What Does Determination Mean?

Determination. What is the determination? The true definition of this word is the firmness of purpose; resoluteness. What do you think about this specific definition of this word? Do you understand it or if someone came up and asked what is the definition of determination, would you answer with this definition? This definition is not what I think when I think of determination. In my mind determination is using your willpower to get what you want, persisting always through the difficult or tedious times, no matter how long it takes or how tiring it gets.

In many long and difficult tasks, there are low points during which you may feel the want to give up. It may be taking longer than you originally thought. You may face what seems to be enormous, not possible of the passing of obstacles when trying to do something that you want to do to better yourself. When you get to this point you might start having overwhelming thoughts on why you are trying to do what you are doing or you ask yourself how do I keep going? I’m going to explain to you why you keep going, why you keep fighting, on why you never let anyone or anything get in the way of your self-determination.

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First, pick those things about which you feel you would be more drawn to and more determined to do because let’s be honest if you are not interested in what you are doing just the slightest little bit you will not follow through or do your best on whatever it may be.

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Clarify what exactly you want to achieve and how you will know when you have achieved it. Also, plan for the actions you must take. If you ever get in a situation where you feel you are not determined, think about times when you did persist. Remember the feeling and the motivation and bring it to whatever you may be working on at that moment. Before you start, make a private promise to yourself that you always be determined about it. Also, make a public commitment about completion, promising that you will never give up on what you are working on or yourself. Most importantly look for people who support you and what you are doing to encourage you, make you better during this approach on what you are doing.

During your work, always make sure you have enough energy to stay determined. To be successful in what you are doing you should eat properly, get enough sleep, and be in a good state physically and mentally. Another great thing to do so you can be successful is to take breaks, rest, and always start with a fresh, rested mind. Beware of things slipping and of procrastination. When you are seeing these things, and feel like giving up, boost your determination. Always remember this list of things to keep you going: remind yourself of why you really should complete your work, think about the time you have already spent and tell yourself how you must not be wasted by giving in, remember your integrity, and how this may be damaged if others know you gave up, and most importantly think about how proud the people around you will be especially yourself.

With personal experience, I’ll explain to you what it means to never give up and why you must be determined in life, why you never give up. I am still in high school and here recently I was trying to do this good opportunity for college and to just give me a good experience before I went off to college. It is called GSP, governors scholar program, to get looked at for this you had to fill out this application and write an essay. I was really determined to do this and to prove to everyone that I could do it. When I first found out about it I instantly started thinking about all the things I could do to get it, I spent so much of my time for three months on that application. I can honestly say that I was very determined through the whole process of working on it too. A few days ago, I got a letter from my school to let me know if I even got past the first round and I was so excited to open it. When I opened the letter to my surprise I had not even made it past the first round. I was crushed at first and I cried, wouldn’t talk to anyone the rest of the day. The night all that had happened I was sitting in my room and I realized although this could have been a very good opportunity for me, it is not the end of the world. You see even after being disappointed with not getting in I still had self-determination. Today that I notice that maybe God just had bigger, better things for me I am still determined to do good on schoolwork and to continue working hard on everything that I participate in.

Whatever you may be working on right now, do not give up. Even if someone is constantly being a discouragement towards you and what you are doing then you let that be a resource to just make you more determined to finish and succeed on whatever it may be. I promise you everything you do to better yourself, will eventually help you out in your life maybe not now but in a long time, it will. Keep up the good work.

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