What Does Actions Speak Louder than Words Mean?

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In the modern world, the void between actions and words enlarges every year. People say one thing and do another, sometimes completely different. And the question arises: which is more significant –maneuver or the rumor. The proverb “A man is defined by his actions” implies that only the deed is to be considered an “It’s the thought that counts.\" represents the point than the doings of the person do not weigh that much, and the aspiration of this action is more important.

I am a supporter of the first statement. Why? I think that if a person is determined to do something they will go for it no matter what comes along the way. Humans are surprisingly stubborn and relentless – they will move the mountains to prove their point of view. Only untrustworthy and shady people would blame the coincident or their inability to accomplish an enterprise for their lack of persistence. Again, if you don`t want to do something, nothing can make you do it.

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But remember, this is my opinion.

I have a very close friend, whose only blemish is her inability to take care of business she is always talking about. “Oh, I’ll finish this essay tonight” – she doesn’t even try to write it, blaming her very busy schedule. “I’ll pay you back of your help” – she forgets about it in a week’s time. Every time she promises to do the action but ends up giving up on it without even thinking twice, so nobody usually takes her and her words seriously.

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On the other hand, my sister is a very talented and respected person because of the fact that she doesn’t promise anything, but does it nevertheless. She doesn’t take words for granted, she’d rather do the thing than talk about it.

Updated: Sep 03, 2020
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