The Lessons I've Learned from My English Class

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Every year we learn new things as we progress from one level to another. Throughout this whole school year, I believe I have learned a lot of from all my classes especially my English class. These lessons have impacted me greatly and I am sure it will benefit me greatly as well in the future. English is not my strongest suit, but English this year has made me realize that I still had a lot to learn. In all four years of high school, I have had different English teachers.

Each one of them has invested great effort in my education. They taught me the many aspects of literature, such as where to properly place a comma in a sentence. I learned from many teachers why literature never suggests a writer to have contractions in writing. Minor pedagogies such as these are all included in the many things I have learned throughout my journey.

For this year; however, my English class was indeed more challenging.

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I was met with countless assignments and to be honest, I was overwhelmed by it all. I was used to the small number of pages required in writing an essay or paper. It was challenging, but it is always good to face them because with these challenges comes a lesson. There is a popular saying that goes, "The tassel is worth the hassle." As I will hopefully turn the tassel on graduation day, I will remember all I have learned and I will take them with me.

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Sreeja has taught me that nothing in life comes easy and that I should always put myself up to the challenge. It is good to take risks and it is never bad to make mistakes. I learned a lot of life lessons from this class.

I learned how to step out of my limits and take a challenge as a student. Putting in extra effort in my work has taught me that everything in life takes great diligence. I learned how to broaden my skills in comprehension. With Sreeja pushing us to do better, I learned how to embellish my writing. With all the assignments that I turned in, I noticed that most of my mistakes lie within my grammar usage. The countless times we had to write poems and papers in her class have taught me how to better organize my work. I believe I have improved greatly with all the writing we would do in class. The poems we had to write made me curious, and with curiosity I was able to learn more. One time, I was engrossed in writing one poem that I found myself researching about the types of poems. What caught my attention were the two types of sonnets. With that I was able to plunge deeper in my work. This is one thing I learned from Sreeja; do not settle for what you already know and dig deeper.

Writing descriptive essays and poems sparked a great interest in me. I never thought one could put so much detail and focus in describing something. Writing down every detail about the things that stood in front of me made me learn how to improve the way I analyze things or objects. I learned how to broaden my way of thinking and focus at even the tiniest detail. We have explored all types of writing. I learned how to write a persuasive essay and sound convincing in my writing. One thing I like about Sreeja is that she acknowledges my mistakes and she does not judge us students for our mistakes. As a teacher, she does a pretty good job in ensuring that we learn from our mistakes. By acknowledging them, I have learned that making mistakes is a good thing because we learn from it.

We also explored script writing where I believe I had a hard time with. It was challenging formulating different dialogues in my brain in writing a script; however, I did try my best. I believe that learning script writing made me learn how to analyze a situation and thoroughly think of what one person may say to another in that situation. The book that we read offered great vocabularies. Honestly, these vocabs have helped with my writing. Every day we learn new words and new lessons. I finally understood what they meant when said, “You miss one day of school, and you miss a thousand things.” Missing one day of Sreeja's class meant missing out on a lot.

Sreeja's class definitely lights meaning to the saying, "Suffer now for later satisfaction.” Indeed, we have all suffered with the ups and downs of high school. Words fall short when explaining the large impact Priya's teachings has had on my journey as a student. There may have been times where she would be slightly strict, but I also learned something from that. Being strict generates better students and an effective learning environment. I never knew that I had to write poems using vocabularies from the book. I never thought I would write pages upon pages of essays. I never knew how important it was to avoid contractions in writing.

I never knew authors in literature almost never use the second point of view in writing. I never knew being descriptive in writing took a lot of focus and analyzing. I never knew how powerful an impact words can have. I never knew that there were different types of writing. I never thought I would have consume my body with caffeine just to keep myself awake when completing an assignment. I never thought I would replay the song "Push it” by O.T Genesis, over and over again just as motivation to keep writing. I never thought I would learn new words each day and use them n conversations with my friends. I never knew that English was more than just inserting a comma to decorate a sentence.

In conclusion, I never knew about a thousand things before I took Sreeja for English. The entire struggles that we have been through were just preparations that would guide us as we further our education. Out of all the lessons I have learned from Sreeja, the biggest one that stood out to me was the will to step up to a challenge. I have learned from Sreeja that everyone has potential, but it takes diligence to discover that potential. Do not ever make the best choices, but the smart choices. Success is not built overnight so we should always put in effort to strive. All these lessons from Sreeja have shaped us students to become better and passionate individuals.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023
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