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What does truth mean Essay

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What does truth intend? Truth can intend many different things. to different people. I believe. that truth is what people accept as being right when it can non be proven factually. “It is a relationship that holds that holds between a proposition and the corresponding fact” ( Truth [ Inernet Encyclopedia of Philosophy ] ) . “According to. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. truth is conformance to knowledge. fact. actuality. or logic. ” There are three major viing theories of truth. The three theories are matter-of-fact.

correspondence. and coherency.

The balance of this paper will discourse all three of these theories. plus which theory seems to be the most defendable to me. and why. The first theory of truth is the matter-of-fact theory.

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The matter-of-fact theory is a statement that is true if it allows you to interact efficaciously and expeditiously. or in other words and plants. The least that a belief is true. the less it uses such interaction. If the matter-of-fact theory holds the belief.

it will take to good effects. An illustration of person who is a pragmatist would be William James.

“An illustration of a matter-of-fact theory state of affairs would be. when you do a math job that is supposed to be done a certain manner. but do it in different manner and stop up acquiring the exact same reply anyways” ( Drifty’s Rants-Truth ) . This is perchance the easiest theory of truth. because it fundamentally means. if it’s true. it “works” ! Truth is made by human accommodation. An illustration of an statement of the matter-of-fact theory. would be that non all beliefs and thoughts that are utile in work outing practical jobs turn out to be true.

Therefore. truth can non be explained in footings of the utility of beliefs and thoughts in work outing practical jobs. which means that the matter-of-fact theory of truth could be wrong. The 2nd theory of truth is the correspondence theory. The correspondence is the truth of falsity of a belief the depends on its relationship to something that lies outside of the belief. The correspondence theory is the default theory of truth. This theory seems to be the most obvious to people.

“A claim is true if it corresponds to what is so and false if it does non match. An illustration of the correspondence theory would be that the “snow is white” is true. merely in instance the snow is white”*Truth [ Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy ] ) . The correspondence theory of truth is a position that truth is correspondence to a fact or a position that was advocated by Moore and Russell in the early 20h century. The one illustration that is frequently used with this theory is Aristotle.

Aristotle has a well-known definition of truth that is frequently still used today. “To say of what is that is non. or of what is non that it is. is false. while to state of what is that it is. or of what is non that it is non. is true” . The last theory of truth is the coherency theory. “Coherence theory is a statement that is true if it is logically consistent with other beliefs that are held to be true. A belief is false if it is inconsistent with other beliefs that are said to be true” ( Summary of Theories of Truth ) . A really celebrated philosopher that would be a premier

illustration for the coherency theory would be Willard Quine. A job that seems to happen with the coherency theory of truth would be that non every consistent set of beliefs are true. The chief thought that is behind the coherency theory is that something is true if it coheres to other statements. “Most of the people who believe in the coherency theory of truth. believe that truth will ever get the better of since falsities are finally bound to be proven false” ( Drifty’s Rants-Truth ) . Are at that place any differences between the three chief theories of truth?

The 1 that seems to differ the most from the other is the coherency theory with the correspondence theory. the two are rivals. The two opposing theories give histories that conflict the relation between their truth conditions and propositions. The relation to one is coherency. and harmonizing to the other 1. the relation is correspondence. The matter-of-fact theory doesn’t truly hold any chief differences with the other two theories. nevertheless. that does non needfully intend at that place aren’t any differences between the three.

The inquiry of which theory of truth seems to be the most defendable out of the matter-of-fact theory. the coherency theory and the correspondence theory. My sentiment on which 1 is. would be the matter-of-fact theory of truth. The matter-of-fact theory is really straight-forward and easy to understand. The point of the matter-of-fact theory is so much easier so the other two theories. The lone thing you need to cognize in order to understand matter-of-fact theory is that if it works. it’s true! I think that a perfect motto for the matter-of-fact theory would be. “To be true is to be utile or feasible.

” I candidly was non really certain what the three theories of truth were and the difference between the three of them until I really did the research for this paper. I understand that we covered them all really good in category. I merely learn better making the research for myself because I have to seek for it. I truly enjoyed typing this paper and making the reseacrh for the three theories of truth and am looking forward to the following paper. If I did non gain a good class on this paper. at least I know that I have earned more cognition on this subject for myself in the hereafter.

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