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Peer Evaluation Report
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Introduction A Peer assessment plays a vital role in understanding the contribution of peers in different group related tasks. Each student gives appropriate feedback to each other depending on their work, participation, and behavior. By critically observing their peers, students use their broader ideas, perspectives, and values. Working in a group, they can understand the meaning of criteria and standards and in this way, they can develop a deeper understanding of quality. In a group, collaboration is must, so students…...
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Role Of A Pharmacist
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This is funny to admit at this stage of my pre-registration year, but I do not fully understand the role of a pharmacist. Those of you who read my blogs may be thinking – “why? ” Surely after four years at university and four months of pre-registration training I should understand the role of the pharmacist. But the truth is I don’t, and here’s why. Throughout my pharmacy degree I gathered experience in four sectors that pharmacists can work in…...
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