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Affluence, power, and triumph have become synonyms for success, but these synonyms have become convoluted by the media. Each word is what has come to be what determines whether a person is a success. Society sees success as affluence, which can be achieved with power and triumph. The media popularized this belief through advertisements, which show a quality of life that can only be achieved by purchasing a certain product. (synonyms and compare/contrast) Historically power and triumph have represented success. For example, the Romans considered themselves more successful with each piece of land they conquered. Ironically, the people that are most deserving of society’s distorted view of success are the least happy.

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Ideas of Success in the Society

What is success? All my life I have been conditioned to want success. Growing up I was told if I got good grades I would be able to get a good job and be successful. Since then I have strived to gain as much money as possible and to be well-liked, in hopes that one day I would be considered a success. Little did I know, the type of success I was striving for was not success at all. Although the prominent belief is that money and popularity is how success is measured, the true method to determine success is based on happiness.

Robin Williams as a Successful yet Unhappy Man

The definition of success has been perverted by society. Success is not being wealthy or popular like society’s version of success would have us believe. Success is a life that is full of happiness and lived without regret. As Albert Schweitzer once said, “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.”. Many actors such as Robin Williams and Heath Ledger have achieved society’s definition of success. They were famous, rich, and loved by many; however, they were not happy and in both cases decided to end their lives.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Hard Path To Success

Pursuing society’s definition of success has led people to unhappy lives. Jennifer Lawrence, a beloved Hollywood actor, is successful. However, her career did not begin that way. When she started as an actor she was asked to do disgusting stuff in the name of success. At that time she did them believing that that is what it takes to be successful. She now follows what makes her happy and does not compromise in the name of her career.

Happiness as the True Success

Although a person may have everything the society’s definition of success entails: money, power, and popularity, they are not necessarily happy. Love, wisdom, respect, and a job a person enjoys are what make people happy and, in turn, make a person’s life successful. Money can not assist in the attainment of any of these aspects; it can only detract from the pursuit of true success by providing a distraction, temptation, and corruption. True success is being happy. It comes with looking back on the things you’ve done and the life you’re living and being happy with it. Society’s view of success is distorted, money and popularity do not make a person happy and in turn, do not make them successful.

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