Motivation Letter for Journalism MA Program

Throughout the past year it has become apparent to me that I have a particular flare for the study of our ever changing communication and verbalisation within language, that has led me to develop an interest for this field. I am captivated by the power that language has; allowing solidarity between speakers but also creating a divide between cultures. A topic that I am particularly interested in is poetry, this has grown through analysing work by Sylvia Plath, whilst studying English.

The way Plath, as well as other writers, use language to influence the reader is inspirational. Just a few words can have such a significant meaning; language is in fact an instrument of power.

As well as being creative with words, I also enjoy being imaginative in other aspects. For my A-levels, I study English Language, English Literature, and Art. Art holds a lot of similarity to English, but rather than expressing views and opinions through words, I am able to illustrate them.

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Surprisingly, English has enabled me to use a variety of texts as inspiration for my artwork. It has also given me the skills to analyse and evaluate my work so I can further improve. Illustration is a massive passion of mine; Quentin Blake, a children's book illustrator, inspired me to use a different dynamic within my art. English Literature and English language complement each other well, as I can include learning devices into the opposite subject to extend and illustrate my understanding for our language. Attending a recent event, Chester Art Beat, gave me access to visit numerous artists enabling me to utilize my verbal and written skills.

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Interviewing the artists aided my creative side as well as bringing a journalistic approach by retrieving information from them and preparing questions to ask. I produced an article utilizing literacy techniques, and developed small art pieces inspired by the artist's work. Accomplishing this in a short period of time and adapting to different environments has boosted my confidence, I now know I am ready to work under pressure at any given time. Experiencing the artists primarily enabled me to have a realistic indication of the vast industry of journalism, while joining the Journalism Studies at the Texas A&M is what I require to become a real professional.
My part time employment, as a conference and events assistance has enabled me to develop my communication skills, with diverse group of customers and colleagues from contrasting backgrounds. Additionally, it has built up my confidence as I can adapt to many situations and am able to advise ideas to further improve on a certain area. In English Language I have been focusing on gender and occupation within Language. I have gained knowledge regarding language in the workplace, aiding me to include it within my studies as examples. Reflecting back, my previous job as a sales assistant, has really widened my scope to see the juxtapositions of the two different workplaces. Dancing since the age of three, working up to intermediate grades, has allowed me to juggle alongside work and education giving me the skills to manage my time well and meet deadlines. Adapting to different learning approaches and working in groups as well as independently has enabled me to extend my leadership skills. I have participated in school productions, as well as assisting in dance club after school, to create a positive and effective learning environment for younger children. Working on routines requires a vast amount of decision making in order to achieve a successful end goal. A few years ago I was diagnosed with many health problems. I struggled to adapt my life style and to continue doing what I love despite the constant flares of my condition. Regardless of the autoimmune disease, I have persevered through hard times to fulfil my potential.

I am confident this is a well suited course that will require me to utilise my strengths further, enhancing my knowledge within this area and giving me the invaluable skills to gain a sustainable future career in the industry.

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Motivation Letter for Journalism MA Program
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