Valuable Lessons Learned From Field Work

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Good morning. Nice to meet you all and I'm so glad to be here today. I'm Avissa Chaerinda Yahya from the English Department, Diponegoro University and I'm looking forward to talking with you today about my experience on public speaking field work from April, 24-28 2019.

As you know, this morning I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about "Valuable Lessons Learned From Field Work : how we create our own self-branding and how to speak well.". So in this opportunity, I would like to share with you guys my experience during my field work that all of you also participated, and at the end of my presentation, I hope we can be able to improve and develop our public speaking abilities.

In this presentation, my speech is divided into 3 main sections. So, I would like to talk to you about first, my personal opinion of the field work; second, the comparison and contrast of public speaking material given by Talk Inc, Zeno PR, and Nat Geo presenters; and finally the lessons that I learned from the Public Speaking field work.

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When I started preparing this speech, I remembered that I was actually always nervous talking in front of many people. I am a person who is difficult to speak well and shy, but if things force me to speak then I have to. On the occasion of a fieldwork lecture precisely at Zeno PR, it turns out that there is one public speaker who is also similar to me, he is actually not a smart person to speak but if forced to talk he will dare to speak, and when he shares his story it is true he doesn't look like someone who is having trouble in speaking but there is a slight gesture that shows he is confused, but overall he was very fluent in telling stories even though it was sudden.

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So, when I listen to the story I am very amazed and inspired by him.

OK, move on, let me start by giving my personal opinion about my field work experience to you guys.


I got a lot of experience from this field work , even though not all of the activities were I liked but I followed them well. So...

The thing that I don't like is our time is too much spend on the bus so our rest time is completely drained, not to mention there is someone who is sick because they were tired.

Of all the bad things, there are also good things that I can get from this fieldwork experience. I got a lesson on how we build our self-branding and how we can dare to speak well in front of people, besides that we also have time to take a walk so we can give a little relaxation and learn about the culture around.

On the first day of field work, we went to Talk Inc. and Nat Geo, actually I didn't really follow the course of the activity because I was very tired, but because the speaker explained it interestingly and clearly, so I enjoyed the course of the activity. On the second day, we went to Zeno PR and I was very amazed at the building; I triggered it to work here, it was seems possible, but it was one of the factors I wanted haha. On the third day we were given the opportunity to visit the Lodge Maribaya and the Farmhouse in Bandung for recreation, if I can be honest, this is the activity I like the most.

Next, I would like to discuss further the public speaking activities at the Talk Inc, Nat Geo, and Zeno PR. I am very excited to tell you about this section, so let's start.

The material they give us, the similarities and comparisons between the material at Talk Inc., Nat Geo and Zeno PR. Overall, all speakers explained how to be a good public speaker, but there were also some differences in the content of the material. At the meeting session with Talk Inc, the presenter also touched on the question of self-branding, impressions that reflect the values, skills, behaviors and achievements that are created intentionally or unintentionally with the aim of imagining themselves. It is very important for our first impressions for others, so people can judge whether we are warm and trustworthy or not. The way we communicate can also judge how we really are. If we want to speak well, there are several stages:

  1. The way we communicate consists of 10% word, 20% voice and 70% visual (60% body language & 10% total look),
  2. Our speaking structure is divided into 10% opening, 70% content, and 20% closing,
  3. If we want to talk then we MUST say it,
  4. As for the total vocals to speak, including pauses, articulation, emphasis, smile, and enthusiasm,
  5. Use body language, from the head, hands to feet,

Build eye contact

Make good gesture and posture

While, in Nat Geo also discusses the importance of self-branding, because public speaker need a personal brand wheter professional or not, they give us a step that can help to create and develop our powerful personal brand, include :


On this step, take some time to contemplate who you are, what you've accomplished, and how you want to be seen by others. This step will help you in evaluate your place and what you can offer to the world.


Having a clearly defined vision and personality as you create a personal brand that stands out from the yourself.


Creating digital assets that will shape you and your personal brand like, professional photos, socal media presence and personal web.


Share your own work, the work of others, connect with your current network, reach out to people beyond your existing network, and be quick your follow-ups to correspondence.


You should be inspired by feedback and analysis and you need to be true to yourself above all else.

They also told us about the benefit of a powerful personal brand, consisting of :

  1. A steady stream of ideal clients
  2. Rewarding partnerships
  3. Leadership opportunities
  4. Greater mindshare
  5. Association whit a market niche
  6. Greater credibility
  7. Recognition and prestige
  8. Higher perceived value

And the last in Zeno Pr explained how to speak good and right techniques so that our voices can reach out to underdeveloped audiences (when not wearing a mic) and so as not to get tired quickly. The technique that we need to apply is by diaphragmatic breathing because the sound results from the diaphragm breath only emit 20% of energy but the results that come out are 80% so that we don't quickly run out of breath and hoarse.

The last point but not least that I would like to present will highlight the title of this speech "Valuable Lessons Learned From Field Work : how we create our own self-branding and how to speak well." in which I will discuss the importance of preparing and delivering the speech well

From all the material given at field work lectures, there are things that I can learn, appear in public, such as presenting material or becoming a Public Speaking, always demanding a prime and vibrant appearance. Having public speaking skills are also considered to be able to help improve one's career. Being a public speaker also requires us to appear confident, helping us to think more critically and underpin our leadership.

And finally, before I close this presentation, we can know to be a good speaker we must control at least the basic procedures, the most basic thing is mastering the material that is to be conveyed and should appear to be yourself. That will trigger the confidence needed when appearing in public. when in public, do not display excessive attitude. Be reasonable, and keep an eye on the viewers. Mastery of languages, foreign terms or present-day terms is an added value for public speaking. Maintaining the appearance and attitude on the stage must also be a serious concern.

And finally, I'd like to finish with this wonderful quote from Dale Carnegie "There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.". And that brings us to the end. I'd like to thank you for your time and attention today. I sincerely appreciate that I've had this opportunity to present to you. Thank you!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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