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Professional Values in Nursing
Words • 2884
Pages • 11
ABSTRACT There are numerous callings and teaches in which demonstrable skill is absolutely critical, and nursing is among them. Inside the field of nursing, there is much an incentive to be put with the upgrade of polished methodology inside the calling. Nursing is a calling that depends on specialists to act in a way that speaks to the ideals of the more extensive control, as all medical attendants are in a place of duty. The accompanying exposition will additionally look…...
Personal ValuesValues Of Discipline
What Are Human-Centered Values
Words • 1669
Pages • 7
Describe how to put person centred values into practice in their duty to day work. Working with person-centered values ensures the patient or individual is made the facial point of the care provision, ensuring that they receive a service that is tailored to them rather than them try and fit into an existing service. Some historical examples of care that was not person-centered, include having individuals told when they could or could not eat, only being allowed out at set…...
Education System And Moral ValuesFamily valuesPersonal ValuesValues Of Discipline
Essay Values Reflection Paper
Words • 1015
Pages • 4
Introduction Values can be defined as a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life (, 2019). To me everyone has a set of values that they live by, regardless if they are right or wrong. In this paper, I will attempt to show you how I look at my core values, how people acquire and change values, what values do for us, and the importance of human values in the workplace? My Values…...
Education System And Moral ValuesImportance Of Ethics And ValuesPersonal ValuesValues Of Discipline
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Importance of Ethics in Healthcare
Words • 825
Pages • 3
As a person who has decided to dedicate his life to health care, I studied the model that the Cleveland Clinic has put forward in the health care field. Cleveland Clinic is a medical care company based in Cleveland, Ohio. They also have hospitals and clinics all over the world. Their mission, according to their website, is to provide better care of the sick, investigate into solutions for their problems and further education of those who serve. This truly means…...
Compare and Contrast Codes of Ethics
Words • 837
Pages • 4
Behavioral health professions are governed by codes of ethics, and these are similar in many ways. There are also some differences between each code. This essay is going to cover some similarities and differences between the National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADC), National Association of Social Workers (NASW), and Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers (CCM) codes of ethics. I will also be discussing areas of the codes of ethics that were challenging for me, that I viewed as…...
Manage Personal and Professional Development
Words • 1687
Pages • 7
Compare sources of information on professional development trends and their validity When researching information on professional development trends within administration and management, I discovered an excellent publication by CIPD (, which is the professional body for HR and people development. This publication covers in detail recent trends in learning and development, as well as predicting likely changes in the future. CIPD is a well-recognised professional body, and it has clearly conducted in depth research into learning and development trends, providing…...
Personal GrowthSuccess
Professional Organizations of the Counseling Profession
Words • 1400
Pages • 6
There are a number of innate professionals and organizations that support and promote advancement to their particular profession by forming organizations centered around the sustainment and improvement of their skills and knowledge in many disciplines. In this paper, the psychology field and organizations were the subjects of how past and present scholars used their knowledge and skills to protect the authentically, credibility and reliability of the psychology profession and matters pertaining to the field. These organizations utilized resources for current…...
Personal GrowthSuccess
My Nurse Career`s Goals
Words • 497
Pages • 2
Looking back, I never imagined I would be a nurse or for that matter a successful adult. I grew up in Tennessee and came from a low-income background; neither of my parents went to college. In in my early twenties working long hours in the hospitality industry for a family-oriented theater. I was assigned tasks such as serving ice cream and cleaning bathrooms. During this time, my husband and I also had a three-year-old daughter at home. One night one…...
PersonalPersonal Growth
My Path of Medicine Career
Words • 696
Pages • 3
Two main forces have driven my success throughout my pursuit of a career in medicine—my desire to be of service to others and my passion for lifelong learning. Growing up in India, I was raised by my grandparents while my parents worked abroad. Maintaining a close relationship with my grandparents over the years, we transitioned from them taking care of me to me taking care of them. The sense of both elation and accomplishment providing for my grandparents filled me…...
PersonalPersonal Growth
Reason for Studying: Master of Human Resource Management
Words • 1239
Pages • 5
Please describe your specific area of academic interest, and explain what motivated you to choose this area. I am particularly interested in studying Master of Human Resource Management, and there are so many reasons why I would want to study the subject, especially with the current malaise in the corporate Nigerian environment. Some of the top reasons are; firstly, the increasing importance for me to stand out and offer competitive advantage while being germane in my work place. Secondly, high…...
PersonalPersonal Growth
The Concept of Personal Values
Words • 1015
Pages • 4
Introduction Values can be defined as a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life (, 2019). To me everyone has a set of values that they live by, regardless if they are right or wrong. In this paper, I will attempt to show you how I look at my core values, how people acquire and change values, what values do for us, and the importance of human values in the workplace? My Values…...
