Summary: The Life Of Edward Irving Wortis Known As AVI

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Edward Irving Wortis who is also known as AVI is a very popular American author of young adult and adult novels. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1937. He grew up in Brooklyn with his dad, Joseph Wortis. When Edward was a teen, his sister started calling him Avi I’m not sure why but the nickname clearly stuck. He also uses the name Avi as his writing name so you will see AVI on all of the books he writes.

Avi grew up really intrigued in math and fine literature. He enjoyed involved and detailed books and novels. He had two grandfathers who were actually authors for a living so he already had the author gene which helped him throughout his career. Before Avi and his sister moved to live with just their dad, he remembers his mom reading books to him and his sister pretty frequently and going to the library with his mom is one of his fondest memories from his childhood.

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For most of his high school he went to Stuyvesant High School and later in his high school he transferred to Elizabeth Irving High School which was a smaller private school. This was because he had a learning disability called dysgraphia, that would cause him to reverse or misspell words often. When he attended Elizabeth Irwin he had a tutor named Ella Ratner who Avi says extremely helped him in high school and gives her a lot of credit for his writing he does today.

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At a pretty early age Avi knew he wanted to be a writer and was very determined to become one. He started out his writing career playwriting for his high school which he says helped him understand writing more. He started writing for chosen people after his son Shaun was born.

The first official book Avi wrote is called “Things That Sometimes Happen” which was published in 1970. Today, Avi has 75 published books. For quite a few years of his life he worked at his local library as a librarian. He actually begun his librarian career at The New York Public Library and then got a job at Trenton State College. Avi is a solid writer. He has written books for lots of different ages and lots of different styles and genres. Some of the genres he has written are young adult, fantasy, animal books, philosophy books, realism, historic fiction, graphic novels, and mysteries. He has one a lot of prestigious awards for some of his books.

Some examples are “The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle” a historical novel, won the Newberry Award and the Boston Globe Horne Books Award. He also won the Scott O’dell Award after he wrote “The Fighting Ground” which is about the revolutionary war. He won a second Newberry Award for writing “Crispin: Cross of Lead”. Which is one of his most popular books that came out in 2002. Avi also wrote “The Player King” which is the book I read for my book talk this quarter which was amazing in my opinion. Avi is a great writer with a very wide range of what he can write about and make a great book no matter what the genre. He knows what goes into an amazing story and has definitely earned his position in the my top five favourite authors and definitely a favourite of many others because of his unique writing skills.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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