Pathophysiology of Obesity

The composition of this research paper will concentrate on the topic about the pathophysiologic condition of the disorder called obesity. Thus, this would focus in the said topic to determine the functional changes that go along with such type of disorder that is seen to have developed as one of the prominent health problem in the society. Moreover, the paper would work in rendering fundamental information that is seen essential to further understand the condition of obesity. In addition to this, this research would also deal with the key areas that are seen to be of major concern with regard to battling and preventing obesity.

Nonetheless, this holds on the purpose in rendering definite and essential information about obesity. The following will be discussed: • A Brief Background: Obesity • Pathophysiology of Obesity • Causes of Obesity • Medical Treatment and Nursing Intervention At the end of the paper, in intends to render facts and information about the pathophysiology of the obesity. Likewise, the completion of this research paper is also set to provide clear and evident information with regard to the possible medical treatments and nursing interventions that could be done to be able to battle and prevent obesity.

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A Brief Background: Obesity It can be said that the discussions over the subject of obesity is normally overlooked as one of the major health issues that is in need of accorded attention. Normally, the society would describe obesity as a state wherein an individual with such condition is seen to be ridiculous for having such abnormal and fatty body.

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In a sense, obesity must be regarded as a serious condition in which it is seen to be one of the most prominent health disorders that if not properly handled it can result to numerous severe health complications in the body.

In general, obesity is characterized as a chronic condition that involves excessive amount body fat (Goroll, 2006). Although body fat is necessary for storing energy, heat insulation, shock absorption, and other essential functions, the normal amount of body fat should only be between 25-30% for women and 18-23% for men (Goroll, 2006). Thus, women with excessive body fat with over 30% and for men with over 25% body fat are already considered obese (Goroll, 2006).

Moreover, the obesity is also seen to be one of the escalating health conditions in the society wherein the numbers of people with such disorder are rapidly increasing (“Obesity,” n. d. ). In the United States, the obesity has already reached epidemic extent in which it is seen that one in every three Americans is obese (“Obesity,” n. d. ). Thus, obesity, as a serious health condition, is also seen to be rapidly increasing in the global society that the occurrence of obesity has practically doubled up from the year 1991 up to 1998 (“Obesity,” n. . ). Pathophysiology of Obesity With the fact that obesity is a significant health threat, the extra weight or the excessive fat is inclined to create extraordinary stress in all parts of the body (“Causes, incidence, and risk factors,” n. d. ).

Thus, the occurrence of obesity normally incorporates negative developments in the body that are seen as the acquisition of serious illnesses and raises the risk of individuals to having diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke and gallbladder disease (“Causes, incidence, and risk factors,” n. . ). Obesity also creates ill-health conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol that are normally seen among the adults, which is now believed to be seen in the children that are obese (“Pathophysiology of obesity,” n. d. ). In addition to this, the obesity also increases the risk of individual to acquire certain types of cancer. Also, obese individuals are seen to be more inclined to develop osteoarthritis and sleep apnea (“Pathophysiology of obesity,” n. d. ).

Likewise, the obesity or the excessive fat is often accompanied by several symptoms such as breathlessness, tiredness, back pain, sweatiness, arthritis, menstrual disorders, poor sleeping and depression (“Pathophysiology of obesity,” n. d. ). Also, obesity increases the probability of myocardial infraction and heart failure (“Pathophysiology of obesity,” n. d. ). Hence, it is seen that biggest probable impact of obesity in health, more especially with that of the elderly, is the diversity of its effects with other systems in the body (“Pathophysiology of obesity’” n. d. ). Causes of Obesity

In most circumstances, the majority of medical researchers agree that a combination of excessive calorie consumption and a inactive lifestyle are seen to be the primary causes of obesity (“Obesity,” n. d. ). Thus, the increased of food consumption is normally attributed as genetic, medical or psychiatric illness (“Obesity,” n. d. ). Likewise, it is also said that the other probable causes of obesity are hereditary influences, overeating, diet high in simple carbohydrates, slow metabolism, and frequency of eating, physical inactivity, medication such as antidepressants and psychological factors such as severe emotional distress (“Obesity,” n. . ).

Moreover, in the review that is done in the year 2006, it is said that the most probable factors that have contribute in the rise of obesity are seen to be the cause of insufficient sleep, endocrine disruptors, decreased rates of smoking, increased use of medication that leads to weight gain, pregnancy at a later age, intrauterine and intergenerational effects, positive natural selection of people with a higher BMI (“10 Factors in Rise of Obesity,” n. d. ). Medical Treatment and Nursing Intervention

Treatment through the help of a physician is seen to be necessary in obesity, more especially during the times wherein the person’s own efforts to lose weight is not working and when it is seen essential that simultaneous medical conditions make it vital for an obese person to lose weight (“Medical Treatment for Obesity,” n. d. ). Thus, prescription of medications may seem as necessary for those having people with obesity-related health problems (“Medical Treatment for Obesity,” n. . ).

In addition to this, the prescriptions of over-the-counter supplements are also considered as essential in the medical treatment of obesity that could helpful for the people in effort to lose weight (“Medical Treatment for Obesity,” n. d. ). Behavioural strategies are also used in the treatment of obesity that could help modify dietary habits and increase activity levels of obese people (“Medical Treatment for Obesity,” n. . ). Likewise, psychotherapy for eating disorders with the therapist is also seen essential in the treatment process of obesity that may also require medication (“Medical Treatment for Obesity,” n. d. ). On the other hand, it is seen evident that the other probable nursing intervention that could be done to battle obesity is having a healthy and active lifestyle through the presence of exercise.

As such, the involvement through healthy exercises is indeed helpful in treatment of obesity as these activities are good in burning calories and other excess fats in the body. In addition to this, a good healthy diet is also seen as another nursing intervention for obesity in which eating healthy foods with balanced diet are essential in maintaining and achieving healthy body. Nonetheless, the modified personal discipline with regard to adverse eating habits is also seen as probable nursing intervention for obesity.

Conclusion With the above written facts and information about the pathophysiology of obesity, it is seen evident that choosing such topic in this research paper is indeed significant and helpful for the people, more especially among the individuals with such condition, as this provides factual data of the probable negative results that comes with obesity. As such, this research paper also provides factual gathering of information in battling and treating obesity. Nonetheless, it is seen evident that the issue of obesity is one of the serious health problems that are in need of proper attention.

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