Personal ValuesReflectionValue
My Family History
Words • 661
Pages • 3
Family history is very important to remember. By knowing where you come from, you can have a knowledge of your family. Interviewing our family members is the best way to have a clear understanding of our family background. It allows you to appreciate your family history. After you interview your family,what you learn may influence So our roots and origin is one of the most important things to explore. It can bring me closer to myself discovery. What I can…...
Family HistoryMy Family
Mount Rushmore: More of the Story
Words • 1330
Pages • 5
The Well-Known Story When you arrive at the Black Hills of South Dakota, you will find the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln looking down from their stony heights in a mountain. They seem to be reminding the visitors that even the impossible is possible when you live in the United States. A state historian named, Doane Robinson, had an idea of how to attract more visitors to South Dakota in 1923. He though that…...
George WashingtonHistoryPersonalThomas Jefferson
Endless Love For My Family
Words • 814
Pages • 3
Someone once said, "Love is the answer everyone seeks. Love is the language every heart speaks." Funny isn't it? Although every country, every city, every individual is so completely and utterly different in thousands of ways, we all have one common desire. Love we crave the experience, even when there is no one to experience it. It's many a time’s said that love is even created by people it was never meant to be found with. Purely and solely because,…...
Family HistoryFeelingLoveMy Family
Personal SWOT Analysis – Oneself / Myself
Words • 1613
Pages • 6
Paper Type:Personal essays
To be successful in today’s competitive world it’s absolutely essential for one to be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of oneself, as well as the opportunities and threats that are presented. By having awareness of these four aspects, it’s possible to use them for one’s advantage. If a person can identify and understand their strengths and opportunities they will know where to tread with confidence and security. However, if one can realize the weaknesses and threats posed to…...
CompetitionConfidenceEducationLeadershipPersonalPersonal Strengths
College Success and Personal Responsibility
Words • 1135
Pages • 5
Paper Type:Personal essays
Honesty is the key component in personal responsibility because it shows that an individual can be trusted with key information or completion of homework assignments. There is a strong belief that one’s word is their bond, meaning what the individual states or a claim is valid and true. Other essential components to personal responsibility are dependability, positive attitudes, and professional competence. Some people say that an individual’s character holds a higher value in personal responsibility over honesty, dependability, or a…...
EducationPersonal ResponsibilityPsychologySuccess
Personal Assessment of Strengths
Words • 931
Pages • 4
Every being possess strengths and weaknesses which varies from individual to individual. An individual’s strength might be a weakness to another individual. Strength is a virtue that one possesses which comprises of skills and experiences. There are several tests out there that streams out personalized strengths and weaknesses but from my own perspective the Clifton strengths finder assessment and SWOT( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ) analysis gives a detailed insight of one’s personality. Upon completing the Strengths finder the…...
Personal StrengthsPersonal ValuesStrengths And Weaknesses
Role of Mindset in Personal Growth
Words • 1311
Pages • 5
There are two different types of mindsets that everyone possesses- a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Growth mindset is when one believes that intelligence and success can be achieved through someone’s own personal effort. Psychologist, Carol Dweck, was the one who developed the concept of growth mindset and in her article Brainology she states, “And they understand that even Einstein wasn't Einstein until he put in years of focused hard work.” showing the key to growth mindset is effort.…...
IndividualMindsetPersonal Growth
Theories of Personality Development: An Evaluation
Words • 1483
Pages • 6
Paper Type:Evaluation essays
No two people have the same personality type. Some people have a happy, perky personality, while some others may have a gloomier outlook on life. While all these characteristics make each human unique, they do not make any single person less in the eyes of God. This paper will discuss the possibilities of whether or not if personality traits are genetically inherited or learned in early childhood. Personal Application of Personality Theories Two theories that I believe are applicable to…...
Human Development PsychologyMy Ideal PersonalityPersonality
Humanistic Perspectives on The Theory of Ideal Personality
Words • 547
Pages • 2
Theories of Personality Every person develops their own personality. There are different theories our cultures can relate to in reference to a person’s personality. This paper will describe a new character’s personality based on the humanistic approach theory. This paper will also link the personality behavior to the theory described. New TV character This new TV character is very down-to-earth and is very friendly. He believes that humans have no evil and always looks for positivity rather than negativity. This…...
Human Development PsychologyMy Ideal PersonalityPersonality
The Role of Family in Addiction Recovery
Words • 554
Pages • 3
Family is one of the most important things to have. If you don’t have family, who’s going to support you when you’re down, or when you’re doing great? When people don’t have a family to lean on, things go wrong quickly and it usually ends up with the children misbehaving and later on in their lives, they’re more prone to drug abuse and getting in trouble with the law. The feeling of fear is present in everyone; we all crave…...
