People Should Sometimes Do Things That Do Not Enjoy Essay

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People Should Sometimes Do Things That Do Not Enjoy

Some people try to avoid some things that they dislike or don’t enjoy doing them. From my point of view, everyone wants to be successful, but unfortunately, not everyone is successful and it’s not easy to achieve success. You have to work hard and do the right things which can let yourself closer to the goal. Because these things are necessary for us, are linked to our future, and are related to our families or friends. For instance, not everyone likes to exercise, but exercise is good for our health and so we should all do it anyway.

Likewise, not many people enjoy going to see a dentist or a doctor, but it is good for us to take care of ourselves, so we should all visit dentists and doctors regularly for a checkup. Another reason is that, at times, the things we dislike are necessary. Students must take tests ins groups to complete their studies, and everyone must work ins groups to make a living. And finally, doing things we dislike can also open up new possibilities for us. Most people can probably remember hating a certain food when they were children even though they enjoy that same food now.

So, when we do things we dislike, we may discover something we do like along the way, or simply find a better way to deal with the things we must do. Secondly, studying is the one of the example. Some people do not think that studying is not interesting but most children think studying is not interesting. However, children have to study while they are students. As they grow up, they will find it interesting to study and what they learn while they are students will be useful in their future. You hate to take tests but you have to in order to pass the class.

That is something that you hate and you cannot avoid it because we don’t have any control over our lives that we cannot just do whatever things we want to do. My next point is, working or doing housework is also absolutely necessary especially for people who have children. If father does not have a job, they cannot earn money. If mother does not do housework, the house will be messy. Each of them has their own role to support their family. Many things that people instinctively hate to do will actually benefit them in the long run. A basketball states personal experience is a good example.

He likes running when he was child. When he was in high school, he joins the track and field team. By a chance, he met a basketball coach and was asked if he wanted to become an occupational basketball player. Although he was not interested in playing basketball, nevertheless, his parents told him that doing something he hated to do might change his whole life in a good way. By taking the advice of his parents, he went to the basketball team and now he turned out be extremely successful! For another example, we are not always interested to move different places.

In fact, we will have more opportunities of improving our lives by moving around. As President Kennedy pointed out, “Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future. ” In conclusion, people must do things they do not enjoy doing. Even if they hate it very, sometimes they have no choice but to go through it. After doing it perhaps they feel sense of achievement. This feeling is what I want you to feel. People who went through such harsh times are mentally strong. Therefore, I think people really need to do things they actually do not want to.

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