My Motivation to Be Part Of The Erasmus Program

I have always had a great passion for foreign languages, cultures and people. This curiosity grew since I was a little girl when I had the opportunity to travel with my parents for a vacation or Holiday. My interest arose not from foreign and international cultures only but also from local cultures and languages, seeing locals walking or talking in streets or touristic sites. I always had the dream that one day I will have the chance to get to truly know them, observe their clothes and traditional customs, always had the will to try their common famous dishes.

I have always been a student interested in History, I read books about history of countries all over the world especially Europe, so with this opportunity I surely will enjoy every detail I will know about the country I am visiting. I thought it will not only be a thrilling experience but also it will help me broaden my mindset, enhance my perspectives and understand differences in various types of characters and people.

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Since I was a teenager, I have always dreamed to become an independent woman working on my goals, and since then everything I do was not only for the memories but for the lessons I learn. I have well developed social and leadership skills. Also Presentation skills that I mastered from my school which prioritized self-confidence and presentation and helped us learn how to communicate with ease.

As part of my self-development plan, I am always keen to take a role in extra circular activities, for example Model United Nations was one of the main activities that has affected my interpersonal skills and gave me a view to the world from a different angle throughout participating in solving nowadays global issues which empowered me to become more an open-minded young student.

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Every experience has its own challenges, in this semester I expect to face many such as embracing and adapting to different cultures, managing through personal issues independently and of course the variety of responsibilities I have to encounter with competency and sense of logic.

So stating all the above reasons I am giving myself a chance to be part of the Erasmus program. Not only i will practice my skills in foreign languages but also I will improve my personality in a more professional way in an international atmosphere.

This experience will help me build long-term relationships, even close friendships that I will strengthen the bonds to eliminate prejudices because of cultural barriers, and always keep in touch for the purpose of having professional friendships too. In my opinion it’s also a good thing if you have something in which you are skillful, and to enrich what you already have in yourself. So this is what I have in my mind on why I want to participate in this program. I am confident that by participating in the Erasmus Program I will earn more knowledge and experience which I will share with other people.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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