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Was Reconstruction A Success or a Failure?
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Even though there were many plus sides to the civil war, for example, the abolishment of slavery, secession was refuted, and the supremacy of national government. There was still one downside which was the Reconstruction of the country. The main issue was how they were going to figure out what to do with all the freed slaves and how to protect their rights. Some ways reconstruction was a failure is the establishment of the KKK/racism, the political rights of the…...
Human rightsRacismReconstructionSocial IssuesSuccess And Failure Of Reconstruction
Successes and Failures of Reconstruction
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When the Civil War finally came to an end the South was in destruction. The infrastructure of the South had been copletely destroyed and ruined. Gen. Sherman's march was truly devastating for the South and it's agriculture. Not only was the South's land in need but also its government was in debt. The South was truly in need for a "Reconstruction." Reconstruction was the period after the Civil War when we were in need to reunite our nation in peace.…...
PoliticsReconstructionSuccess And Failure Of Reconstruction
Was The Reconstruction Success Or Failure
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Reconstruction was a time when the government thought that all people needed human right even African Americans. Until this point African American had no right. Some say it failed because blacks were not equal to whites after reconstruction at the end of the period, black were still much poorer than whites and they were not able to vote and were subject to segregation. I feel the reconstruction was a time of success and failure for different economic, political and social…...
ReconstructionSuccess And Failure Of Reconstruction
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