The Lessons I've Learned in My Jobs as a Cashier and as Customer Service

My firstjob was a very interesting and memorable experience that I “will never forget" it was a way of making money as well as gaining experience and knowledge and a way of having extra cash to help myself and my family I still remember my firstJob as a cashier in one of the retail stores it was a great experience even though it was very tough for me since I never worked before, I did not know how to deal with multiple situations like if the customer had a complaint or was not satisfied with any product l was very sensitive and I could not handle difficult situation.

However was very lucky my Boss was very helpful and easy going I learned a lot from him like being patient and I learned how to provide a good customer service , the reason why my first job it will be always part of me .

What actual events or occurrences from your cashierjob can you write in order for the readers to see what you have come to understand and learn about the job? My first job taught me to be independent personally, lam a type of person that’s it takes a while to get adjust to people, but at my job I had wonderful coworkers who were very helpful sometimes I did not understand something they were always there to answer any question I had also I learned punctuality, and a lot of skills that helped me in my life.

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After six months of experience I had to look for another job because the money l was making was not enough for necessity of life, I had many bills to take care of besides paying my rent and helping my family overseas, they had a hardship. I had to send money every month to support them to achieve their basic need, I had to save money to go to college .I had an opportunity to work for one the Airlines, as baggage service agent opening claim for lost bags.

It was a challenging job I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, I learned new skills, providing excellent customer service, it was very difficult job , you have to deal with angry passenger everyday, most of the time I started crying when customer yell at me and many times I decided to quit my job. However I had to face any problem I did not want to run away from my responsibilities, the reason why I had to work hard and follow my trainer's advise and learn how to use the computer system and how to deal with angry customers I learned a lot of things such how to be calm and how to deal with difficult situation ,beside I met new friends also my manger helped me a lot by encouraging me and she always been there to help me ,she thought me how to fulfill customers desirers and how to be helpful to them it was very good experience for me I gained a lot of knowledge.

After a year of my job as customer service I start to know everything about thejob I start working as a trainer for new employees ,I was able to perform multiple tasks in limited amount of time. Beside I learned to be a team player, to communicate more with passenger and help new agent when they encounter difficult situations. Everybody at my work used to feel comfortable with me because I was very patient, in addition, I was able to make critical decisions and was able to perform general office and computer functions in shortperiod of time I got promoted to a Lead Agent. l was so proud of myself because I achieved part of my goals in small period of time. I spent five years in this job, I got used to my coworkers my manger even the passenger I worked there for five years it was a long time , sometimes I felt tired of doing the same job for a long period of time I felt that l was eager to learn new things specially I knew everything about the job however it lwas used to my coworkers and my friends they started being part of my life I shared with them a lot good and down time it was too hard from me to look for anotherjob as I said before it was difficult for me to get used to new people. work as customer service helped me a lot to learn many things such as deliver consistently positive interaction, smiling all the time, appreciate customer feedback to improve myself . Like this discussion in your conclusion since it summarizes what you have come to understand and learn from the overall experience. Summarizing your learning provides closure to your essay about your personal experience. My personality has dramatically changed personally and financially I saved money for school as well as I achieve to help my family also I become very mature and responsible.

Updated: Jan 21, 2023
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The Lessons I've Learned in My Jobs as a Cashier and as Customer Service essay
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