AddictionMy FamilyMy Family My Strength
Identifying Family Strengths and Needs
Words • 1293
Pages • 5
The family does have many strengths when it comes to helping with Son B. As stated in the Family Listening Project, the family works together when taking Son B to and from school, but they also have made a good strength at taking Son B to and from other places. When talking to the mother, she said, “Our oldest son is good about helping us run to the store and get groceries if I am working or my husband is…...
FamilyMy FamilyMy Family My Strength
Personal Language Profile
Words • 1075
Pages • 4
Language is a system of arbitrary, vocal symbols which permit all people in a given culture, or other people who have learned the system of that culture to communicate or to interact (Finicchiaro, 1965). One's linguistic identity is based on multiple factors, these factors include but are not limited to; family, friends, profession and religion. In this paper, I will be discussing my personal language profile and being that is applicable, I will include my experience of what it was…...
LanguageMy Personality Profile
How to Preserve Your Integrity?
Words • 1767
Pages • 7
Start by asking yourself “why do I seek to improve?” Of course, there may be a multitude of reasons why you seek improvement, perhaps someone has indicated that you need to change, or maybe you just have an idea in your head that there’s something about you that needs improvement, the want to improve may even be propelled by social, religious or lawful expectations. No matter what your motive or reason for seeking self-change, it’s important to identify this reason…...
EmotionIntegrityIntegrity And HonestyMindPersonal Values
The History of Katharine Briggs, Isabel Myers, and the MBTI
Words • 2230
Pages • 9
History of the MBTI Test The MBTI test (Myer Briggs type indicator assessment) was set up and outlined by the donation and research of the union of mother-daughter team by the name of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, respectively. Katharine C. Briggs merged her mental feelings with that of the prominent work of Carl. G. Jung coming about within the 16 mental sorts of which the MBTI appraisal is based. Katharine Briggs considered Carl Jung’s speculations widely and…...
Carl JungMy Personality ProfilePersonalityPersonality TheoriesPersonality Traits
Developing Personal Responsibility and Self-Discipline
Words • 1399
Pages • 6
Discipline is “helping children learn personal responsibility for their behavior and ability to judge between right and wrong for themselves” (Fields, Meritt, & Fields, 2018, p. 3). There are many ways that a child can be disciplined or guided. Some of those ways can be great for the child’s characteristics in the future. They can also have a negative impact on the child’s characteristics especially if the child is disciplined in the “wrong way”. I believe that children should gain…...
DisciplinePersonal ResponsibilitySelf Discipline
Personal Risk Management: An Overview
Words • 1288
Pages • 5
Risk management measures improve patient safety and bring economic benefits. The deployment of trained risk managers ensures that hospitals evolve from a reactive to proactive risk culture. Structured risk management can be certified and is an advantage in competition. Statistically, catastrophic events rarely happen by accident but are predictable. They are not accidental, but they are preceded by a variety of small mishaps or work mistakes. According to "Henry's Law" of 1941, there is a close relationship between the frequency…...
PersonalRisk ManagementSafety
Personal Diet Evaluation
Words • 1350
Pages • 5
Paper Type:Evaluation essays
Breakfast included eight ounces of 2% milk, two tablespoons of peanut butter, one teaspoon of chocolate syrup, one large banana, and one thirty-two grams scoop of protein powder. Lunch included one 113g can of tuna fish, one tablespoon on blue plate light mayonnaise, ten premium saltine, unsalted tops crackers, and one sixteen-ounce bottle of orange Sunkist soft drink. My snack was one 5.3 ounce of strawberry Yoplait yogurt and one sixteen- ounce bottle of Dasani purified water. Dinner consisted of…...
Overcoming Personal and Academic Challenges in School
Words • 461
Pages • 2
In the world, every person is faced with many challenges and obstacles throughout their lifetime. My life in particular has been filled with many roadblocks and troubling challenges. When going through hard times I find it better to keep a smile and find ways to stay motivated to overcome my obstacles. Throughout my high school career, I’ve taken honors classes and an AP class, which was a tough task, but I founded ways to stay successful and overcome the difficulty.…...
Challenges At SchoolOvercoming ChallengesPersonalSchool
Compassion & Forgiveness in Macbeth & The Kite Runner
Words • 1364
Pages • 5
Conflicts are typical in people’s everyday lives. Conflicts are inevitable and even healthy when dealt with appropriate circumstances. The theme of conflict has been represented throughout Macbeth and The Kite Runner novel. Macbeth’s play stands out as one of the shortest tragic plays staged on an ambitious conflict of Macbeth’s internality. The play had been produced in various versions since its first production a long time ago. The play is based on a brave Scottish general that receives his prophecy…...
