Public transit bus Essay

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Public transit bus

A trip on the public city transit bus is often an uncomfortable excursion. For some, the transit bus system is our only means of transportation. Consequently, public bus passengers are exposed to various undesirable conditions. This paper will depict those uncomfortable situations experienced on the public bus.

Public transportation, such as the city bus, produces several lewd smells. Even before the bus arrives to pick a passenger up, exhaust and pollution intoxicates the senses. The stench gets bolder as the bus approaches and can be noticed right up until you take your seat. Some of the queasier of individuals can expect to feel nauseas during the entire trip. Also, some odors that people give off cause gag reflexes. Bad body odor is an undesirable scent to come in contact with– when you’re walking to find a seat, its nasty scent hits you like a brick wall . All the while, you must keep on walking away from the smell, until you can breathe again.

Garbage is another bad smell public bus passengers have the displeasure to endure. You may be surprised to know that most loitering occurs on buses. As a result, dust clings to every inch of the bus. A lot of germs and bacteria are found on buses. In addition to germs, food that passengers bring onto the bus is uncomfortable to the stomach if one is hungry. The smell tickles the tip of your nose, evoking salivation and a deep groan within your body. You may undergo further discomforts before you reach your destination.

The public bus is not ergonomically built for bodily comfort. The texture and feel of the seats are cold and prison-like. Most of the plastic-like leather seats are cracked and withered in appearance. The bars gripped for control and balance are often chilled and unwelcoming. The positioning of the graffiti covered seats is uncomfortable. There is not enough leg space for taller individuals. Also, the structure of seats makes it virtually impossible to maneuver baby strollers. The area becomes convoluted for traffic within the isles. Buses can become so crowded, some passengers are forced to stand. This in turn makes standing more of a battle with the laws of gravity. More discomfort during the ride may come in the form of sounds.

Some sounds heard on public buses are also undesirable to the ear. Imagine reading silently on the bus, when on steps a group of young boisterous teenagers. The language that rolls off the tongues of these young bus goers is enough to make even a truck driver blush. Other sounds come from the mouths of people gossiping, distastefully. Finally, passengers become perturbed when actual bus drivers engage in road rage. These few bus drivers blast their horns at other drivers, prompting passengers to desperately grab for safety.

The temperature on a bus is not comfortably regulated for the seasons. During the summer, the absence of air conditioning turns the bus into a two thousand ton oven. It becomes a fight to attain the seats closest to the soothing breeze of the wind. The humidity on the bus is so thick, you feel like you’re melting into your seat. When you reach your stop, the seat is stuck to your skin by beads of sweat. You stagger away pulling the clothes away from the dampness of your skin. Also, passengers will find no refuge of shade from the starch white rays of sunlight entering the bus. And, the turtle snapping wind is awful to endure while you’re waiting for the bus. It takes a while to thaw out when finally situated on the bus because the doors are constantly opening and closing at every stop. The breeze that comes from this draft is like a slap in the face. So, weather is another compontent that makes taking a bus less comforting.

Overall, public transit users become susceptible to many discomforts while getting from point A to point B. It is a reality, that most depend on the public bus service as a primary form of mobility. The amount of money spent on the trip, which is less than two dollars, almost compensates for the many discomforts. Although, a few enhancements on the public transit system couldn’t discomfort or hurt anyone.

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