What does freedom mean to you Essay

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What does freedom mean to you

“If you really want to enslave people, tell them that you’re going to give them total freedom” Ron L Hubbard, from 1991 Time cover story.

“Freedom” in literal terms means the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants. We are free to complete any course of action that we desire unless we are imprisoned or enslaved. If asked the above question, the answer would differ depending entirely on the person being asked. I believe that a persons idea of freedom is influenced by the society that surrounds them.

The African-Americans perception of freedom was escaping from brutal slavery, not being denied education and to stop black women from being sexually exploited. These goals were things that the society around them had already achieved. They considered themselves free once they had achieved these goals. .

A good example of freedom is the eventual liberty of women in modern day society. Once women in society achieved their equality with men, again they claimed that they had achieved freedom. I am politically, socially, financially and morally able to do everything that a man is able to do, these are now my legal rights. I am free to dress the way that I want to, I am also no longer forced into starting a family or get married. I am free to choose whatever career that interests me and I am legally entitled to receive the same pay that a man would get for the same work. I do not need
to act feminine or dainty and I am I am able to get oily and greasy under the bonnet of a car. Although I have fewer limitations, I am not always free of judgment; I often feel the need to work twice as hard as a man when I am doing a job that is regarded as a “mans job” just so that I can get the same recognition as a man would get. I am also judged by other females by playing video-games, watching cartoons or working on my car.

Freedom to me is being able to do the things that other people I know are able to do. Having the knowledge that I am able to do what I desire makes me feel free; This however, indicates that I am happy with just the feeling of this freedom, and that freedom is merely a feeling or a thought and not a physical thing.

We all have the freedom to commit an act regardless of its consequences. It could be argued that freedom exists through choice. Achieving personal freedom depends on how one defines freedom. Freedom could be defined as being able to choose for oneself out of available options in order to create the greatest amount of happiness for the individual. This could also mean that freedom still exists even with laws. A person is still able to choose to break or abide by a law.

In conclusion, I believe that freedom is just a state of mind; Even when I think I find myself free, I will still want more. I do not feel that freedom really exists. For example, a choice over two job offers will always be the job that pays the most, this means that even though I feel like I am making a choice, my desire for wealth is the determining factor over what job offer I choose to accept.

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