ForgivenessMacbethPersonal GrowthShooting An ElephantThe Kite Runner
Personal Leadership and Organizational Philosophy
Words • 493
Pages • 2
My Leadership and Organizational Philosophy Personal leadership and organizational philosophy cannot be overemphasized. Leadership is essential in the performance of any given organization and gives that much-needed guidance to the success of the organization. In order to be and effective leader, the individual must have strong leadership qualities and skills. Introduction This self-assessment is based on my personal strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities as a leader. This paper will provide a critical analysis and transparent appraisal of my leadership skills and…...
LeadershipPersonalPhilosophySwot Analysis
Personal Reaction to “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
Words • 1017
Pages • 4
In this chapter, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, Martin Luther King wrote this letter to respond his fellow clergymen who criticized his work and called his present activities “unwise”. He was in Birmingham because he was invited and had organizational ties there, also he could not see the injustice that happened in Birmingham. People in Birmingham choose direct action rather than waiting for negotiation because they realized that they are victims of broken promises. He was stand in the middle…...
Letter From Birmingham JailPersonalSocial Issues
Robert Kane’s Libertarianism
Words • 1589
Pages • 6
How does Kane try to show that we are ultimately responsible for our own actions? Does he succeed? In this essay, I will explain Robert Kane’s libertarian notion of free will as well as his idea of self-forming actions and how he uses it to show that we are the ultimate sources of our actions. I will outline his view that we are ultimately responsible for our actions because we are their ultimate sources. I will object to that idea…...
DeterminismFree WillPersonal ResponsibilityPhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophyResponsibility
John Locke on Personal Identity
Words • 1059
Pages • 4
“According to John Loke, the self is identified as a thinking, intelligent being that has the abilities to reason and to reflect”. (Chaffee, 2016). Self is an individual person as the object of his or her own reflective consciousness. Self is a reference by a subject to the same subject. In chapter 3 of the text, the author talks about “self” and the many different perceptions of it. I chose “The Self Is Consciousness and We Construct the Self. Locke…...
ConsciousnessExperienceIdentityJohn LockePersonal IdentityPhilosophical Theories
My Personal Life Story
Words • 377
Pages • 2
My name is Dharshanie Ally. In this essay, I am going to tell you slightly about my personal history, background, traits, qualities, experience, achievements, and goals. I was born in Guyana, a country on the northern mainland of South America. It is also considered a part of the Caribbean and is a Commonwealth Country. I am an Indo – Guyanese also known as East Indians. I am a very hardworking, courageous person who likes to be judged by individual performance…...
EducationPersonal Life
Superfreakonomics a Personal Review
Words • 1788
Pages • 7
“One of the most powerful laws in the universe is the law of unintended consequences” (Levitt, S. 2009) This is one of the primarily premises that the book establishes, with an extraordinary sense of humor and interesting data, Steven and Stephen set us in the real economics world, in which the common factors that all the teachers show to their students are applied in such a way that the real job is getting done. The way the authors write all…...
My personal philosophy of nursing
Words • 355
Pages • 2
When I was about fourteen years old my grandfather; better known as "bigdaddy" to me, passed away. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the early stages. He was around 88 years old when his condition started decline just a few short months before he died. He was no longer able to do the things he once could do for himself. This is where my role came in. I started helping out doing day to day task such as helping…...
Improving one’s social and personal life
Words • 2033
Pages • 8
Paper Type:Personal essays
Improving one’s social and personal life In the world that we live in today, technology has seemed to overtake the lives of many. With new gadgets that blooms sporadically, the control it has over people is far from comprehending. With a touch of a button or a slide and a push is all it takes to get work done. With increase in technological advancements, it has paved the way for people to interact with one another through various social media…...
Human NaturePersonal LifeSocial Media
Written concept of a personal performance
Words • 544
Pages • 2
In my drama monologue, I am playing Mrs Iger from the Jim Cartwright play, Two. This is a naturalistic play set in the 1980s, in a northern pub, with the intention that all the characters can be played by just two actors. In Two, I see Mrs Iger as resentful towards her husband, Mr Iger, for being small, timid and quiet, as this is what prevents him from simple activities such as buying drinks and having an argument. For this,…...
The Development of Personal Values and Their Importance
Words • 1174
Pages • 5
Paper Type:Personal essays
People do not get to choose their families, and many families have conflicts, but valuing family is still important to me. Family is there for you throughout your life, and this is valuable. Service Is another personal value I find important. Helping others in need is important because there are many people who need help. I believe In service to others because It makes me feel good. I also believe that If more people lived a life of service there…...
PersonalPersonal GrowthValues
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What Are Human-Centered Values
...Just because somebody is being cared for, does not mean that their right to make risky decisions should be denied. Risk taking is something that we all have an active role in within our daily lives. By working in a person-centred way, respecting valu...
How to Preserve Your Integrity?
...Winning with humility can also make it easier to see any faults in your climb to the top, seeing these faults only allows for further self-improvement which in turn makes you ready to face bigger challenges. Winning with humility maintains progressio...

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