How Liberal Arts Education Will Benefit Me

Napoleon Hill, an American author, said “The starting point of all achievement is desire”. I definitely agree with him because the desire to achieve is extremely important to success. I desire to learn and want to live life to the fullest. This love of learning has caused me to develop many academic and personal interests. I love science which is my favorite subject. So I can learn more about areas of science which interest me, I participate in Science Olympiad, a competition where students participate in events dealing with different areas of scientific study.

I also enjoy social studies and have taken several advanced social studies classes. My favorite is “We the People” where students discuss the US Constitution and current political issues. I enjoy singing in school chorus and at my church as well. I also have an interest in Christian Theology and Apologetics. I am a passionate devoted Christ follower who loves God and wants to live to please him.

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I will consider my life to be successful if I glorify God and show Jesus’ love.

Because of my wide interests, I believe a liberal arts education will suit me well and help me succeed. Liberal arts will help to foster and grow my interests. Exposure to many different areas of study will help me to find what my passions are. Then I can pursue these interests and attempt to make a difference in my community and beyond. I do not know what major or career I want to pursue, but I have tried to take classes in many diverse areas so I can discover what I want to do.

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I also want to continue taking diverse classes and participating in many different activities in college because I enjoy learning, want to live to the fullest and discover my passions.

Liberal arts are also beneficial because life probably will not go as plan. Life is full of twists and turns, uncertainties and surprises. Because of this I need to have a broad base of knowledge to support me and enable me to persevere through life’s trials and uncertainties. Often people do not end up in jobs they intended. For example, my mother has a degree in Biology but she now teaches preschoolers. She says life has been full of surprises and not taken her where she anticipated at all. I know life will have trials and joys. God will take me places I had not planned to go and will use me in amazing ways I had not thought were even possible. I want to have knowledge that will help me to make good, informed decisions that will please God and live the successful life that God has planned for me.

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