions they carry in certain situations. You can easily tell if someone is mad, upset, happy, or uncomfortable in a given situation. Whether most people realize it or not, their faces can be read like a book. Most of the time, you can look at someone and see their opinion on an issue without having to actually ask them what they think or how they feel.…...
Charles DarwinEmotionExpressive
Marketing and the Apple Watch
Words • 1909
Pages • 8
Marketing occurs within an organisation when consumers needs, wants and demands are met with the exchange of a product (Kotler & Armstrong, 1991). The concept is organisation wide, and particularly important when new products are introduced within a market. Customer value is an important aspect of marketing, as it aids in exploring what the consumers perceived needs and wants are. Customer value can be defined as the benefits gained, and sacrifices made in order to purchase a product. The main…...
Apple IncCustomerExpressiveMarketing
Primary Progressive Aphasia
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Pages • 3
The terms 'jargon aphasia' and 'jargon agraphia' explain the production of incomprehensible language consisting of frequent phonological, semantic or neologistic mistakes in speech and writing, respectively. Here we explain two patients with primary progressive aphasia (PPA) who produced neologistic lingo either in speech or writing. We recommend that participation of the posterior remarkable temporal-- inferior parietal region might lead to a disconnection between stored lexical representations and language output paths resulting in aberrant activation of phonemes in neologistic jargon. Parietal…...
EducationExpressiveLanguageLanguage learningLinguistics
Rear Window Movie Analysis
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Pages • 4
Rear Window, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, was made in the year 1954. It has been said that Rear Window is the basis for D.J. Caruso’s movie Disturbia. Rear Window has three main characters, J.B. “Jeff” Jefferies played by James Stewart, Lisa Fremont played by grace Kelly, and Stella played by Thelma Ritter. Each of these three characters is critiqued by five different categories, including, appropriateness, inherent thoughtfulness or emotionality, expressive coherence, wholeness and unity, and effortlessness. The first category is…...
ExpressiveMovieRear Window
Stylistics: Linguistics and Expressive Means
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Pages • 10
Newspaper style. includes informative materials: news in brief, headlines, ads, additional articles. But not everything published in the paper can be included in N.S. we mean publicist essays, feature articles, scient. Reviews are not N.S. to attract the readers attention special means are used by british & am. Papers ex: specific headlines, space ordering. We find here a large proportion of dates, personal names of countries, institutions, individuals. To achieve an effect of objectivity in rendering some fact or event…...
Freedom and Ambitions in The Skylark
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Pages • 2
In this poem, the speaker observes a bird, the skylark. The speaker seems a bit jealous of the freedom of the skylark, which travels wherever it wants to go. The skylark flies too high for the speaker to see, but the speaker still hears its song, which makes it appear to be more of a spirit. The skylark and its song becomes the speaker’s muse as he continues to observe the bird and its song. The speaker admits to not…...
AmbitionsExpressiveFreedomPercy Bysshe ShelleyPoetry
The Calgary Family Assessment Model
Words • 3135
Pages • 13
The purpose of this paper is to incorporate one family's experience of living with multiple chronic illnesses into the Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM) and Rolland's Chronic Health Challenge Framework. CFAM was developed by Dr. Lorraine M. Wright, a professor Emeritus of nursing and by Dr. Maureen Leahey, a manager of a mental health outpatient program both have over 25 years experience while still managing to supervise, teach, consult, write, and maintain a part-time clinical practice in individual, couple, and…...
Teaching Strengths and Weaknesses
Words • 632
Pages • 3
StrengthsI believe that teamwork is one of my strengths because according to Kinlaw (1993) "being part of a team is one who unites others toward a shared destiny through sharing information and ideas, empowering others and developing trust." My ability to interact, communicate and cooperate with a group will enable me to be an effective member of a team and work towards a common goal. I believe that teamwork is important when teaching because it allows all students and teachers…...
CommunicationEducationExpressiveStrengths And WeaknessesTeacherTeaching
Brett Whitely: a brief frames analysis
Words • 492
Pages • 2
Subjective Used art as a method of expressive self-exploration. 'I paint in order to see.' His artworks moved from being political protests to being focussed on the not-so-quiet intimacies of his private life. "Politics, travel, social consciousness, self-analysis, philosophical speculation and youth took second place to one over-riding obsession - to paint pictures of beauty." (Brett Whiteley, by Sandra McGrath, 1979) Experimented with different, mind-altering drugs to influence his art-making. Greatly influenced by Francis Bacon. Towards the end of his…...
ArtAustraliaCountryExpressivePaintingVisual Arts
Verbal and nonverbal communication: functions
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Pages • 20
The act of communication among the human beings has been subject to consistent evolution and upgradation from time to time.. Only human beings have been blessed with the gift of language. Because of the various functions it can perform, language has a great role in communication. Whatever codes we use to convey our message within a fixed frame of reference in a given language, they serve different functions. The basic functions of language can be grouped into three categories: descriptive,…...
CommunicationExpressiveImportance Of Nonverbal CommunicationNonverbal Communication
Romanticism in Art, Music and Literature
Words • 1980
Pages • 8
The romantic period in music extended from about 1820 to 1900. Among the most significant musicians were Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Clara Wieck Schumann, Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Felix Mendelssohn, Hector Berlioz, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Antonin Dvorak, Johannes Brahms, Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, Richard Wagner and Gustav Mahler. The length of this list – and some important composers have been omitted from it – testifies to the richness and variety of romantic music and to its continuing impact on today’s…...
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Artist who uses drawing as an expressive medium: Andy Warhol
...Andy Warhola began his career in 1949 as a commercial artist in New York City. He was commissioned to create a series of show illustrations for Glamour, a fashion magazine. He soon became widely popular as Andy Warhol and his works appeared in many m...

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