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Vocational Assessors Award Underpinning Knowledge Requirements QI
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Pages • 8
A1 Assessor Award BY fiffi20 7317 - Vocational Assessors Award Underpinning Knowledge Requirements QI. The way how I identify and use different types of evidences when carrying out assessments are by reading through all the chosen units assessment reports to have a clear understanding of the criteria/elements which the candidate must meet. The different types of evidences which can be used are, Task Statements, Work Product/ Work Evidences, Observations, Supplementary Evidences, Questionnaires, Professional Discussions and also Witness Statements. Q2. When…...
Financial Performance Analysis
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Pages • 1
This project work has not formed the basis for the award of any degree/ diploma by Bangalore University or any other university. Name of the Guide: Mr. Jagdish Designation: Place: Bangalore Date: Guide’s Signature. This is to certify that this project work title “A study on the financial performance of the A&S Inc. ” is based on an original project study conducted by Monisha Tirkey (07JJC08051) of BBM under the guidance of Mr. Jagadish K. K. This project work is…...
Wall-E Movie Analysis
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Pages • 4
The examination of Wall-E tends to numerous things we may have circumvent previously, picking rather to just value one of the principle Pixar films that can be persevered through various conditions around a similar time when seeing with the children in your lives. Very, the video points out the film's spoofing of how mass consumerism caused Earth's hidden pulverization in the film, the human's over-dependence on advancement, and their unavoidable open door from those mechanical shackles. A Disney and Pixar…...
AvatarAwardMovieThe Lord of the RingsWall-E
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The whale rider Film
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Pages • 5
“Whale Rider” is a drama film of the 2002, based on the novel of Witi Ihimaera, and directed by Niki Caro. The world première was on September 2002, at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film gained much respect from critics, it went on in film festivals such as Sundance and Tribecca, and gained international recognition. It has a lot of awards through the world: BAFTA Childrens' Award, Best Feature Film - 2003; Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, Best Young…...
AwardWhaleWhale Rider
The short story “One Friday Morning”
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The short story “One Friday Morning” by Langston Hughes is about a young black girl, Nancy Lee, who recently moved out of the South with her parents so they may provide her with a better life and schooling. Very talented in watercolor painting, she wanted to make that her major in college. Regrettably, there are some people in the world that are just blinded by race and forget how America was supposed to be a place for equal rights without…...
AwardShort Story
Martin Yan’s Biography
Words • 1071
Pages • 4
Culinary Arts is widely acknowledged today as the art of cooking, and its popularity is increasing all over the world. There are numerous renowned and skilled chefs who have become well-known for their knowledge, creativity, and passion on culinary arts. Today, a lot of gifted chefs are getting famous for their cooking shows, cook books, and different contributions to the world of culinary arts. One of the famous and respectable chefs in the world is Martin Yan. Martin Yan is…...
Marketing plan for Commonwealth Bank
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Pages • 10
Commonwealth Bank is the largest of Australia’s big four financial service providers. At present, the Bank offers a range of award credit cards to, both, retail and corporate sectors. Profitable growth in retail and corporate card segments is a key part of the bank’s strategic direction. The main differential between cards is centred around fee structures, with little difference between them that is obvious to most consumers. The award scheme points can be redeemed for air miles, gifts and vouchers.…...
AwardBankCreditCredit CardMarketingSales
National Artist Award Controversy
Words • 610
Pages • 3
The National Artist Award is one of the prestigious awards given to people who are considered as national artists for their contribution in the different field of arts. It is the highest state of recognition given to Filipino artists. Just recently, this year’s awarding was full of controversies and issues that left the people questioning if the awardees deserved the recognition given. Among the seven awardees of this year’s National Artist are; Manuel Urbano a. . a Manuel Conde for…...
The Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature
Words • 698
Pages • 3
The Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature (Palanca Awards) was established in 1950. The heirs of Don Carlos Palanca, Sr. found it most fitting to commemorate his memory through an endeavor that would promote education and culture in the country. The Palanca Awards aims to help develop Philippine Literature by: Providing incentives for writers to craft their most outstanding literary works. Being a treasury of the Philippine's literary gems from our gifted writers and to assist in its eventual dissemination…...
Organizational Culture of Google
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Pages • 5
Introduction Sergey Brin and Larry Page who were PhD Students at Stanford University met in 1996 and they came up with the idea of starting a search engine that they named BackRub. However on 14th September 1997, the two students renamed this search engine to Google and in the year 1998 this organization was launched officially. The term Google was derived from the word googol which refers to digit one (1) followed by hundredth (100) zeros. Studies show that, Google…...
Acceptance speech an expression of gratitude
Words • 321
Pages • 2
Approval speech: An Acceptance speech offers an expression of gratitude for some form of award which has been provided on the basis of merit or quality. How to Compose An Approval Speech? Answer An approval speech is delivered when an individual gets an award or some kind of recognition. Within the approval speech, you may consist of some background and history behind your achievements. You might select to thank or acknowledge people who have assisted you along the method. You…...
Employer Associations & Modern Awards
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Pages • 4
There have been substantial changes to modern awards over the years that employer associations have historically and are currently advocating. In this regard, issues such as penalty rates and flexibility stemming from employer association submissions have been researched and examined by (Sheldon & Thornthwaite 2013) portraying evidence that employer associations relatively prefer cost cutting and enhanced managerial prerogative as oppose to productivity. Entailed within this essay the key concepts such as penalty rates, managerial prerogative, flexibility and productivity will be…...
Scientist David Suzuki
Words • 1300
Pages • 5
David Suzuki is an award-winning environmentalist, scientist and broadcaster. He also dabbles in radio and television series that go into detail about the complexities of the natural sciences in an easy and fascinating way. Finish Intro Paragraph – any tips, mother? David Suzuki is first and foremost, a geneticist. He graduated from Amherst College in 1958 with an honors degree in biology. He moved onto graduate school at the University of Chicago with a PhD in Zoology. Suzuki’s first academic…...
SWOT Analysis Garuda Indonesia Airlines
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Pages • 5
The SWOT analysis is an assessment of the organization's internal resources and abilities and the external environment's opportunities and threats. In order to identify a strategic niche that the organization might exploit, it is needed to analyze the SWOT of Garuda Indonesia. 1. STRENGTH Internally, Garuda Indonesia has some strength, such as: Good services, it was proved by three awards that have been received. ICSA Award in 2001 (Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award) in the category of Total Customer Satisfaction and…...
AwardBusinessSwot Analysis
Airline company – AirAsia
Words • 3838
Pages • 14
Introduction AirAsia originally was founded by government and on 2 December 2001 was bought byTonyFernandes. AirAsia was established in year 1993. AirAsia has travel around the earthandascend to become the world’s best in year 2001. AirAsia continues to spread out the way for low-cost aviation through the innovation, efficient and passionate approach to businesswith a route a network that extent through over 20 countries. There are some companieswhich link withAirAsia such as AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia, Philippines’ AirAsia Inc., AirAsiaJapan…...
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