Peer Assessment Criteria for Group Tasks: A Comprehensive Evaluation


A Peer assessment plays a vital role in understanding the contribution of peers in different group related tasks. Each student gives appropriate feedback to each other depending on their work, participation, and behavior. By critically observing their peers, students use their broader ideas, perspectives, and values. Working in a group, they can understand the meaning of criteria and standards and in this way, they can develop a deeper understanding of quality. In a group, collaboration is must, so students interact with each other to improve the quality of their work.

The utmost thing is that meanwhile students develop self-assessment skills too by observing and judging others and gaining insight into their own performance.

A peer evaluation form is designed based upon the group tasks which the team has done in the 'Human Behaviour in Organizations' course. In each activity, everyone played a different role according to their skills, knowledge, and experience. There are eight non-BARS criteria and six BARS criteria.

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Moreover, the group has selected these criteria by considering the group task functions as well as group member's relation functions. It means some criteria helps in maintaining a good relationship with each other and some of them are focused on the tasks required to complete the assigned work.

Evaluation Criteria

Non-BARS Criteria

  1. The very first non-BARS criteria the team has selected is broad-minded. In a team of five people, each has their own perspectives and own unique ways to look at the task. Some of them have work experience, so they can see it in a different way than the student having no work experience.
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    It is essential to listen and understand others thoughts to develop a different viewpoint from your own. At the same time, respecting to others for their views is equally important because in every case, it is quite inconvenient for others to agree with your own idea and such situations may arise conflict and misunderstanding in the group.

  2. The second non-BARS criterion is ambitious, the person having a strong desire and dedication to succeed in established goals. To get success in any field, two crucial efforts i.e. the hard work and determination are necessary. Moreover, an ambitious person always focuses on long term goals instead of short term goals. The reason behind it is that the planning to achieve long term goals covers short term goals too. The fruitful of setting long term goals is a successful career but the time and planning are required.
  3. Leadership plays a vital role in group-related activities that's why it is selected as a third non-BARS criterion. Leadership accommodates a research area and a practical skill to be able to lead the team or to guide others. A true leader always takes initiative and never take a step back from his responsibility. A leader organizes the tasks as per the priority and divides them equally in the group by keeping in the mind that no one has too much burden so that they can complete the assigned task effectively. Whenever necessary, the leader provides guidance to be on the track. Furthermore, the way of dealing with others should be effective and sensitive to maintain a good relationship with the team. It is said by people that leader is the role model for his followers, so the work done by the leader must have the highest standards and it should be faultless.
  4. People having skills to understand other's situation and guide them in an appropriate direction to make group united called as an emotional supporter for the team. In a fast-paced environment having a number of tasks due, a person may feel stress and cannot contribute well in the group's activity, then a person with such skills encourage others to support the group's morale. Also, working with different natures, there is a chance of arising a conflict because of any reason either task related issues or behavior-related problems. At that time, emotional supporter tries his best to keep the group together by using different ways he can and resolve the problem to get an optimum outcome.
  5. The next non-BARS criterion is honesty. Honest people always act with integrity and follows the ethics and morals of their life. Once they give any commitment, they will stick to it. If they commit to finishing the work before the given deadline, they will finish it before time. Moreover, if they don't have much knowledge about the assigned task, but with their capability, they finish it in spite of having less experience just because they have given a commitment.
  6. Punctuality is a critical skill. Especially working in a team, punctuality of a person significantly affects other team members. If a person is unpunctual, it creates procrastination for the entire group work. Punctual people always use their maximum time to organize the task according to the priority and if necessary, spend additional time to get things done on time.
  7. Another non-BARS criterion is independent, who is not depending on another for the completion of the work and give his best to finish the task on his own. With working in a team, it is also essential to be independent because the work is divided into group members equally, so everyone has the responsibility to complete their own part. An independent person can think by his own how to get a result and have enough self-confident that he can do anything without seeking others assistance. The considerable thing is that he is never impacted by others power or authority.
  8. Last but not least, obedient is a key non-BARS criterion to consider. In a group, by default, one person acts as a leader and it is necessary for someone to take initiative and to be a leader. For other members, it is essential to listen to the leader actively and follow the instructions. Sometimes it is awkward for others to accept your idea or your view, so at that time the person has to show the readiness to listen to others and implement others instructions which will help in making group united without any conflict.
  9. BARS categories are as follows. There are 6 BARS categories in this evaluation form. These are initiative (Group Task), arrange group meetings (Group Task) and prepare drafts (Group Task), stating standards (Group Relation), conflict management (Group Relation) and motivation (Group Relation). These all are measured on the scale from 5 (effective) to 1(ineffective).
  10. Initiating is in the BAR category for the evaluation of the Group Task. Being initiative in a group is very important and this type of person has certain personality traits as he needs to do stand out. This is an active participant who is always eager to contribute always came with new ideas and he is a laborious person who always lends helping hands to other team members. Taking initiative means contribute to the group discussions by having the complete knowledge regarding the assignments i.e. rubrics, purpose and deadlines. This persons brings and share the unique ideas with the others team members.
  11. Arrange group meeting is also the group task function. Effective group meetings should be properly planned, organised and controlled. The team member who is effective in this is expected to arrange the group meetings while giving consideration to the schedule of each member as everyone is equally important in the group meetings. This helps to build a supportive relationship with in the team. Group meetings are the opportunity for the group members to share the ideas and discuss the assignments. This also helps to make the better and faster decisions as the whole team is engaged in the group assignment. Effective team meetings not only increase the productivity of the team but also help to fulfil the objective and goals of the group.
  12. Prepare Drafts is another group task function. Drafts prepared by the team members help to know about the capabilities of the team members and work can be allotted according to their abilities. The person who is effective is expected to submit his drafts on the time. This also helps to understand the requirements of the assignment. The person who is ineffective in this criterion generally provides the feedback but there are no evidences of feedback.
  13. Stating standards is the important BARS category of the group relation function. This helps to divide work equally among all the team members while considering their knacks, experience and capabilities. If the work is divided by giving consideration to the interest of team members, helps to achieve the goal and objective of the team assignment. The person who is ineffective in this category generally put the least efforts and never takes the accountability of his work.
Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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