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University of Michigan

College of Engineering

I was nine years old when I first watched a program about a self-driving car, unmanned aerial vehicles, automatic pilots and the growing impact they have on the evolving world. Where I lived, in the early 2000s, only a few people know these technologies exist. Clueless, I asked my father to explain all of it. Although he did try his best-explaining everything in the simplest way, all of which went over my head.

There was only one explanation that my young mind could fathom. I realized that I had this inherent curiosity to understand the basis for things that happen, that are, that might be, or that was. I used to be and am fascinated by numbers with trigonometry, permutations, and calculus being my favorite subjects. This fascination with mathematics and physics made me pursue a career in engineering. I took “Mechanical Engineering” as my undergraduate major. I was fascinated by a future delivery system from Amazon using unmanned aerial vehicles which are designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less.

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I still feel there are many industries use drones in many ways like aerial photography, agriculture, construction and mapping application. From that of developing a fascination towards the field of advanced technology was not an overnight turn of events. It took me a few years and some experience to find my passion in the field, which enabled me to make an informed decision to pursue my master’s degree in Mechatronics and Cyber-Physical Systems.

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I did my bachelors in mechanical engineering and it was the turning point in my career. It has given me a wide exposure to numerous subjects like Engineering Mathematics, CAD/CAM, Finite Element Method, etc. My under graduation has been a rewarding experience as I got numerous chances to spent some hours in the workshop, in the classes, in the CAD laboratory or even as a marketing head during technical fests, everything has given a unique shape to my personality. I had taken career-enhancing certifications in AutoCAD, Solid Works, Catia, and Ansys which helped me to learn various design aspects. I always believed in testing what we learned in the classroom to the real-time situation. During my undergraduate course, with the help of 2D and 3D modeling along with simulated models in computing systems, we succeeded in developing a device that can automatically read the limit of a particular road and keeps the speed of the vehicle at limited speed for road safety. We made use of AutoCAD software for 2D and 3D modeling, Ansys for calculating the total deformation and SolidWorks for the assembling of parts and also for simulating. The main reason to develop the device was to overcome the accidents due to driving speed is more than the permissible limits of road and also reckless driving at higher speeds by the driver. The device is published under patent with Patent No: 201841034913. At the moment, I am also working on patenting another project on “radar speed sign”.

I was recommended by my professor to do an internship at National Thermal Power Corporation. It gave me the opportunity to see how electricity is produced with coal as raw material and an industrial environment. Here, I came across how pressure relief valves keep a boiler from exceeding the maximum allowable working pressure. We made use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulated models and MATLAB to understand popping mechanism of pressure valve at several opening lift levels. It gave me a clear understanding of how valve protects the boiler from exploding or damaging. I had a great experience while getting an opportunity to work with CFD simulation engineers in the same lab.

During graduation, I joined ‘The Robotics Club-SNIST’. It is one of the leading clubs in the college where putting technical concepts into real-life projects was concerned. My first project in this club was ‘3D Design model and prototype of mechanical cranes’. I made use of Catia Software to design a 3D model and gears like a spur, helical in this project. The advantage in this club was we can share knowledge and ideas between the students across all academic departments of the institute. It also attended session on MATLAB, Image-processing, Algorithms for the microcontroller and Arduino chips. In the next semester, I was part of a team and we build a wirelessly controlled vacuum cleaner. In this project, I learned some concepts of electronics and with the help of Dual-tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF), we made a vacuum cleaner which could be controlled wirelessly and also from any distant place. Later, I upgraded the project by giving the vision for the bot using image-processing using MatLab. The club helped me to develop practical skills and also management skills as I was one of the members for ‘Student Advisory Board’ and worked as Marketing Deputy and Head for Technical fests at the institution in the 3rd and 4th year.

After completing under graduation, I started my career as a Jr. Application Development Associate at Accenture. Initially, I was trained on basic programming language like C/C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python. Later, I was a part of Artificial Intelligence Conversant Campaign. I attended workshop and session where I learned the concepts of General AI, Machine Learning used for Artificial Intelligence. I was involved in developing algorithm and programming using python for AI robots so that they can adjust to new input commands and perform human-like tasks. I learned to work under time constraints, how to visualize abstract concepts and to apply it in industrial projects in real-time. I have always shown interest to learn and foray in new emerging technologies. Overall, my under graduation and professional experience has made me a strong understanding of Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer programming. At the moment, I want to learn more about modern engineering technologies like IOT, driver-less vehicles which will help me to reach higher professional levels in the present-day technology-driven workplace. This inspired me to pursue a Masters in Computer Engineering.

At the University of Michigan, what I like about the curriculum is the focus on the Application-related research and the relevance of the study for industrial applications. My desire to pursue my higher studies in the US is because it is known for providing high-quality education, which will shape me as a better thinker and a passionate learner. I strongly rely on that the University of Michigan is best suited for me to quench my thirst in the research and pursue Ph.D. A university with ample opportunities for its students is the one that will help me in learning and the University of Michigan is the perfect university for this. The diversity among its students, I will learn about different traditions and cultures at the University of Michigan. The flexibility of the curriculum and choice of research will provide me the extensive education to widen my analytical and practical skills. This course will help me to learn and get in-depth knowledge about Advanced robotics, Virtual reality/augmented reality, Design of systems and to become a productive and successful professional.

On completion of my studies as above, I wish to contribute significantly by working in the field and pursue a Ph. D. I will take with me a network of a lasting and strong relationship with my fellow students and teachers and will be part of the Alumni network. This should ultimately help realize my dream of starting my own venture in my field of passion. Such exposure will mold me into a global leader, fulfill my stated purpose of life and leave a legacy for future generations.

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