Developmental Tasks of Early Adulthood

What are the five developmental tasks of young adulthood, and how can the accomplishing of one influence the accomplishing of any of the remaining four?

The five developmental tasks of young adulthood are as follows;

  •  Establishing Independence: Whether moving on to college or not, by the time you are finished with high school, you should be seeking independence to some degree. If it is college, that route should be pursued or if it is the working world, that route should be pursued.

    Whatever it is, independence at this stage is a key fundamental of young adulthood.

  • Assuming Responsibility: It is important to begin to understand that accepting responsibility be it good or bad, is a critical part of becoming an adult.
  • Broadening Social Skills: Time management, conflict resolution, listening, and working as a team are all social skills that are important to acquire early as they will follow you later in life.
  • Nurturing Intimacy: Relationships should be explored during this time before one decides to settle down and choose a mate later on in adulthood.

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    Exploring relationships will enable personal growth.

  • Obtaining Entry: Putting all of the above developmental tasks to the test, obtaining entry into a job position of entry-level employment is the key to success in middle adulthood.

In order to move on to the next phase of life, middle adulthood, one must have successfully or unsuccessfully been through the above developmental tasks. Whether successful or not, it is solely up to the individual. Subsequently, the accomplishing of one can most definitely influence the accomplishing of the remainder simply out of satisfaction.

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Think about it, when a to-do list is written and things get completed and crossed off the to-do list, it feels good and you feel accomplished. On the other hand, when a to-do list is written and nothing gets done or crossed off, you feel unmotivated, lack energy, and laziness since nothing got done. It is the same with developmental tasks. They start from the minute you are born until the minute you die. We as humans are constantly evolving. When one developmental task gets completed successfully, it encourages you to want to progress in your life and move forward with adulthood.

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